تمرينة صدر بإسلوب دمرها

How are you everyone Today I will do chest workout I’m still in the off season now and I should start cutting in a month or 2 weeks I will take the pre workout now I won’t be able to film while Im taking the IGF, so will see you at the gym! and the workout book D2, to whoever asked me why they didn’t get their copy yet The book should be released between the 15th and 25th of January so please tell your friends who bought the book about the expected date of release See you at the gym As you see snow is all over the first exercise will be inclined bench and it will be a good example to explain to you Dammarha’s technique Will start with a light weight, this is a very light weight for me Its a warm up weight, then I double the weight by the third set, I reach the maximum I can do When you move to the next exercise, you will already warmed up so you will start it with a heavy weight and then reach your maximum That’s why I call it D2, because you only need 2 sets to tear the Muscle D2 is a better name than Dammarha this was the first set This set is heavier but still not my maximim As you can see, this is my maximum I will add to it 10 lbs more this time. Its a weight that I never reached before So this is the idea of D2.. to put more weight on the muscle than usual to tear the muscle, because my muscle is used to 6 weight plates, so an additional 10 lbs is going to be a new weight 7 reps.. perfect next time can do more 5 reps I started with this exercise because I wanted to increase the weight I lifted last time the second exercise has the same motion as the last exercise.. pushing so all the muscles involved in this motion is already warmed up so now we can start with a heavy weight and dammarha in the second set 15 reps in the nexty rep, I will reach my maximum you may not necessarily increase your previous weights because this is the second exercise but the idea is you want to reach your maximum and that’s it now will do another set.. I’ve done 210 lbs a lot before but till now im unable to increase the weight actually now im increasing the weight a bit than 210 Now I’ve made 2 things.. I increase the weight a bit with this, and did 1 more rep so I usually do 10 reps with 210 lbs but today I made 9.. and all of these techniques are mentioned in the book the different techniques of D2, not only by increasing the weight but also increase the number of reps than usual Im sick by the way, so its good I was able workout with those weights but now I feel a lot weaker so now I will do a superset cable and machine dips to focus on this area of the chest now I wont be able to start with heavy weight because im sick Ive made 3 super sets, so the first exercise was 3 sets, the second was 2, the third is super set 3 sets and we are here again but instead of doing the grip, will do the hammer grip. will only do 2 sets and then will finalize with 2 fly sets so as I told you, the good thing about this technique is that its short and you can easily adapt with even if you’re busy with kids or work even if you’re working as a pilot as you see the chest workout can almost be done in 40 minutes and another 20 mins do work and the triceps and that’s it so the whole workout takes an hour and its not only a short workout, but also effective instead of being at the gym for 1.5 hours doing weird and useless exercises especially now in the social media.. I see weird things.. If you want to know the suitable workouts.. check the 90s the best 3 bodybuilders in history they were doing basic workouts my technique is similar to dorian because its short, summarized and comprehensive but someone like J calter wasn’t following this technique because it has a high risk of injury but I explained in the book how to prevent yourself from injuries and as I told you, the link of the book is here dammarha.com and it will be available between the 15th and 25th of January and when its available the price of the book will be doubled so instead of $37 it will be for $57 second set now with the maximum weight I can do.. this was my maximum.. I made 7.5.. couldn’t even reach 8 now last exercise and that’s it we didn’t even spend 40 mins yet.. and we reached the last exercise then will do triceps but I wont be filming it because filming waste time Now will do flies I wont end the video now.. will do the triceps and then posing to show you the off season figure and then finalize the video.. if you like the video please like and subscribe don’t forget to subscribe and like the video.. the link for the book is in the description box and online coaching link in English and arabic Happy new year.. see you next year!

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