الأخطر: السجائر أو المنشطات! Smoking VS PEDs

todays topic is about , because i get asked a lot which is more dangerous steroids or smoking? first we need to ask which type of cigarettes? normal cigarettes , cigar , cigarillo , hookah which type of steroids? is it for athletes like “anabolic steroids”? or catabolic steroids? “for teatments” i will define them and see cigarettes vs steroids now in cigarettes, nicotine isnt the problem but it is addictive but its not the problem the problem in cigarettes, the thousands of chemicals in it and poisonous and the answer is that cigarettes 100% more dangerous than steroids steroids whether its testosterone or dihydrotestosterone or nandrolone its knows that it may increase your blood pressure and that differs between one and the other thankfully i dont have a high blood pressure but it may cause a high blood pressure to some people and it may affect cholesterol cigarettes are definitely causes high blood pressure and increases LDL cholesterol which is the bad one steroids on the other hand, there is no scientific researches that proves steroids cause cancer there is no direct link which means a direct cause and effect there is no researches that proves a direct link cigarettes definitely causes cancer thirdly for example if you took anavar pills and you gulped all of them it may cause a slight water retention liver and kidney enzymes will increase for 3-4 days estrogen will increase a little bit but everything will go back to normal if you swallowed 30 pills of panadol or tylenol if will cause a renal failure or liver failure in 30 minutes i know i went off topic about cigarettes but i am comparing bare in mind i wont read the comments but these are facts not opinions this is science , if you want to research go ahead because i did before making this video i did that 7 years ago steroids “might” be healthy for certain people and increases the life span if someone has low testosterone it may cause like early death heart problems , depression sex drive if someone took hormones at the right age and dose his hormones will get back to normal therefore will be more energetic and living a healthy life smoking? nope there is no specific quantity for cigarettes thats healthy whatsoever what i am saying is stay away from cigarettes i am not telling you to take steroids but to be more specific hormones can be used as treatments with certain dosages may be good an example of an old man that his hormones are plummeting so when he takes testosterone therefore his hormones will get back to normal and live a healthy adult life thats why when you see most singers like amr diab who never get old because they take certain dosages of testosterone or GH now, what is a steroid? steroids are hormones which already produced by your body therefore you dont take something that your body isnt used to any overconsumption isnt good if you 20 tabs of advil you’ll get a serious problem in the kidneys even for multivitamin i will cause problems but steroids are hormones which already produced by your body contraceptive pills is a steroid because it controls estrogen or progesterone it depends on which type of pills if you are married and your wife is going nuts from these pills she should switch to the contraceptive pills that controls progesterone instead of estrogen and thank me later vitamin D is a steroid , its a hormone in your body the idea is you dont see much bodybuilders who get sick from steroids and if you compare between people who get from steroids and cigarettes your comparing 1 out of 10,000 at least 10,000 im confused that how are cigarettes are still available? now they’ve legalized marijuana in countries like canada or in europe or in the US in Colorado or California because they discovered that it has no damage on the other hand cigarettes are disastrous and its a shitty habit now what are the certian cases that bodybuilder may die from why? because they abuse it when they abuse it , the body doesn’t know how to absorb them properly i will tell you something i always mention my programs that everyone is happy with their results i’ll tell you something else happened this week a client wasn’t happy with the program and he wanted a steroid cycle he told me “that it?” is Durrah famous for this? i asked him whats the problem? he answered “its a weak cycle” i told him it not, so he said the cycle he wanted i told him the cycle you wanted is the cycle i should be on, one in my size and an Olympia competitor and you dont even compete, and you want to do same as what i do taking too much steroids doesnt make muscles or make you bigger 2012 was the year when i had alot of testosterone when my weight was 80 KG because i lacked the knowledge now in 2019 competing in the Olympia, i take half of what i used to take in 2012 can you imagine what im talking about? its not about the quantity. Too much of testosterone can turn into estrogen estrogen stores water and fat in your bodies if you do more than 1000 mg of testosterone per week u wont benefit from it if you dont eat clean or workout properly, you wont grow an advice aside from the topic of the video, dont buy samsung mobile do you know very few people make it to mr olympia? because the workout and the diet you need to follow if way far from the steroids that you need to take if 20% of it is steroids and 40% is workout and the other 40% is diet and the diet can even be 60% or more and the workout is 30% and steroids is the rest in real life i dont do it like that. I assume its 100% diet, 100% workout the workout you should do to be able to reach this level.. should be cardio twice a day, workout twice a day will you be able to do all of these? you may think that you can do it but after 2 weeks you will say “fuck it” thats why very few people make it how many are there in mr olympia in each category? 17? 18? out of how many people workout and lift weights? believe me there are a huge number of people take steroids.. why some make it and others not? because its not about steroids and i always say that even though people think i encourage clients to go for steroids i always tell you its not about steroids there is a way where u can steroids and stay healthy and the other way is injecting too many steroids, your body will look terrible ok another question, how did i change my waist size from last year remember you all used to comment that my waist is big. ok how did i change that? because i always invest in myself and gaining knowledge and i learned that i dont have to do alot. all i need is to focus on my diet and my workout, give it my all in every exercise not when i have energy only. it has to be in each and every workout an advice.. if you want to fill your body with something. fill it with pre workout or light coffee. there is an amazing yemeni coffee.. i only had 1 teaspoon of it and felt like my heart is getting out of my body invest in something that make you active at the gym this is what will make you reach your goal you need stimulus, something that would give you a reaction each workout should be harsher than the one before so your body can react the reaction of muscle tear is that your body should adapt to this workout technique dammarha technique this was today’s video. if you like it please give it a thumbs up subscribe and see you in the next video

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100 thoughts on “الأخطر: السجائر أو المنشطات! Smoking VS PEDs

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