بطولة تورنتو برو! الحلقة الأخيرة – الجزء الثاني – Toronto PRO FINAL Part 2

Go, Durrah! Go, Durrah! Go, Durrah! Go, Durrah! That’s it, Durrah! Keep going! Spread those wings! Beast mode, Durrah! That’s it, Mahmood! Beast Durrah! Beast, Durrah! What’s up, broski We wanted to place in top 5 at the New York Pro, we placed in top 4 Then we said let’s push it to the limit and place in top three, here it is baby Angeline, My tanning girl. She is always with me My wife and Sam, the best coach in the world. I don’t have anything else to say Hands down, I learned everything from my coach Hard work finally paid off After several years of hard work, life problems, ups and downs, life decided to give me my paycheck As I said before, it could take you years to get there, maybe 5 years I’ve been an amateur for so long, I always placed first and they never gave me my pro card They did after a lot of trials and preps Now, I’m competing in pro shows next to the best bodybuilders in the world and my hard work is paying off I placed 4th in New York and I decided to try and place in top 5 again here, and I placed 3rd and I earned a medal Thank god We are all proud of you bro I want to thank all of my fans, all the people that were supporting me, all the people that watch my videos Everyone that comments and interacts I know that I don’t always reply to the messages I get on Instagram, but I read every single one of them And I want to thank every single on of you I won’t be saying that I will place in top 3 next year, because next year I will take first place Hopefully in the New York Pro or the Arnold Classic And I promise, next year you will see something that you’ve never seen before It’s because I didn’t take a proper off-season for a while now in order to pack on some size Since I’m always prepping So this will be my first year ever to pack on some quality size And I promise, you will see a monster that you’ve never seen before Hopefully Will you stop doing videos, bro? No man, are you kidding me? The grind never stops! Just don’t forget to subscribe, go to the Facebook page And follow me on Instagram, I will put a link in the description box I made a page in Arabic regarding the website Because you guys keep asking me to do a video on how to buy a program and the link is in the description box Don’t forget to follow Youssef on Instagram as well, the link is in the description box too And I will see you guys later Hey man, so you’ve been following Durrah? I follow Durrah in every single thing, every video, every post and every picture What’s your name bro? Ahmed You have an incredible physique Hey coach, come here What are you saying? No no no Come here, coach What are you saying? Thank god Congratulations, Coach Thanks man 3rd place 3rd place is good But… There is always a but No really, Durrah deserves first place He always deserves first place, but 3rd is really good for his 2nd pro show 4th then 3rd, hopefully he will take it back home and place first in his next show What, bro Bon Appetit bro Don’t film me, man Does it taste good, bro? I don’t know, I’m inhaling it. Bon Appetit bro

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