وجبات الاوفسيسن – Olympian Bodybuilder’s Offseason Meals

Good morning everyone I will take you through my daily meals.. he wants to be on the camera we are 16 weeks away from the New York pro and in the last 4 weeks of bulking till I start cutting the reason behind the bulking phase in the beginning is to improve your metabolism The food is all clean.. no fast food or junk food You’re only increasing your calorie intake, so when you start cutting and your metabolism is high so when you decrease your calorie intake, you will burn fat faster First meal of the day Pineapple, raspberries and blue berries.. I usually take more raspberries but couldn’t wait to eat the second portion 300 grams of white rice.. I used to eat 250 grams and 3 eggs instead of 6 eggs.. with 6 oz of steak and a cup of coffee So this was the first meal of today. I usually go to the gym after the second meal not the first meal.. I used to go after the first meal but since I have a lot of work, I need to make use of the morning and the afternoon Like going to an Embassy, a meeting or anything And i go to the gym around 3-4 pm so this was the first meal.. wait for the second meal in the next scene Now.. the second meal My wife is studying.. in her last semester now. So whose responsible for cooking? Me And its not easy.. for those who say you have someone to cook for you and help you First.. the chicken of the day I dont cut it into half as the last video and I add some BBQ sauce for those who asked me why i dont wash the chicken in the last video because heat kills bacteria already so i doesnt make sense to ask why u dont wash chicken with soap.. so second thing is rice this rice cooker is easy not cooked well yet it need more water Here is the second meal You are wondering why I eat rice in my meals the reason behind it is that Im a body builder and tiny details are important for me.. like for example the importance of digestion Thats why I also peel the cucumber I will tell you why in the third meal Because I need to eat so I can go to the gym this meal is 6 oz of chicken 300 grams of rice again 1 cucumber and a diet pepsi Why a diet Pepsi.. Because I just woke up from a 2 hour nap and Pepsi has caffeine Other than that I dont like to drink pepsi alot Maybe once a day or 2 days and whenever i drink it, i drink half or quarter of a can so this was the second meal.. simple and nothing complicated Ofcourse you’re surprised by the amount of food Because 300 grams of rice and 6 oz of chicken is alot but as I said.. I eat cuz im a body builder not as a normal athlete who doesn’t do body building There is a difference between someone who wants to be fit and to be a body builder and join competitions and there are diets for Pros and diets for those who compete in Mr Olympia so the stage i reached now is the last stage.. so I had to change how I eat If I want to improve other Bodybuilders have other ways to improve like increasing steroids I dont want to follow this Thank God.. my health is good so I dont want to ruin it I dont want to risk it and i dont want to change anything as long as im in a good health and all is working fine I am good and i want to grow.. so increase the food intake and even for those who are not taking it professionally.. before you go to steroids.. try to increase the amount of food change your training technique.. buy Dammarha “D2” book The book is released.. and more than 200 copies are sold thats not alot but I didnt do proper marketing for it yet I didnt increase the price yet cuz I said the price will be doubled after its release not $37 But I will change the price soon when I have time to redesign the website so if you want to get it for the old price.. go ahead you will benefit from the book now to the third meal.. now the fourth meal.. third meal was protein shake after workout but i didnt film it because i trained legs and i was tired the shake was 50 grams of whey isolate, 50 grams of Carb powder, 7 grams BCAA, 10 grams glutamine and 5 grams creatine monohydrate i waited 45 minutes And now to the fourth meal nothing special 6 oz of chicken, 300 grams of rice , a cucumber this time orange juice. yeah orange juice orange is important after workout when you workout out you have glycogen stores “where you store sugar in the muscle” that gives you energy so you have two glycogen stores one in the muscle and the other in the liver so the first thing when you workout, the glycogen stores in the muscle gets depleted then after it gets depleted the liver supplies your body with the glycogen in the liver. after the workout you want to refill the glycogen in them muscle so you drink a quick carb shake the problem is that the quick carb shake doesn’t refill the glycogen in your liver what refills your glycogen in the liver? Fructose! fructose is the sugar that comes from fruits so thats why i drink an orange juice so the sugar in the orange juice is 100% natural and there are no additional sugar in it so fructose will refill your glycogen stores in the liver and the quick carb shakes “after workout” will refill the glycogen stores in the muscle now i am trying to use simple words or terms as much as possible for you understand so this was the fourth meal and because now its 8 pm so the fifth meal will be at 10 after 2 hours so at the Pro level you dont eat every 3 hours or 3.5 hours you eat every TWO hours now to the 6th meal there is a 7th meal left after 2 hours but now what i am doing let me show you look what i got! minced meat the beef I buy is grass fed beef and “free range” which means that the cows they live in a free space “slaughterhouses” which they are filled and injected with antibiotics and hormones well you dont need cows that are injected with hormones and antibiotics but at least its not grain fed, its “grass fed” they eat grass and veggies while roaming freely in the farm canadian grass fed beef because i dont like these injected cows because usually these cows trapped in these slaughterhouses are filled with hormones and antibiotics because they say “you are what you eat” so eating sick cows.. they also have high cortisol levels from the stress so rather eating sick cows i make sure i eat healthy beef that live in an open farm and living a healthy life of course the grass fed beef is not twice the price, its 3x the price! but at the end you only have one body now to the 7th meal cucumber , 6 oz of minced beef , 300 grams of rice and glutamine what are the benefits of glutamine? as we said before glutamine has nothing to do with muscle growth i said that before in previous videos the most important thing about glutamine is helps maintaining a good digestive system or the bacteria in your intestines healthy gut you have a good bacteria so glutamine does the job good for stomach good for intestines and these are the main benefits of glutamine and i dont think that there are studies that shows the correlation between glutamine and maintaining muscle mass but studies shown that it helps having a healthy gut i want to tell you something most people dont know that the stomach is the reason for good health which i noticed throughout the years while dieting what is so weird that when im dieting and prepping for a long time despite of taking steroids when i am on diet for a long time my health gets a lot better! but when i stop taking steroids and start eating fast food and candies and i noticed that from the blood tests i recently did i dont want to show you my recent blood test after the olympia but things are fine now what weird when i am not training eating junk food my health gets worse not only from blood test because 2 capsules of advil may increase liver enzymes to 60 healthy range from 5 to 45 or 35 but i feel alot better when i eat healthy food and on prep because you cut out sugars also hundreds of studies showed that sugar is the cause of chronic diseases which i really agree to these studies because you know the back pain i have i dont feel any pain when im healthy its wierd because when i train twice a day and lifting heavy and prepping training 6 times a week and i feel exhausted this is the most period when i actually dont feel my back pain! also people say in the off season while on a bulking cycle that you dont feel pain because the steroids act as a mask for pain but the truth is even when im cycling in the offseason i eat junk sometimes i feel my back pain! so take care of yourself and eat healthy because you are what you eat when you eat trash , you’ll be trash but when you eat healthy, you’ll be healthy i have to stay awake till 4 AM now the last meal of the day usually a normal meal, but i have 2 options to get my carbs from a shake or real food first: almond milk 2nd oats & whey its an oat meal with protein powder sometimes when im not tired i make a real oat meal with 2 scoops of whey isolate a scoop of oats & whey and another one and a banana or any other fruit then go to bed and lastly the banana most of you that are not interested in bodybuilding because a lot of my subscribers aren’t really into bodybuilding or fitness these are the most people who criticize me of course they say what are you doing to yourself.. your organs are damaged! but thankfully my organs are fine and better than most of natural people who don’t play sports because these people who play sports are usually smokers or their diet is disgusting so yes i do eat a lot of food but these huge amounts are healthy! and again ” you are what you eat” if all of your food are fruits and home made my organs will be healthy that was no.1 and no.2…. you consider my lifestyle is disgusting but for me.. that you go to work from 8 to 5 is worse you work for someone else’s benefit so you work for 8 hours about 10 hours of your day is wasted to make money for someone else for me this is insane! so you consider what i am doing is insane? “huge amounts of food” and “wasting money” well for me i consider what you doing is insane my point is do whatever you want do but let people do what they want All jobs are insane.. like engineers.. by the way I was going to work for Schlumberger My brother was going to help me get a job in the company but the idea of working in a field and stay for 2-3 months there without people, friends, my children, my wife, my family.. and work for 12 to 16 hours a day.. thats insane! so how we perceive things is different.. you think I look bad and what im doing is bullshit.. thats ur opinion.. but for me its not.. and here in Canada they appreciate it I dont want to mentions canada’s girls.. but they dont complain about how we look maybe in Egypt they wont like it.. I recall they used to be disgusted by how bodybuilders look like anyways.. I dont want to talk about people in Egypt but girls here like it so incase your saying I look ugly.. ofcourse I dont want to look nice.. as a man I dont care maybe you care .. its up to you and im also married so I dont care.. my wife is happy and i am happy so for those who want to be body builders and reach Mr Olympia stage.. thats how your days will look like I wake up.. eat eat .. cook cook I use the toilet 4-5 times a day and work during the day and late at night now its 3:30 am.. and ill go to sleep and tomorrow repeat and for me.. this is the best life See you next video.. if you like the video thumbs up and subscribe!

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