سر البرتقال و بناء العضلات! – ORANGES AND MUSCLE GROWTH

Hello everyone i made this video to explain something i’ve made in the past videos i’ve heard that people started to consume oranges post-workout since my last video so today we’re going to talk about “what is the secret for oranges?” so in my last video i said that i’ve changed my coach for a change and learn new things and i gave an example that my new coach told me post workout to take a carb powder with BCAA, creatine Etc.. so after the shake when you eat your meal, drink some orange juice why? i told him that i took my carb powder why is it necessary to drink orange juice? so the idea that the carb powder only refills the glycogen stores in the muscles but fructose the sugar found in fruits is different it refills the glycogen stores in the liver so basically when you’re in the offseason and your trying to add mass or you can get fruits while dieting on a high carb day or cheat meal so thats the point for oranges it doesnt have to be oranges but its better because of vitamin C high in sugar but make sure not to consume non concentrated orange juice it has to be real orange juice and the pulp removed and thats it is there is anything i need to talk about… programs now are on a discount i will stop taking any programs when i reach 60 programs and now i have about 48 or 49 clients i am not saying this to show off or anything and here’s my paypall i sell a program every 30 mins when i reach 60 i will stop taking any programs because i wont be able to finish them on time when anyone buys a program i should be finished with in 10-14 days if i took more, i wont be able to finish them and ill get complaints for my clients “where is my program?” and i dont like this personally its not about me making some money but at the same time i want to save my reputation so once reach 60 clients, its over i dont want anyone to get pissed because last time after the offer has ended clients asked me to extend the offer but i refused and i cant make exceptions because if I make u an exception i will have to do it for others too so this was the secret of orange juice.. its not really a secret it was just a small tip so what i want to do is extend my knowledge in nutrition aside from training and steroids even though im good at it but i also want know more about small details that can make a difference Health is wealth i want to make another video about mental health because a lot of us in the arab region are suffering psychologically the problem with us “arabs” that when you are depressed The problem is that Arabs consider depression or any mental illness as a bad thing And that u have to be a real man without any mental problems that adds more stress especially when you’re married and you have kids so you will feel like responsibilities will take you down because you dont have anyone to talk to you know what i mean so this is one of the topics i want to discuss tell me what you think should i make this video or everyone is happy with their lives? if you dont need it tell me in the comments not to make it but if you need a video about the psychological state and how it affects you and how to get yourself out of depression.. but to be frank i wont be able to tell you how to get yourself out of this problem cuz im personally suffering from it dont know how it started but im not motivated and my coach is the one who advised me to talk to my fans about it because it was possible that i dont join any competitions this year because of how i feel because im not working 100%, im not giving it enough care and time as i should not sure why.. maybe because i left my country and i live here usually people who move to Canada or USA go back to their home country every year and i didnt do that and it was a mistake because i was focusing on competitions then i started professionally and won a competition.. my career is really good and financially is good and i built a good reputation but i got affected psychologically i feel like i dont have friends here or someone close to me to talk to..i dont see my egyptian friends all are in egypt and i didnt visit for 8 years or so also the weather here is terrible and depressing but to be honest canada is really nice only in the summer in terms of people, weather, natural views and night parties.. but the rest of the year which are 7 months.. its terrible.. its all white because of the snow and everyone is in the house so yea it may be a better life but everything has its bad side so you live in Egypt, you will have to deal with the pollution, traffic, not having equal opportunity.. but you have your friends, family, here in Canada, its organized, no traffic.. and everyone has rights, its equal opportunity the country tries to save her people and by the way we are not like the united states Canada is like Norway.. like healthcare and education is free so the country takes care of its people so when i got burnt.. if you remember in my legs i did not pay a dollar. the government paid it all is this happened to me in the US i would have paid 200,000 dollars or in debt of it because when it happened to me, i used to have a nurse coming to my house everyday so a service like this in the united states is for 200-250k not less if you go to the doctor because you have a flu, you will get an invoice of 1000k or more but the problem here is loneliness.. everyone is busy with their lives because we pay alot of taxes so we always try to work so this affects you psychologically.. yea i do motivational videos and posts but at the end of the day im a human being too and i will have days where i want to get motivated your posts and videos help and put me in a better mood and makes me feel that my fans are there waiting for me and for new updates from me thats it, so if u want me to make a video about this topis let me know please subscribe and see u in the next video and I hope I helped you with the secret of orange! before I end the video, I want to show you my son Zain, he got the grey belt.. watch this video! it was a happy moment for any father!.. please guys subscribe if you’re interested in buying the program, its on a discount now. send a message to the official page on Instagram or fb you will find links to my social media pages in the description box

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