بطولة نيو يورك برو! – الحلقة الثانية – NewYork PRO Vlog 2

Good morning I just started adjusting my sleep schedule for the prep I have the light switched off because I love having only sunlight in the morning, not artificial lighting I wake up and do my cardio. We are now 8 days out of the New York Pro 9 days actually And I do cardio on an empty stomach for an hour As you can see Doing my cardio on the bike, I love watching TV as I’m doing my cardio as well I’m making it look enjoyable Time runs fast when I’m watching Netflix Guys, I want to tell you something The one that you should worried about during a prep is the one that looks extremely flat He looks extremely dry, but extremely flat at the same time Why? Because he would be two times his size when he starts carbing up And he would be dryer But the one that looks full and extremely jacked before his show won’t change much when he steps on stage He would step on stage holding some water or he would look flat Because then he would have to get rid of the water That’s a piece of information to keep in mind If you feel extremely flat and your muscles are empty Well, that’s how you should look like before your show However, if you look full and packed 2 weeks before your show, then you’re in trouble Okay, I just finished my cardio Now I will show you my breakfast I never woke up that early before Guess who is awake? Okay, so this is the first meal of the day The first meal is pretty much the same all year round 5 whole eggs, 250g of white rice and some coffee I never change it, I don’t want to actually because I like it Eggs contain healthy fats to be consumed during the morning Rice is a much simple source of carbohydrates unlike oats that causes my stomach to feel weird and blunts my appetite Coffee forsure, in the morning That’s it That’s how my day starts What’s wrong? Okay guys, this vlog is going to be good Why? Because one of my athletes will be competing today So I will be showing you how I coach my athletes Not to mention that I’m 1 week out from a show And since I’m 1 week out and it’s my first pro show I want to send a message to other coaches If you will be competing and you are prepping for a show, you should never forget about others By others I mean individuals that have paid you in order to coach them For instance, I can’t forget about my client and that I won’t make it because I simply have an upcoming show That’s why I differentiate between work and what I do That’s another thing to keep in mind So make sure to work properly while having proper work ethics I’m saying this because I usually see religion related comments Well, you need to start to focus on the basics in life Okay? You need to focus on the basics such as having good manners, good work ethics And your duty as a man Okay? Being a man at work, the man of the house as a husband, a great dad and a good friend These are the basics So before judging others by posting religious related comments Focus on becoming a better version of yourself and then you can start pointing fingers at others That’s if you become a perfect and complete human being But before becoming a better version of yourself Don’t be one of those people that start pointing fingers at others and not working on themselves I’m saying this because I want to encourage all the people out there to do the right thing That’s the right thing to do instead of just focusing on who has a tattoo and who hasn’t Don’t judge others and just focus on becoming a better “YOU” Focus on what you have in life, shore up your strengths and work on your weak points Improve and educate yourself man So now we are heading to the hotel where my client is We will now see if he needs to consume other stuff or if he needs to load up with more carbohydrates After I finish all of this with my client, I have to go workout Get back home and eat, then I will head to the show downtown For the pre-judging That will be the plan for this vlog I’m extremely tired, my carbohydrate intake is extremely low today I’m still doing cardio as you have seen at the beginning of the video However, you need to have very good work ethic As well as giving all you have for the people that trusts you with a specific service That’s a small tip for all of you guys out there Now, let’s continue the video We arrived at the hotel There are other athletes here as well Bodybuilding shows here run multiple divisions Bikini, Figure, Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Men’s Classic Now let’s see how Mark is holding up So, let’s recap what happened I made him eat McDonald’s yesterday I don’t to this sort of thing frequently Last time I did it was 2 years ago with another athlete It’s risky and you need to know what you are doing and when to do it Yesterday, he was a bit flat and kind of watery at the same time So if I gave him some carbohydrates, he won’t be as full as he should be He will get big, but he his muscles will be kind of washed out And if we get rid of the water he holds, his muscles will be completely empty A meal from McDonald’s contains a lot of sodium that absorbs all of the subcutaneous water On the other hand, the calories, sugars and carbohydrates in the meal makes the muscles look full So it’s an advanced trick But it made a huge difference with my client We will see him backstage at around 1:30PM Now I’m going to workout, then I will head back to him Ok I’m here at the gym Man, I’m tired I’m just dead man I have a shoulder and biceps workout that I will try and finish in an hour 75 minutes tops So I can eat and then head to the show So I can be there for him while he is pumping and while judging Then get back home again I’ll try to take a a quick nap And then head to the final judging Ok then I’m dead man I’ve have to go back and eat as fast as possible Who’s this? Who’s this? I will head back home to eat and then I will be at the pre-judging with Mark I have to stick to my schedule and be on time in everything There is no time to lose Okay guys, we are here This is what a normal show here looks like It’s pretty well organized Bodybuilding shows are pretty well organized here in Canada I’m thinking about doing a show that would allow you to turn pro in Egypt. What do you think? I’ll do it It’s a mixed gender backstage, no problem at all Some bikini athletes There he is He takes what I tell him to take without hesitation Mr. Khalid Shikawy How is it going? He is from Tunisia and he is one of the few pro bodybuilders here in Canada It’s an honor His coach Russ, and his friend Okay guys, so we are done with the pre-judging This is where the show is located It is held at the university of Concordia In Canada It looks amazing Who’s this? I’ve been following you for years I’m from Egypt Oh really? Unfortunately Oh, my athlete placed higher than you Yes, that’s true Oh really? We do not talk about natties in my team bro I’ll hit a pose for you That’s a natural, drug-free bodybuilder over here for you guys No seriously, this is good stuff man Since a lot of people in Egypt think that you can’t achieve a physique like this naturally Stand here, in the light A little bit more That’s the spot A drug-free lifter He doesn’t use any advanced stuff Thanks alot Durrah Ok man, advertise your Instagram account here on my YouTube channel, I’ll allow that, no problem So, this is the University of Concordia A wonderful view Unfortunately, my phone’s battery just died, So now, I’m filming with a DSLR Camera that I found in my car The pre-juding is over I think Mark will place 3rd He hasn’t competed for almost 3 years now He stopped competing because he jointed the army So I think that he will place either 2nd or 3rd place And that’s a good thing for somebody that didn’t compete for a long time Like I said, it’s been 3 years since his last show Anyways, I’ll head back home because my wife has work to do and I have to stay with the kids I don’t know if I will be able to make it to he finals or no But what’s important is that I was able to be there during the pre-judging Now, I’ll continue filming the rest of the vlog If I just had the chance to study here I would’ve been a totally different person No, seriously I won’t even lie That’s the university That’s a weird person I think that’s the university’s football court I’m basically just giving you a tour here in Canada What a long day Okay guys, so Mark placed 3rd like I said And that’s really great since he didn’t compete for about 3 years now He wasn’t working out properly either So we had exactly 8 months to turn him from an average physique to a bodybuilding show physique material That’s it Today was not a light day at all, in fact, it was a rough day Working out A client that I had to be with for his show Now, I have some customized programs to finish And guys, there is a promotion regarding the New York Pro on the customized programs Which is my first pro show that I will be competing in The full program is now 150USD instead of 250USD So those who are interested, make sure to send a message to the official facebook page I hope that you liked this episode for today’ video The next episode will be a vlog for the journey to the New York Pro And we are 1 week out So I will be seeing you in the 3rd episode Don’t forget to subscribe and I hope to see everyone of you in good health

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100 thoughts on “بطولة نيو يورك برو! – الحلقة الثانية – NewYork PRO Vlog 2

  1. درة .. نصيحتي لك تبعد سنتين عن المسابقات و تاخد السنتين تضخيم مستمر و بعد كده إرجع المسابقات
    كتر المسابقات بفترات التنشيف و الدايت و الذي منه بيخلي التضخيم جزء من السنة قد يصل لنصفها
    مش عارف رأيك إيه بس التضخيم مهم كلاعب محترف

  2. عاااااااااااااااااااااااش اووووووى يادرة
    ومستوى عالى فشخ ولسه فاضل اسبوع بالتوفيق

  3. لعن الله الواشم والمستوشم
    حنا ما ننتقدك حنا ننصحك لان كل مسلم يهمنا وانت منهم

  4. Durrah, what made you change the primary language of your videos? I respect that you’re staying with your roots etc and me being English if I were to make videos they would be English so I understand. Although, you built a massive following from the English videos which you started out with back in the day. I still try to follow on but what made you switch? Good luck in the ny pro i think you will cause an upset!

  5. والله العظيم اقوى تحفيز شفته للدره في الدقيقه 12:50…شوف وجه وعيونه قد ايش تعبان تعب شديد ومع ذلك راح يلعب عضلتين ويكمل البزنس بتاعه..اقوى من هالاصرار صراحه ماشفت…عيونه واحمرار العيون للدره فعاا بتحكي كثيييير اصرار وتحدي بشكل عالي جدا 👏👏👌

  6. هو أذى حد عشان ام التهبيد بتاعكم دا .. ما يعمل اللى هو عاوزه انت مالك ……و والنبي متطلعليش بدور الشيخ المؤمن اللى بيفهم ف الدين .. انت لو بتقرأ ف دينك هتعرف إن ممكن واحد مبيصليش ابدا و بتاع خمرة و عمل حاجة كويسة فى حياته ( أيا كان ) و يبقا احسن من 1000 شيخ عند ربنا ……فا والنبي بطلوا فتى و هرى شوية جبتونا ورا ..

  7. كوتش ممكن تتكلم عن وقت التدريب في شهر رمضان واوقات الوجبات لان انت عارف الوقت بيكون قصير بعد الفطار.ربنا يوفقك وان شاء الله المركز الاول👍

  8. عالمي كابتن درى بالتوفيق انشاء الله تحية حب لك من العراق

  9. لا يا اخي العزيز الوشم ليس شيئا سخيفا بل يمكن لذلك الوشم ان يدخلك النار

  10. استمر يا بطل فيديواتك متعة من اشوفها موفق ان شاء الله يا بطل

  11. السلام علیکم انصحکم هذا کولا کذب ینزلون ویلرسون بس تا حتئ یصیرلهم لایک و السلام علی جیرانه😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆💄📲📱📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧

  12. المميز فى ان لاعيبه برا بتاخد الحاجه من غير كلام زي مانت قلت لكن عندنا كعرب لازم المقاوحه و الفزلكه .. بالمناسبه انا متابعك من زمان و يشرفنى انى اكون كلاينت عندك من بعد رمضان ان شاء الله

  13. لو دره عنده الدعم الورا بيج رامي
    و بيج رامي عنده التنشيف و اللغه و الكاريزما العند دره

    اضمنلكم ان مستر اوليمبيا مش هتخرج من مصر ١٠ سنين قدام

    ربنا يوفقك يا كابتن دره

  14. انسان رائع
    عندك طاقة ايجابية رهيييبة
    بالتوفيق يا بطل…. الله يحميك
    متابعك من سورية 👍

  15. يا كابتن دره حضرتك وضعت نفسك كشخصه عامه يبقي واجب عليك تقبل النقض وفعلا الوشم ليك كمسلم حاجه مقززه ولازم تكون قدوه في الصغيره قبل الكبيره

  16. ايه رأيك في ال upper lower والpush pull leg يا دره و ايه اكتر نظام مفيد فيهم للمستوي المتوسط

  17. اسف بس حضرتك ناسى ان رمضاان كمان يومين ياريت تقولناا نظام نمشى عليه فرمضاان وهل حضرتك هتصوم ولا هتفطر عشان البطوله مثلا ارجوو الرد واسف على الاطاله

  18. كابتن بعد اذنك الفيديوهات جميلة جدا وانا متابع حضرتك بس ملقتش تمرينات للبطن لان المنطقة جي عندي عليها دهون بس مش كتير يعني البطن والجنبين عاملين حوام كدة فلو سمحت ممكن تمرين حرق دهون للبطن او لو في نظام معين ممكن امشي علية ماشيوظ وشكرا ليك

  19. مجهود تُشكر عليه يا بطل و أتمنى لك كل التوفيق ببطولتك القادمة. ممكن تشرح لنا طُرق الهجرة لكندا؟

  20. ماشاء الله تبارك الله
    الله يعطيك الف عافيه على مجهوداتك وعسى الله يكتبلك الفوز الدايم والصحه والعافيه
    عندي ملحوظة صغيره وحنا نتعلم منك لازم تزيد ارجل خلفي ابو خمسة كيلو
    وشكراً على أخلاقك العاليه

  21. انا من متابعينك القدام
    يعني اللعيب بتاعك عنده تثدي والناس تقولك تشتمهم الناس تقولك الوشم باحترام وخايفة عليك بتشتم وتقول مس فارق معايا فاكن حرام ولا مش حرام

    ولاعيبك جسمه زي الخرا يعني حتى شغلك لا تتقنه

    ده شكل لاعيب تخش بيه بطولة مفيش اي سميتري والناحية الشمال كلها اعلى من اليمين في الكتف الخلفي والمجنص وكله ديفوهات تصدق انك اصلا ماتستاهلش حد ينصحك باحترام لانك انسان مهزق

    وهو ده بظبط الجعان اللي معندوش مبدأ لما ربنا يكرمه بيكفر بنعمه وبيجحد حق ربنا ولما حد يقولك حرام ولا ينصحك زخايف عليك تقل ادبك كدا ده صفات المنافقين واذا قيل له "اتق الله اخذته العزة بالإثم فحسبه جهنم ولبئس المهاد"
    ده كلام ربنا انا اقسم بالله مصدوم فيك ومش هتابعك تاني

    وماتفكرش اننا محتاجينك اليوتيوبرز اللي زيك بالكيلو وماليين الدنيا انت اللي محتاج المشاهدين عشان المشاهدات

    ياريت المحترمين يخرجوا من قناة الراجل ده لانه لا يعطي لله وقارا

  22. قال رسول الله صلّى الله عليه وسلّم: (لعَنَ اللَّهُ الواصلةَ والمُستوصِلةَ، والواشمةَ والمُستوشِمة)

  23. ما اقول غير شي بس ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن للافضل يا وحش

  24. ازيك يا كابتن انت كابتن جميل جدا واخلاقك عاليه جدا وبجد انا بحبك وبتمنالك كل خيروربنا يوفقك يارب بالبوطلة الجاية وربنا يوفقك وما تاخودش بكلام الناس اللي معندهاش حاجه

  25. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.ماشاء الله عليك استادي اللهم بارك مستوى عالي ماشاء الله حببتني في كمال الاجسام .لو ممكن تعطيني برنامج أنا مبتدئ ستة أشهر. …جزاك الله كل خير الله اتمنى لك التوفيق .تحياتي واحترامي من المغرب لحبيبي وأستاذي المصري…😚💪👍

  26. شوف هاذ الولد ابو شورت لبنفسجي صاير عنده تثدي من الهرمونات شوف صدره 😂

  27. What are you going on about. You are a role model to a lot of people. The tattoo is wrong. Plain and Simple. That is why people are addressing it. You are posting videos of yourself, just by doing that you are allowing people to criticize you. That aside, doing the basics is important no one can deny that. But what is wrong is wrong, and should be labeled as such

  28. آلله يعطيك الصحة والعافية يااريات بس اخيررنا اذا ممكن طريقة الااتسخين قبل التمرين والواجبات الخفيف قبل ماترووح الصاله التمرين مشكور يالبطل العرب بصراحه نفتخر فيك

  29. لو سمحت يا كوتش ايه مكمل ينشف المياه من العضله كتنشيف وشكرا

  30. ماشاء الله عليك الله يوفقك الى الامام لرفعة مصر والعرب

  31. يـٍّ(😱)ــٍّــٍّــٍّآﺈ كبتن انـ☺ـا❥​ْ نفسك 🌹❃❀❂ان شاء الُـِْـِّـلُـًِ☝ٍِّْـٌـّ👑ـٍّـُه⇥❥☝❥❃🌹​​ اكون زيك ووصل ولما اوصل بجلك
    انا .*♕Amjed*Tiger♕*. اذكر هذي👆 الاسم رًبـُِـِْ﴿☝﴾ ـُِـُـيُ يوفقيك💐 ˛⁽🌝💗₎⇣

  32. متكبر و تافه و انا لا تهمني انت ولا وشمك او حيانك الشخصية اختصر و تحدث في صلب الموضوع كفاك تفاهة

  33. انا اول مره اتفرج علي فلوج كامل تحفه والله فعلا ربنا يحميك ويبارك فيك ..

  34. كلامك صح اي شخص يمثل نفسه اهم شي الوشم او العلومه المفيده

  35. كبتن وأستاذ. ومرح اما في بداية المقطع اللي سالك عن الوشم احلف لك ياكابتن انهم بيحبوك. مايبون فيك شيء يخالف الدين اذا انت مسلم. لكن معلوماتك وصلت للعقل واستفدنا. بالتوفيق

  36. ياكابتن لو خلوهم فى نفسهم وبطلوا يحشروا مناخيرهم فى حياة وخصوصيات الأخرين مش هيبقوا عرب نصيحة خد ورا ضهرك ومتضعيش وقتك مع هذه الأشكال

  37. هنيئا لك يادرة البنات دول معاك قشطة احسن شيء هذه الجمات الراقية والنظيفة والمجهزة وأيضا المختلطة حتى انك بتأخذ نفسك وراحتك فيها مهو زي عندنا جمات تجيب الكرب والهم والغم

  38. iji yawm wa satakono maridan bi a lmonachitat wa sa tandam wa allah sa yo3a9ibok 3ala al wachm anta muslim ta9i llah

  39. awalan en kamal lillah anta inssan ghayr mota9af as wa3i inta 3amel wachm almawchom himaaar mon mitrabi wamotakhalif wa mahwous bi anassara motakhalif kif atba3ak ya hommar ras batikha wajh al 9anfoud

  40. إلى عاجبنى في الدره انه بيشتغل شغل آخر وبيحقق بطولات صعب جدا تبقى مش متفرغ للتمرين بتاعك وتعمل بطوله . لا الدره بيشتغل وبيحقق بطولات برافو استمر أنت لا تستحق إلا التشجيع ياريت الشباب إلى بيتحجج بالشغل وحتى ما بيدربش حتى لجسمه مش لبطوله يبطل حجج

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  42. عاااش الله اكبر ما شاء الله عليك و الله يا كوتش ربنا يزيدك علما و بركه يارب

  43. انت فخرنا استمر والله احييك الله يحققلك امنياتك الف تحية

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