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Hey burners, Paul here
from Fat Burners Only with the awesome product
from Switch Nutrition. Vitality Switch in my
hot little hands here is quick becoming one of
the favourite products on the website, and
I’ll explain to you why. So it’s about six products in one. The first product in here,
is the super greens blend. Now, this provides a lot
of vitamins and minerals. Will give you energy during the day. Is detoxifying as well
as highly alkalizing. Number two, this product contains your medicinal mushroom blend. Now medicinal mushroom are
going crazy at the moment, everybody wants them. They’re an awesome ingredient
to include in here. They’ll improve your energy levels, your immune response
as well as a whole lot of other benefits as well. Number three, they include
your digestive enzyme blend. So these enzymes will help
you digest your carbs, fats and proteins more effectively. Number four, they include
your gut health blend. Now gut health is all
the rage at the moment and for good reason. If our gut isn’t operating
properly, we’re not producing enough dopamine, we’re
not digesting our food, our immune system suffers, we
have inflammation in the body, we feel depressed, so this blend here will help with your gut health. And the last two is your
detox and immune system. So this product contains
those ingredients, will boost that immune
system so you don’t get sick, you’re not producing inflammatory hormones and the detox will detox
your system from toxins. So there’s six products in
one, from Switch Nutrition, Vitality Switch, an awesome product. If you have any questions
about this product, the ingredients in this product, just come to our website and chat to us for a live chat in the
bottom right hand corner. Go to our Facebook page and chat to us, or send us an email, or even just give us a call at the shop. Thanks for watching, burners,
I hope you got something out of that and this awesome product. We’ll catch next time, cheers!

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