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100 thoughts on “🏥 PICC Line Placement & Starting TPN: IV Nutrition 💉 (5/2/18)

  1. You are so brave! I just think you are wonderful and appreciate your vlogs. I hope it doesn’t creep you out when people says they think of you often but you are a constant positive in my life and a role model of how to keep moving forward with my chronic illness, so I do wonder how you are doing and pray for you when I think of you. 🤗 hello to Harlow

  2. We call it frustration in the uk! I used to play a lot when I was younger but like yourself I'm such a sore loser lol hope ur feeling better soon. X

  3. Oh I am sitting here squirming because of thinking of when I got my pic line put in. They actually had to stick me twice because the first arm didn’t work so they had to stick me again in the other arm. And I felt it and it was extremely uncomfortable. I was really nervous and I’m sure part of the problem was how nervous I was. I wish they had given me something to help me relax.

    I hope all goes well for you.

    In other news… not that my opinion matters, but Judd looks better without the mustache. LOL 💕

  4. I don’t know why, but I laughed so hard when you said, “the salad is fighting him!” 😂😂

  5. I feel terrible about this long hospitalization. You are a very brave and patient person. Hugs for you!

  6. hang in there, Jacquie, your loving Lord is carrying you through this. I think of the poem, “Foot Prints in the Sand.”. He always helps me get through fibro flares, allergies, and arthritis joint pain. You LQQKed good standing vertical! 🙏♥️. JoDe from NH

  7. We do PICC lines at bedside all the time – and thank the lucky stars you dont need an IJ or any of those neck central lines. Good news: you can deaccess your port, which will help your skin around that area. Plus the RN can draw labs from a PICC line if you get orders. TPN is OK, but given your history, be sure you get your anti-nausea meds before they hang that white bag of lipids, lots of patients get initial nausea at the start of infusion for the first 30 minutes or so.

  8. @5:33 saw a fellow hockey fan in a Tampa bay lightning jersey! go lightning!
    but also sending you all the love jaquie!!

  9. Ik what a picc is for I hope it gets better that's usley a last resort…… There is a new IV nutrition made with fish fat instead of soybean fat.. The fish one is new and isn't that hard on the liver

  10. Awww, poor little girl, you’ve seriously been through so much. I wish I had a magic wand….silly, I know. xxxx

  11. Its crazy everybody is having port issues smh. Janiece had problems yesterday and mary from the frey life has been having issues for a while

  12. PICC Lines are great, I've had two for TPN..
    I've had a permanent feeding tube in my jejunum, for almost four years now. Good luck, hope you are feeling better soon!

  13. Girllllll gonna say a prayer for you I have esophageal issues the past few years which leads to nausea vomiting and malabsorption and I had the get potassium through an iv and it HURTS LIKE HELL!!! I hope things go well for you and I wish you luck and hope you feel better soon

  14. I have a hard time whenever I have to have a line put in my arm, for I am allergic to adhesive and those white and clear ones where they are placed starts turning red underneath and start itching. So we have to use paper tape on me. And as you know paper tape does not hold up well. So I am always having to keep pressing it down to hold the line in. I do not have chronic illness like you do but I have some issues. But only need lines when am in the hospital.

  15. I have had a PICC line for about 6 months now. I use it for TPN as well. I am in the process of getting my dog trained as Service Dog by Medical Mutts, the funding process is going kind of slow I have a GoFundMe page set up….

  16. I had a PICC line when I was 14after I had orbital cellutis that almost took my life and I was put to sleep to get it. It was a children’s hospital tho so maybe that’s why.

  17. When I got a PICC line placed I felt EVERYTHING. I have EDS too and Im not sure if I just metabolized the medicine too fast as well? I've never had that happen to me before aside from the PICC. I was screaming and crying the whole time, it hurt! :((( I had a triple lumin though, so maybe it was different? Getting it pulled out was like finally itching a scratch! It felt like a spaghetti noodle coming out of your arm, its funny thats exactly how they described it too! NO PAIN!!! Well wishes! I'm glad your PICC line placement was easier than mine. Get well soon.

  18. Hi Jaquie! I'm on a diet and I'm not eating as much and right now I feel awful! I feel sick but not to hungry and I'm thirsty but whenever I drink I feel even worse. Seeing your videos motivates me so much seeing how you deal with your struggles. You are awesome! Stay strong!

  19. I wish I could give you a hug . You are so strong and smart and kudos to you for hanging in there in a poopy hospital I dont think I could manage If I were in your position but Im happy to hear your doctors and nurses are working hard to help you !

  20. Jacquie, you are an inspiration to me. Your faith is inspiring !!! I pray that you find comfort, peace, and strength in what God has in store for you next! I love your family and you are so blessed to have such a strong familial support system!! ❤️❤️

  21. Hey my love I watch your vlogs all the time, I can honestly say I have gone right back to the bigining and watched every single vlog at least twice as your so positive with all the issues you have your a real fighter and iv never seen anyone fight as much as you!!! I just wanted to say soooo when you gonna be sponsored by the game trouble? Iv never heard of it before seeing your vlogs and I realy wanna try it so I'm gonna see if we have it in England and buy it and every time i play it I'll think of you dude!!! Take care my angel loads of love vic from the (Two-veez )youtubechannel xxxx

  22. My friend was in the hospital she just got home today she was there for three weeks and she had a picc line put it she told me it’s sucked we have the same birth defect called spina bifida so she had to have one put in because of complications

  23. So glad the PICC line is working!!…also when I heard your getting straight potassium. ..OH BOY does that hurt with a straight IV…burns the whole way up till you get to a large vein…but with the should be able to avoid that since it is going to a large vein..if you have the burning helps..ALOT!!…praying for you!

  24. Do you ever worry about Harlow's gait with the front pull harness that crosses over her shoulders?

  25. Also so crazy that they give sedation for a PICC! We sure don’t! And i didn’t have any! It’s a super quick procedure

  26. I have a Grand Daughter that has Ellie the elephant too. She takes her everywhere. Get well soon. Sending prayers your way.

  27. I hope you feel better soon! I am 13 years old with suspected pots and many other things so I am having a bad flare up , MY WORST… so i have been admitted to the hospital for the first time ever so thank you for the support and inspiration

  28. I had a Picc line when I had my IV antibiotics. It wasn't bad. Had to have IV antibiotics for six weeks. Sending agentle 🤗 to you.

  29. I don't see where you posted about the Tegaderm from? Did I miss it? It would be perfect for me! How was it like getting potassium through your IV? For me it sometimes burns? I know I'm late for this vlog but if you have to get another one ask for ice pack if they burn too bad or ask if they can refrigerate them first! Just a suggestion

  30. Jaquie, did the Doctors explain to you the reason why your potassium went low? I am praying for you. You are staying very courageous and positive, considering how long you have been in the hospital, and also facing more days there. I am so sorry. <3

  31. So glad the picc is placed and working! I've had 7 picc lines which has left me only one vein that can be accessed for PICC. The last picc I had the IR Dr could hardly thread it through thanks to all the scar tissue from previous piccs. On the study they saw that my subclavian has actually rerouted to smaller vessels. Obviously PICCS can be both helpful and necessary for treatment, just unfortunate when they have to be repeatly placed. The IR Dr who did my study recommended that at my age (26) consideration of future access be considered before central lines are pulled to prevent going from limited, to no access. Thankfully I have a port now for my infusions, and my TF are working. I KNOW how incredibly frustrating it is to have to go on TPN because other treatments aren't working. Praying this is a short term problem for you, that the FT infection resolves soon, and you can quickly bounce back afterward!

  32. Im so sorry you are going through this
    I love u, we all do. You are in our prayers.
    I didnt feel the pic line going in.

  33. I have foundrjat on my port its easier to have the needle's tubing facing across my chest, instead of straight down. Also I use a secure sticky (idk why I cannot remember the name right now lol) you pull the line into it and there is a velcro tag that helps a ton in it not pulling up the dressing. Ill try to remember to post you the item number

  34. Hope that you can be home soon and infection is controlled.

    I didnt see the dressing link can I get it please?

  35. If you’re able to shower, will it be different with the picc than your port? I’m assuming it can’t/shouldn’t get wet either.

  36. Does dysautonomia also cause high blood pressure? I haven't been diagnosed with it, but, I have been having trouble with regulating my blood pressure. Sometimes, my systolic readings are as low as 90, and sometimes they are as high as 150. Average for me is 110.

  37. Since you don't have a vlog up today. Wanted to wish Judd a "Happy May the 4th be with him day " 😀

  38. Hi Jaquie! You're such an inspiration to people, even those of us who arn't chronic illness warriors. I made you, Judd, Harlow, and Ellie a drawing, so you can have something to remind you how much support you have. I hope you like it:

  39. Ports can be finicky….and annoying. I had the same thing.
    PICC Lines aren't that bad to have inserted. ( I've had 2 of them) The only thing I felt was the first "stick"…you do feel that, but it's minimal, honest.
    Actually I had ( both of my PICC lines) the PiCC lines placed without any medications, etc. They did offer versed, but I didn't really need it.
    I was put under a local when I had the first Port and because it was my first port and had never had a port inserted, I hardly remember the Dr. doing the surgery, I actually didn't remember much about the 2nd port placement as well.
    Jaquie you're doing a great job with everything you're going through. My last Port I've had for 6 yrs !
    Judd is such and awesome husband! #BestHubbyJudd

  40. Praying for quick recovery! And praying you can go home soon when your well enough! Do you take medication for Anxiety or depression? I've always had anxiety and depression, So when I got ill with all these conditions it did not help. I see mental illness as a chronic illness as well.

  41. I’m glad the PICC line placement went smooth! I’m really praying you can bust out of there soon! 💕

  42. So glad you get the help you need and hopefully you get back home soon 🙂 seeing the picc and lines just trigger a lot of bad memories – Im so thankful not to have to be coniclly battling ♡ sending you payers

  43. Jaquie I went and picked up my puppy that I am going to train as my new service dog….if you or anyone would like to see him you can on my channel …he is on the last upload I did

  44. I know life is crazy in the hospital and you’re busy getting better but just wanted you to know that our family is thinking of you. Even when you take time off from vlogging we continue to pray for your lovely little family. May God bless you and keep you in his loving arms in this hard time. Hugs from the Martinez family. ☺️

  45. It was crazy when they removed my PICC line, when they put the line in I was still under after a surgery so I had no idea how long it was but it comes out super quick and I didn't feel a thing! Hope you get better soon! 🙂

  46. No post since that vlog? I guess that's not a good sign, right? Still hoping you're doing better already….

  47. Jaquie, I really hope you are resting well and getting stronger! I pray for you all the time and I’m glad you’re taking breaks when you need them! I understand you may not be up to responding to my comment, but I hope it reaches you nonetheless! Wishing you the very best!

  48. anyone heard anything about Jaquie? im sure shes just resting, but normally she will at least post a comment letting us know,no insta update either…. i think she was suppose to go home today. im just worried, but like not trying to push for a video but i care about her.

  49. I hope your feeling better now that your getting some better nutrition. I pray your infection clears up fast and look forward to watching your vlogs again when you are feeling better. Keep moving forward. ☺

  50. You’re lucky that with your mast cell you don’t react to Tegaderm and all of those adhesives. Most people with MC can’t use anything except IV3000 which is frustrating because hospitals don’t carry them.

  51. I have 8 mg of Midazolam for my colonscopes, all of them.
    I always max out of my dose, my doctor likes to joke that she gave me enough time sedation to knock out a horse 😂

  52. Hey Jaquie! Just to ease your mind, when I got my PICC pulled out, I literally turned my head so I wouldn't have to see, but then she [the nurse] was like "ALL DONE! :)" and I turned back and it was out. The only thing I felt was her pressing some cotton to the hole. No pain, no "spaghetti being pulled out" feeling. It was quick and easy!
    My sister was more freaked out than me because she watched it being pulled out. She said it was whipped out super fast, and what freaked her out was that it looked like a looooong needle. I think it was just because the tube is a bit stiff.
    Anyway, I'm catching up on your adventure right now, so you're probably getting loads of PICC reassurance already. Hope you're getting out of hospital soon! All the best from the UK xx

  53. hi i am getting a picc line in tomorrow how long after the insertion did they let u leave the hospital and was it painfull at all like what u rate out of 10

  54. I had 2 picc lines worst thing Ive had, bc I am allergic to adhesives, so my arm was constantly itching. But hopefully yours doesn't bother you and it will keep you feeling better!!🤗💖 I got a Portacath Which I still have and it is the best decision I ever made.😉

  55. Man, i am suffering from IBD and i may need TPN and its freaking me out. Does anyone have any opinions or things to say about living with TPN.

  56. I love my picc line , my mast cell caused so much blisters
    I finally got my dressing way different I can’t hang with it tangling
    I am scared of a port but love my picc take care doll

  57. I just had my PICC line done on 11/28/18. My Gastroparesis got to the point I was not tolerating sufficient feed rate for nutrition, or max of 15 ml/hr, without HORRIBLE pain. Now, they don’t know why, but the PICC site is causing me some throbbing pain. Mine was done at bedside, and was less painful initially even after the Lidocaine wore off. They said this was normal, but would order an x-ray. Now, because of a backlog in the hospital, they may want me to discharge and come back if I have symptoms. I am kind of having symptoms now, and don’t like the whole “coming back” idea with issues. I don’t like being in the hospital, and I’ve been in the hospital currently since the 17th of November. It is the 4th of December. SO frustrating.

  58. Since I was 20, I have been battling Crohn’s disease for 30 years now, I’ve had and total 17 PICC lines over the years. But with everyone, I was never nervous and I never really felt anything, probably because I was so doped up, or because I’ve already had 37 of the most brutal surgery as you can imagine, all I know is that getting a new line meant nutrition and strength, so it was always a positive thing for me. I’ve never had to go on it permanently, but come this January, that’s about to change, and I’m about to have to start TPN for life, as I’m down to less than 5% off my entire G.I. tract, and my body cannot absorb any more nutrients, and I’m losing weight every single day since my last surgery November 16. I’m at my wits end, I’m nearly 6 feet tall and I’m down to 140 pounds, I’ve never been that light in my life, and I keep losing, so this line is going to be my savior. Between the line and Jesus, is the only two things that I’m going to keep me on this earth, because anything Short of that, and I will die. I’ve been dead ones and nearly twice more over the past 30 years, right now my life hangs in the balance, and I’ve given up for the first time ever because no matter what I do, I have nothing but the city water pouring out of my stoma, about 4 to 5 L a day, no matter how much I try to eat or drink, I’m constantly do you hydrated, and lose at least 1 pound each day. To those of you who are healthy, do you have absolutely no idea how lucky you really are, because I would give anything to feel healthy just for one day! This disease has completely destroyed my life, my finances, and my future. At the age of 46 I was forced to retire and go on long term disability, I just turned 50 but I don’t see myself living past 51, and at this point I don’t want to if this is all that life is going to offer. My last hope is this TPN, because if that doesn’t work, I’m as good as dead, which really pisses me off because I fought so hard for the last 30 years to stay alive, especially given that all the treatments have given me 11 other chronic illnesses, not to mention having to endure three rounds of intestinal cancer that came along shortly after my diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. Frankly I’m surprised I’m still alive, and I could live without money, which I do already, I’ve used every penny I ever had just stay alive during those times the insurance company would cut me off for no reason, I could even live with all the other diseases, but I cannot live like this, constantly losing weight and having no energy to do or go anywhere. I know I’m a total stranger, my real first name is Eric, if you’re Religious in anyway, please, say a prayer for me, I’m usually never this forward, but frankly desperate times call for desperate measures and I need all the help I can get. Thanks for the video, and I pray that The TPN works well for you, please keep us posted on how you’re doing, and if I’m still alive I’ll try to do the same.

  59. It's great he's bringing you food, hospital food is the WORST. That or I am just a big pain in the ass. I brought my own food with me just in case, which was good since I wouldn't have been able to eat breakfast otherwise. When it comes to eggs, they have to be done a certain way and made with real eggs, the fake egg stuff makes me sick. (Yeah big pain in the ass. lol) But still, when you're in pain the last thing you want is bad food, to make life even more painful for you.

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