10 REASONS Why Asians Don’t Get FAT

Did you know? Asians don’t get fat There may be some exceptions Ok, this video is on
10 reasons why Asians don’t get fat Now of course, there are Asians
who are fat or chubby Some might in fact be watching
this video right now wondering ‘Why have my Asian genes failed me?!’ So, yes, Asians don’t get fat,
it’s a bit of a generalized statement or stereotype but as a whole, there’s definitely
some truth to it And we’ll get into why that is in this video If you look at this map, you can see
the obesity rates of each country The red to orange countries have
very high obesity rates 25 to 40+% of the population is obese With the U.S. as well as the
Pacific Island nations topping the list The blue to green countries
have low obesity rates About 0 to 10% of the population is obese We know why many of the African countries
come under this Malnutrition and starvation is rampant but if you look at the Asian countries,
most of which have a much higher standard of living what could be the reasons? I should point out that as a whole in Asia,
especially East Asia, obesity rates are increasing and in some countries like China it’s starting to get quite worrying So if we were to look at this map
a decade or so ago many of these Asian countries
would have had an even lower obesity rate Genetics is an obvious factor
so I’m gonna leave that one off the list but it’s really not even that
it’s not necessarily because of one’s genes There are so many other factors
and I’m gonna get into 10 of them right now So, let’s do this 1. Fish & Seafood Asians eat a lot of seafood,
they eat a lot of fish They love fish! No…. not what I meant Aside from the protein and nutrients, the biggest
benefit to eating fish, I’m sure you’ve heard is the omega-3 fatty acids Fish gives our body and brain
the DHA and EPA it needs EPA in particular has been shown to prevent
obesity, or at least assist in weight loss Studies from ‘The American Journal of Nutrition’
suggest that 1.5 to 2 grams daily of fish oil can produce weight loss of a couple of pounds
over a period of a month Fish oil increases fat metabolism in the body
and this enhances weight loss Everywhere in the world, fish has always been
part of man’s diet, not just in Asia but Asian culture, especially Japanese culture has kept this part of their heritage
alive better than most 2. Cooking Methods Everything tastes better deep-fried *Butter* and it’s popular world wide, including Asia But I’m sure I don’t need to mention
how an excess of oily deep-fried foods can affect
your health and weight If you compare Western and Asian eating habits,
sure they both consume deep fried foods but Asian countries vary their cooking methods
a lot more There’s a lot less deep-frying and a lot more
boiling, for example Some of you may think, well that can’t be true
the Chinese food I eat is usually deep-fried before, you know, being coated in some sort
of a sweet sauce Well, that’s probably Chinese-American
food you’re used to Chinese food in America, and in many other
Western countries is more skewed towards the deep-fried,
simply because it sells better Chinese food in China is a lot more varied In fact, deep fried and battered foods
hasn’t really taken off there Although, contrast this with Japan, a country
with a great reputation for health and wellbeing they have a lot of deep fried dishes,
like tempura tonkatsu chicken karaage that one’s my favourite It just goes to show that
if you practice balance you can still have the good stuff 3. Food Perception How people see and experience food
can be different depending on where you are In America, for example,
food is seen more as entertainment There is a desire, there is joy and anticipation
associated with eating It’s a pleasurable event Not that it isn’t in Asian countries,
but it’s a lot more toned down usually Eating has more of a practical feel,
and in many cases closer to being a chore
rather than entertainment That feeling of exhilaration associated with
eating is much more a Western thing “Then we sprinkle on four kinds of sugar…” 4. Portion Size Another difference in eating habits
is portion size Asians eat smaller portions Food is often served in small serving bowls
and small plates and this helps regulate how much
is consumed in one sitting And despite the smaller portions,
often the case there is a wider variety on offer, so
there is more to choose from as well Now if we take a look at America “Yeah, could I get the double quarter pounder
with cheese meal.” “Large or supersize?” “I think I’m gonna have to go supersize!” 5. Leafy Greens Asian portion size in general
might be smaller but their vegetable portion size
is consistently larger especially for leafy greens Yeah in western society, you’re always reminded that: “you have to eat your greens” it’s good for you and all that but in Asia the difference is…
they don’t even need to be reminded They don’t even need to be coerced,
it’s just ingrained And it doesn’t hurt that Asian vegetable dishes
are often packed with flavor and taste I just spat at the camera Contrast that with many Western vegetable
dishes, and I’m sorry to say they can be pretty bland “Would you like some mixed vegetables?” “Hell no” *gasp* 6. Drink Habits It is a common belief that drinking water,
especially cold water, with your meal is a habit that one should avoid as it dilutes your digestive enzymes,
your stomach acid and makes it harder for your stomach
to digest food “You alright?” Americans often drink cold water or sodas
with their meals not so much for Asian people however Rather they drink green tea or other hot teas
before or after a meal Now, I should note that many experts
say that this is greatly exaggerated and that you can drink water,
even cold water, with your meals So, this can be quite confusing But not everyone reacts the same way,
and perhaps minimizing or eliminating your drinks
may lead to better digestion for some individuals If you’re someone who enjoys drinking water
with your meals, that’s ok too there’s research enough to support you
in this practice Either way, one thing’s for certain, the Asian habit
of drinking hot teas, green tea and such as opposed to say Western teas,
with their sugar and milk is good for your digestion It’s loaded with antioxidants,
lowers blood pressure levels and can act as a metabolism booster Quite effective in both the prevention and
reduction of weight gain 7. Population Density Now this one’s not so obvious Many Asian countries, well Asian cities,
are densely populated There are lots of people living in small houses
or small apartments and everything you need is often
just round the corner There’s just a much shorter walking distance Add to that many of these cities have extremely
efficient and reliable transportation systems leading one to possibly conclude that many Asian people must exert LESS energy
in their daily lives than their Western counterparts where everything
is just more spread out So, surely this is one reason why
Asians SHOULD be fatter But, not quite In actuality, Asian people in this circumstance
may end up walking more This is because with everything being
in close proximity they’re more inclined to just
walk to their destination whereas in many Western countries,
distances are often too great so they end up taking some form of transportation,
encouraging less physical exertion “born to be wild” 8. Fermented Foods So Asians consume more fermented foods Such as miso, natto, tempeh,
kimchi, kombucha just to name a few and this is not just good for your gut health but helps reduce the overall inflammation
in the body And inflammation is a contributing factor
to weight gain and obesity Those probiotic pills that people take,
they work the same way Unfortunately in many Western countries,
but not all their food culture does not include
much of any fermented foods But times are changing, and people are more
aware now of the positive affects They are eating more fermented foods
and for most people, it also tastes good “Natto is a traditional Japanese food
made from fermented soybeans” That one might take some getting used to 9. Snacks & Desserts This one’s quite simple Asian snacks, healthy
Western snacks…. nah Asian snacks and desserts may be rice cakes red beans, seaweed snacks nuts, seeds fruit, a lot of fruit For Western snacks and desserts,
you know cookies, chips ice cream, sugary cakes all that good stuff but oh so bad for you 10. Prevention vs Treatment When it comes to health, fitness
and wellbeing Asians practice prevention,
while others practice treatment If you deal with a problem before it even
gets started, you don’t need to treat it With the Western approach,
you have your antibiotics, antacids, NSAIDs quick temporary remedies, that might
actually hurt you in the long run The Asian approach attempts to get to the
root of the problem using nutrition, healthy habits,
prevention practices There’s meditation, martial arts and other
calming daily rituals that clear your mind all to strike a balance between,
I guess, yin and yang And yeah, some of these methods may be
a bit hokey, or maybe not but here I’m talking more about the
general societal mindset how they think and react to issues of wellness ‘Health is not simply the absence of sickness’ So, prevention vs treatment,
you don’t need to lose the weight if you’re never fat The Chinese might get a lot of things right
when it comes to health and beauty but I’m not so sure that’s demonstrated
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100 thoughts on “10 REASONS Why Asians Don’t Get FAT

  1. This really doesn't need to be said (but apparently it does…):

    ► There is some truth to the stereotype that Asian's don't get fat, but it's NOT a rule.
    ► Not all Asian countries are equal. Some countries fit the points better than others.
    ► I don't claim Asians NEVER get fat (the first thing I say in the video is that of course there are Asians who are fat, as well as giving examples).
    ► East to Southeast Asian countries are what this stereotype is mainly referring to, hence more of those examples.
    ► Non-Asians can easily practice these points too. (as I said, not a rule)
    ► If you are an Asian but live in a Western country or has a Western influenced diet, many of these points don't apply.
    ► Yes sumo wrestlers are fat (although fat and muscly as hell is more accurate). Again, not a rule. Also they made themselves that size on purpose.
    ► About the criticism on my brief comment of Africa, I agree I could have phrased it better. However there's also this: http://lists10.com/top-10-malnourished-countries-world/
    ► I use the all encompassing term 'Asians' (accurate or not) because it's in reference to the stereotype.
    ► This video is purposely analyzing a well-known Asian generalization (just like many videos on this channel) rather than some agenda I have. I would have nothing against making a part 2 devil's advocate video on '10 Reasons Why Asians DO Get Fat' (which I very well might).

    *If you feel I have said something inaccurate in the video, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is always welcome. And if you disagree with someone in the comments section, there's no need to be aggressive or belittling. Let's keep it civilized.


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  2. I’m Vietnamese
    I say I’m fat and cubby
    My friends say I’m so skinny

    I have mostly Americans friends no asians cause the school o go to is popular for white people

  3. I am from Taiwan, and many of my friends are fat…
    Basically Chinese style food and local Taiwanese stuff are pretty oily and have high Calories.
    Recently I almost eat only Japanese food because it's more healthy…

  4. I can relate to the chinese restaurant one because my parent said if we serve tranditaional chinese food business will be down. My parent own chinese American cuisine

  5. Your YouTube channel: yes that’s right Japan has no little cakes that you somehow find in anime
    My reality in my head with the makers of anime: let’s make the food a lie

  6. Great video 🙂 keep them coming! You make me appreciate where I live even more! (Currently Shanghai, moving to Tokyo)

  7. Because they dont have contininous access to food like we have in the west. Reasons for that is communism, dictatorship and culture.

  8. This vid just dissed me of all the wrong doings I been doing for being a fat Asian kid who lives in USA. Like I don’t eat fish 😅

  9. I'm really pissed off when western people think Asian means only mongoloid faces, please announce a separate continent named as India

  10. From an Asian who grew up in America whilst being in a Chinese culture focused household (which ironically caused me to like American Culture more).
    Most of these points are not applicable to me. The only two that did hold true for me was that eating is more of a chore (although that only applies to home cooked meals), and cooking methods (which is a given). I think family dynamics is a more important factor. Speaking based off my experience, the three most influential factors are: the lack of snacks/deserts in the household, the lack of an allowance to buy them, and the lack of motivation to buy them caused by parents telling us to save our money. Eventually you grow up to like unhealthy foods, but are not reliant on them and will not particularly go out of your way every week to buy them.

  11. Somehow your perception of asian is this green tea drinking, healthy snack person that lives in the prehistoric days. I grew up in china till middle school and snacks from my childhood has always been chips, Oreo, cheetos ect. Other than home cooked meals the diet of someone who lives in a first world country is really more or less the same.

  12. I was fat when i was 7-8 yo but when you grown up you slowly lose weight idk how bout' other asian but for me that's happen to me

  13. Can I just make it clear that most of these points about "Western" habits are nearly all AMERICAN. Here in EUROPE, it's a different story.

    Compare southern European countries. Most meals will contain vegetables or salad etc. e.g. Italian food, contrary to the stereotypes, is not just carbs, but in fact features a lot of vegetables, lean meat, and fish.

    Also, the point about driving everywhere doesn't apply here. Go to almost any city and Europe, and you will spend a lot of your time walking around. I live in London, and the mjajority of my friends here (as well as myself) do not even own a car. The idea of driving around in a city sounds quite strange to me as I'm used to them having decent public transport.

    Also, most of your points about "Asian" culture seemed very geared towards EAST ASIAN cultures, where the eating habits are very different to say Southern Asian cultures. Also, go and talk to a Malaysian about food and tell me that eating isn't perceived as an exciting pleasure over there.

    I'm not trying to have a go because I found this video very interesting and well thought-out. But as a European, I get sick and tired of being given the "Western" label which is nearly always American. The "Western world" also covers Europe, which is an extremely diverse collection of cultures and traditions. Our lives here are, on the most part, very very different to the US.

  14. did you know in Japan broccoli is viewed as a treat? broccoli is yummy so I don't get why most other kids hate it it may be my genetics for why I like it I'm part Asian and my ethnicity is Caucasian and I love broccoli

  15. I love asian food. In fact I get this vegetable soba noodle stir fry kit at Trader Joe's. just Broccoli florets, bok choy, savory cabbage, green onions and snow peas. with a noodle and sauce pack. absolutely delicious.

  16. 因为东亚人种是在西伯利亚进化成的。为了应对冰河期西伯利亚的严寒,东亚人进化的结果:1,如果能有剩余能量形成脂肪的话,会首先堆积在脸部和脖子和头部以抵御寒冷。2,如果还有更多的剩余脂肪的话会堆积在胸部以保护心肺等重要器官。3,再有更多剩余脂肪的话则平均分布于四肢和腹背部。这样看起来像穿着天然的皮大衣。 于是东亚人体型看起来不显胖。但是脸部容易显胖。 白人黑人则可以在很肥胖的时候,仍然拥有小脸和小头。 他们的剩余脂肪更容易堆积在腹部。因为身体其他部位要用来散热。 所以他们更容易显胖。 希望懂英语的帮忙翻译一下。

  17. I just realized whenever my dad cooks it's always fried stuff and whenever my Asian mum cooks its
    Rice with meat and vegetables…

  18. I eat a lot af and I don’t eat Asian food at all and I live in the U.S and my friends would make front of me for eating a lot but they never call me fat cuz I’m not fat at all I eat about 6 times a day and those meals are a lot I’m 15 years old and I weigh 160 pounds and fat people my age eat less than me and work out more than me and weigh about over 200 pounds and I’m confused why I’m not fat 🤔

  19. Asians don't gain weight because they are vegetarian. And they don't eat as much as Westerners do. Asians eat less. Westerners eat too much unhealthy food. Stop eating animals. The poor are rather fatter. Asians are good at managing themselves.

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