УГЛЕВОДЫ в нашем Питании

when these guys today and we’ll talk about our favorite carbohydrates delicious of the coveted carbohydrates are carbohydrates that what is the role of carbohydrates our diet which carbohydrates useful and what is better to exclude from our diet for effective weight loss all this you will learn in this video start Carbohydrates contained in foods are quite different and they are not all equally bad for us furthermore they are essential for our body of carbohydrates, our body gets a major amount energy for daily living about 50-60 percent carbohydrates facilitate the digestion of proteins and promotes the complete oxidation of fat in the body as this component is simply necessary for the normal metabolism work our muscles to our hepatic nervous and cardiovascular systems of the brain energy exchange is carried out almost exclusively glucose during digestion of carbohydrates maintain a constant level of glucose in the blood the main carbohydrates in the human diet it contained only in plant foods and lactose, glycogen is contained in foods of animal origin slow or fast carbohydrates called due to its speed processing of glucose and for processing insulin responds better to say if a person wants to lose weight then it is simple enough to reduce simple carbohydrates their food, they just immediately digested and raise the level of your blood glucose to determine the slow or fast carbohydrates will help you Glycemic Index It shows how fast the growing level of your blood sugar after carbohydrate eaten the higher the speed the greater the the glycemic index and the faster the carbohydrate you are unlikely to remember the glycemic index of each product so it will be important to know the main sources of fast and slow carbs To help you navigate the stores simple carbohydrates, or they are also called fast are the ones who most quickly digested and do not give us a special feeling of fullness you find them in honey sugar syrup jam ah carbonated beverages pastries followed by white bread and sugary fruit complex carbohydrates, or they are also called slow that give us a sense of saturation is cereals pasta peas lentils beans beet carrot potato pumpkin cereals and whole grain breads and I would also add dietary fibers which are very useful for our digestion you will find them in fruits and vegetable juices in the green wild rice bran their faces develops its own individual nutrition program Consider the features how much you consume carbohydrates is very individual the right amount carbohydrates depends on many things in the first place if you Activity life what speed you metabolism which food gives you energy and a feeling of fullness what foods contrary takes you a lot of effort and after it you feel I’m tired of personally would advise you to consume 3 to 5 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of your current weight but again I repeat that all depends on your training and the more intense your workout the more you need to consume carbohydrates in more detail you can calculate how much you need to you personally carbohydrates in this video of proteins fats and carbohydrates per day Naturally, there are times when the athletes before a competition or just girls who crave a quick result consumed a day from 50 to 100 grams carbohydrate Naturally we girls who take care of your health is not necessary is better to go slowly and steadily towards its goal and not just then dial 10 kilogram per week with excess consumption of carbohydrates and low energy namely carbohydrates lead to the formation excess fat for every 100 grams of carbohydrates that were not expended any activity in training turns into 30 grams of fat are deposited on our waist and hips and buttocks excess carbohydrates in our diet leads to obesity to metabolic disorders high cholesterol and diabetes development Healthy Eating proper nutrition which I have so often said implies an intake of all essential substances to man the lack of any substance your diet can affect your health if you follow your health and you want to get more energy and more nutrients from carbohydrates then choose slow carbohydrates well, that I have for today, and please do not be afraid of carbohydrates and better relate closely to the values ​​and the quality of your food yet we what we eat, and it is better to be slim than fat morkovochkoy burger thank you very much for your attention all the luck health and bye bye

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