بطولة تورنتو برو! – الحلقة 2 – Toronto PRO Vlog 2

Here we go, round 2 That’s the 3rd round bro You guys asked me in the comment section how do I carb load for my prep Today is my first carb loading day I usually do two consecutive days of loading I start by taking my diuretics That’s two days before I start my loading phase I won’t tell you what other stuff I take because it’s one of the secrets that clients pay me to help them with But I will start taking diuretics from today In fact, I will take my first diuretic dose after this meal which is my second meal for the day What I do is I keep everything simple Rice, carrots for the extra fiber to ease in digestion And some chicken, my protein intake decreases as well I can add some ketchup if I want to Just a little bit Just to give the meal some extra flavour A little bit of sugar like so is not a big deal as well The problem now is that I woke up with a cold And that’s a problem Especially since the show is the day after tomorrow So in a case like so, you need to drink a lot of water Drink A LOT of water That’s my second bottle and I will try to finish two more bottles There’s no problem in drinking water because you already need to do so during your loading phase Your sodium intake should be kept the same as well Because when you start taking your diuretic, all of the excess water will be flushed out of your system But you should stop drinking water the day before the show at around 8 PM So drinking a lot of water helps if you have a cold Another point is that I increase my Vitamin-C intake, about 5g or 6g a day Finally, getting a good amount of sleep I will try and get to bed early today, we are now at the airport on our way to Toronto We will arrive at around 2 PM, so I’ll have 3 to 4 hours of sleep when we get there Then I’ll wake up at 5 PM and continue with my loading phase Now, I will be showing you one of my clients I want to show you how modest people are here, because back in the day, he was a competitor of mine As you can see in the pictures, we used to compete side to side But when he saw how I was able to step on stage with great conditioning, he wanted me to coach him تعالي اقف هنا بس كده لف وشك ليا جامد جدا! ايه الرجل دي صح كده اتعلم تحبس النفس متعملش بوزينج اوي شد الاوبليكس صح كده جامد صح؟ بص العروق لما تعمل الاوضاع استرخي شويه عشان لو عملت الاوضاع جامد هتتعب بسرعه لما نفسك بيروح بطنك بتبقى عايزه تتنفس فبتطلع لي بره وساعتها وينك عشان بيركز اقوى على البطن لما بتطلع لي بره He is nasty, he might turn pro today or at least win his weight class This is the biggest amateur bodybuilding show شد رجلك لقدام وريني الرجل التانيه اويا صح كده خلي الرجل دي لبره شويه شفت وانا بعملها في الصور بحط رجل لقدام عشان يبقى شكلها اكبر بعد كده بقى اعمل كده لا مش كده اويا صح كده لازم توريهم البروز العضلي لسه مش شايف رجلك كلها عاوز رجلك تبقى قدامي انا بالضبط صح بعد كده شد بطنك لسه عندك شويه ميه صغيرين في منطقه البطن الخلفيات كويسه؟ الخلفيات تمام بكره هتبقى انشف من دلوقتي عاوز اشوف شكله بكره ميه في الميه هتكون انشف بكره احساسك ايه والدره الكوتش بتاعك انا كنت بدرس شخصيه دره لفتره و هو مكنش يعرف كده كنت بدرس شخصيته من اول ما كسب بطوله كندا لاول مره في 2012 وعرفت ان هو ده الشخص اللي انا عايزه انافسه لما كسب الوزن المتوسط و كان بينافس في ال Overall بعد كده قولت لنفسي اللي ها اخش بطوله كنده وفضلت اشوف صوره وشغله و كان بيحفزني و بيشجعني كل حاجه كانت بتشجعني, انت زكي جدا وعندك معلومات كتير كويسه ازاي بتطبق تمارينك بالعدات ومجاميعها وازاي بتمرن الناس كل ده ابهرني حبيبي شكرا على الكلام ده مكنتش حاسس ان انا متضايق من حاجه حتى عشان… الاول كنت متردد اتمرن معاك ولا لا اعتقد انت عملت كده كنت متردد و بحسب كل خطوه و كل حاجه هعملها و السعر بعد كده قولت الفلوس مش مهمه انا بحب الراجل ده و سهل الواحد يتكلم معاه وساعات بشد عليك اوي دايما بيشد عليا بس هو عارف بيعمل ايه كويس جدا انا بحترمك جدا و عمري ما كان عندي مدرب زيك قبل كده كان احساس غريب في الاول انا بسالك لو تمرني عشان انا وانت كنا بنتنافس على المسرح جنب بعض قبل كده فمكنتش عارف هتوافق ولا لا ده شرف ليا اني امرنك طب وايه اللي هيحصل لو اتنافستو جنب بعض على المسرح لما هو ياخد كرت الاحتراف هل ساعتها اكون المدرب بتاعه بصراحه مش عارف الموضوع يرجعلو هو انا شخصيه بتحب المنافسه هو صريح جدا, انا معنديش مشكله لو هيكون المدرب بتاعي او لا اذا اخذت كرت الاحتراف صح كده في فرق شاسع تمام عشان حسيت اني في حاجه غلط خد وقتك انزل شويه و شد الخلفيه صح تمام لازم تعمل كده بسرعه على المسرح بظبط عشان اعمل الوضع كويس صح كده بتبان بعد كده بتروح وتيجي هات رجلك ورا شويه تمام كده ميل بظهرك وره صح كده بتبين البروز العضليه في ظهرك خلي الخلفيه مشدوده وشدها جامد تمام حلو اوي فتحه المجنص عندك قويه حاسس اني مش هعرف اعمل كده على المسرح مش هتعرف تعمل كده على المسرح؟ اقدر اقدر اتنفس صح كده ايوا هو ده عشان كده لازم تتمرن على الاوضاع محدش فيكو بيتمرن على الاوضاع بحاول على قد ما اقدر عشان كده انتو بتتعبو بعد كام وضعيه That’s why posing is important guys, see how they get tired ? مينفعش تاخد تشيت ميل او اي حاجه مخدتش اي حاجه تمام, مفيش فستق او ملح او اي حاجه مفيش كاربوهيدرات الفراخ و الخيار انت كده تمام انا اسف لو خيبت ظنك فيا لا شكل كويس ده مش انت و بس ناس كتير كده صح ناس كتير كده عشان مش بتتمرن علي الاوضاع صح بس انت كويس و المياه دي مش هتكون موجوده بكره They have pretty good physiques But the problem is, not all amateurs give it everything they have until the end Posing and practicing your posing is pretty much everything in bodybuilding Bodybuilding is all about hitting the right poses So you’re doing everything right and you forget about the most important of them all which is posing His physique is good, he has veiny, striated legs but he gets tired whenever he hits a couple of poses That’s why he should focus on posing even more Even the first athlete that you have seen, his stomach starts to extend outwards whenever he feels tired A take home advice to you guys is whenever you’re getting ready for a show Excluding your diet of course, what’s important is practicing your posing regularly Everyday at night, take 20 minutes to practice the 7 bodybuilding poses for 1 or 2 rounds Let your wife help you or so and hit every single pose for about 10 seconds This will also help in getting any excess water out of your system That’s it Other than that, he has a great physique He did everything but he forgot about the smallest details That’s it man We changed the place too, show them the view bro Durrah likes to pamper his team Huh, Youssef? I’m just going to stay quiet right now Durrah! we have no internet here! I won’t be able to finish the vlog! He want’s me to stop working because he doesn’t want to change the room! Look man, we can see the airport from here; look how beautiful that is Look how beautiful that is Look at that beauty right there Open the door man, let’s get outside Look over there It looks like Alexandria Or The Nile Corniche Okay guys The wind is just on point man, you look like you’re in a movie scene That’s it I have to do this as well Yep Okay guys, this was the first vlog No man, let’s hang out a little Dude its almost 8 PM, I’ll have a meal and then I’ll head to sleep We will be seeing you in tomorrow’s vlog since we will be going to their show We will be filming a lot of good stuff too That’s it And guys, regarding the customized programs I placed a link in the description box regarding the programs and the form being in Arabic and in English Because a lot of you guys keep telling me to make a video on how to buy a program You just hit the link and it will open up the website for you to fill the form and select the required program It’s pretty simple Youssef’s Instagram and mine will be linked in the description box as well Don’t forget to follow both of us and subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit that like button And we will see you in the next video Now, for the moment I’ve been living for That’s the moment Youssef was looking up to for this trip I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life man Youssef is not living to film, work or edit. He lives for this very moment as he starts shaving my body hair Sometimes I tell myself that I made my company, career and everything just to get to live for this very moment Everything Youssef did was just a camouflage for the people , this moment was his main mission and vision Oh boy Let’s end this video with a back pose bro That’s it Do you want to end this vlog with anything else, bro?

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  3. سلام عليكم درره انا حاب اشترك بالقناة والله ومتحممممممس علبرنامج بس حاله الماديه لاتسمح لي 😞😞💔💔

  4. طريقة رد قوية و احترافية على الحاقدين "درة فلوغ تورونتو اثنين على عينين الحاقدين مستمرين ربنا معك كوتش ، فانز مغربي ❤️❤️

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    قبل يومين منزل فديو كاتب بطولة تورنتو برو الحلقة الاولى 1 والان نفس العنوان!!!!!

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