10 Sunniest Cities Ranked

What is going on everyone? Welcome back
to the world according to Briggs, I am just outside of Portland Oregon and I
gotta tell you it’s kind of cold for us I say for us because I know there’s a
few cities in the country right now that are well below zero about three weeks
ago I did a video about the coldest states and I thought today I would help
get your mind off the cold your aching knees chattering teeth and look at
cities that get the most Sun yes sunshine something we haven’t seen much
of in Portland for about five months and for those of you in Portland that want
to bring up the fact that we had like two sunny days three weeks ago or five
weeks ago stop typing don’t nitpick sunlight is very important to human
beings sunlight can improve your mood may prevent us from eating too much it
helps stimulate the body’s production of vitamin D it can help clear up skin
conditions like psoriasis it may even help maintain the efficiency of the
human eye that’ll be good for all of you when I start making videos in 8k someday
the Sun can also do bad things so too much is a bad thing too much of
anything’s really a bad thing so wear sunscreen sunblock whatever you want to
call it to make this video I looked at data from the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration to determine the sunniest cities in the United States
and rank them by the percentage of days with possible sunshine on average now
that’s how we’re gonna do this video stay to the end of the video I’ll have a
question for you about the subject of future videos see which ones you prefer
I guess if we’re talking sunshine we got to start with the golden state and number 10 Sacramento the sunshine in
California is legendary one of the main reasons people moved to California is
the sunshine I was in Sacramento in October of 2018 it was like 85 degrees
the whole weekend sunny and filled to the brim with homeless in Sacramento
there are 218 parks and parkways totaling four thousand three hundred and
thirty point seven acres of land for public use and about 213 of those parks
have very tanned homeless people spending than item I’m sure okay maybe
not 213 but a bunch of them do and they all have tans I noticed that was there
every homeless person had an incredible tan now I’m sure there’s Canadians
watching documentaries about homeless in California thinking if they can’t afford
rent how are they affording a tanning membership the percentage of sunny days
in Sacramento is 78.5% number nine flagstaff arizona
flagstaff arizona carries the nickname of the city of seven wonders it’s
because it’s got seven incredible land features including the national forest a
couple monuments some great hiking canyons and of course the granddaddy of
all hump the Grand Canyon the really good news is you can visit these
locations and be relatively sure you’ll have a nice clear day whenever you go
there and it’s a good thing they rarely have cloud cover because it’s also home
of the Lowell Observatory this is the place that found the planet of Pluto in
1930 you know Pluto the one that was a planet
then someone said it wasn’t a plant it was just a couple of rocks then I guess
they said it was a dwarf planet and you know honestly I don’t think they like
being called Dwarfs I think they prefer little planets the percentage of sunny
days in Flagstaff is seventy eight point six percent number eight Reno Nevada
this one caught me by surprise then I remembered almost every single time I’ve
been to Reno it was during the holidays and they get some snow last time I was
there it was during the summer I think it was actually in August of 2017 it was
kind of nice Reno is famous for being the second Nevada City it’s just not as
sleazy but still has great gambling Reno has dry hot summer day so many of the
residents and the visitors skip the gambling and the casinos and head down
to things like the Truckee River whitewater park which is kind of cool
it’s got like little rapids in the middle of town they also have a thing at
the Whitney Peak Hotel they’ve got a climbing wall that climbing wall is
pretty cool it’s outside and it goes all the way to the top of this 20 some-odd
story hotel and with a 79 percent chance that you’ll have sunny weather you
should give it a try I think I made it 15 feet up and called it good it’s just
me though number seven Fresno California ask
anyone from Fresno how summers were growing up in Fresno and they might
start to cry Fresno gets hot and it never seems to
have wind that’s my own personal experience never seems to be windy there
not even a light breeze it’s rough Fresno has an average of 36 days of
triple digit heat each summer but in 2018 they had 57 days of 100 temperature
weather and that set a new record well past their 30 consecutive days of triple
digit weather and that was in July in August and that’s a rough summer I was
there I think 2017 maybe 2016 anyway I may have eaten my body weight and talked
they had this taco truck festival thing going on oh man it was incredible it’s
kind of bad when you’re looking at taco trucks going you know I think I could
just fit one more in but you could barely walk yeah that was a great
festival you have a seventy nine point four percent chance of having sunny
weather in Fresno on average number six El Paso Texas El Paso is a border town
that has one of the largest military installations in the United States right
there in the city kind of it’s sort of in the north area near the El Paso
International Airport Fort Bliss you also have clear skies for most of the
year in El Paso and the cities nickname is Sun City and for good reason they get
a lot of Sun they also get very hot and dry summer days that feel like you’re
just a $24 goober ride away from the actual Sun that’s how hot it is Franklin
Mountain State Park is a good place to enjoy a summer day and try not to get
heatstroke Franklin Mountain Park is the largest
urban park in the contiguous United States that’s completely within the city
of El Paso the annual average percentage of possible sunshine in El Paso is 84%
number five Tucson Arizona Tucson is in the Sonora Desert and it’s known for its
great Mexican food the food is hot and so is the weather last time I did a
video that mentioned Tucson had some Jacqueline give me a hard time because I
said a swamp cooler didn’t cut it in Tucson you need AC if you don’t want to
sweat most the year this clown worked it around where he was offended I was
promoting environmental killing AC units when I kind of shot that down he
switched to only you know people in poverty can afford swamp color so
obviously I hate poverty P it was just weird he was more heated than the
weather and the food he was also part of the reason I tell people that being
offended is not a skill or a talent you need to just not complain so much anyway
the summer’s here very hot the temperatures regularly climb into the
hundreds they almost never have humidity so I mean that’s good humidity and 100
degree weather always sucks my suggestion is put on some sunscreen
and go get some Mexican food to enjoy some a scene if you see some clown
pushing a swamp cooler and a shopping cart and crying that would be the guy
from the last one the annual average percentage of possible sunshine is 85
percent number four Phoenix Arizona Arizona’s capital city is the most
heavily populated capital city in the u.s.
and I don’t know why I didn’t know that and I still don’t know why it is
probably because I’m one of those people that isn’t big on hot weather some
really most people prefer hot weather the Summer Sun in the valley a Sun could
make a Tucson dude with a swamp cooler moved to Minnesota Phoenix averages more
than 100 days a year topping 100 degrees that’s a hundred days of triple digits
with temperatures above 110 not being uncommon those super hot days most
locals stay inside with their air-conditioning not their swamp cooler
or they do something like go the movies just anything with air-conditioning and
to stay out of that heat it gets rough the annual average percentage of
possible sunshine in Phoenix is 86 percent number 3 Las Vegas Nevada Las
Vegas is the only place I know where people go to visit lose a couple months
worth of paychecks and then tell you they had a great time then they turn
around ask for a loan to buy some bread and Gatorade Las Vegas does amazing
things to people including sunburns I think a smart business plan in Las Vegas
is a skincare line that comes with booze already in it that way you will always
remember to put your lotion on Las Vegas has more than 100 casinos in the metro
area the mostly sunny days are clear and hot with temperatures into the 100’s
almost all summer if you’re less than 20 pounds overweight and want to hang out
by the pool that’s really good news when you’re over 20 pounds overweight like me
you sit there and look like you’re waiting for a bus most the time if
you’re not there for the pool the casinos are always well air-conditioned
the average annual percentage of possible sunshine 85% number to ready in
California have you ever heard of ready in California most people have been
outside in Northern California not a lot goes on here I mean other than
oppressive heat reading is known as the trails capital of California they have
tons of hiking and biking trails in the hills surrounding the city with over 300
days of sunshine reading is the second sunniest city in the u.s. the Sacramento
River is the longest river in California and it runs right through town I’ve
never been fly-fishing but I have an army buddy that lives just outside of
Redding in a place called Anderson and he said the fly-fishing is decent does
it all the time which is good because it’s so freakin hot there and when you
fly fish you get to stand in a river for hours of time sidenote I told him what
my video was about and he mentioned he started marking down what the first day
of the year was that they get over 90 degree weather each year for the
fifteen years now and he said in that 15 years he figures it’s about two weeks
sooner than it was in 2005 but he said his data’s not complete because it needs
to get over 20 years anyway you’re probably thinking why would a man
randomly do that he got his degree in meteorology and he worked for the
government for like 20 years after 10 years in the Army so yeah that’s that’s
his kind of brain that he does stuff like that actually he retires April 1st
so congratulations sergeant Andrews actually that’s what he was when I knew
him I’m sure he’s had other titles since you know 1989 or 90 the annual average
percentage of possible sunshine in Redding California is 88 percent and
number one yuma arizona yuma arizona is the hottest city in the united states
they have so much Sun I think it’s baking the brains of the locals for
proof of this they don’t seem to think that there’s a problem that the local
high school sports teams are called the criminals I’m not kidding google it
actually it’s a great story how that came to be the school was established in
1909 and then the next year a fire broke out and burned down the school in 1910
the school then used the local prison which had recently been closed for the
next three years to hold classes but classes were held in the cell blocks
that same year Yuma’s football team was dubbed the criminals by fans of Phoenix
Union High School after losing the championship game to Yuma and it stuck
the annual average percentage of possible sunshine in Yuma is 90 percent
it’s actually a little over ninety point one percent that’s a lot of sunshine
alright so that’s the end of the video but here’s the question with the
upcoming election do you want to see occasional political type videos I mean
for this channel like what states voted most this way which states voted most
that way which states have switched things like that there’s gonna be a poll
right here look at the red arrow up there you click on that it’ll give you a
poll and please leave comments tell me your thoughts on it I’d love to hear it
don’t forget all the links below everybody have a great day
be nice to each other you

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100 thoughts on “10 Sunniest Cities Ranked

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