11 Best Vitamins for Dry Eyes

In today’s Dry Eye Show we are going
over the best vitamins and minerals for dry eye. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler
in the next 10 minutes you are going to learn about our favorite 11 vitamins and
minerals that you should be taking if you have dry eye and pretty much our
favorite vitamins and minerals in general. Don’t forget to click on the
link in the description to check out our list and we update that almost all the
time if we ever change our minds on something but before we get into the
material this is all taken from my book Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment make sure
you head to www.dryeyebook.com to pick this up today. We want to know what
vitamins are you taking for dry eye? Put that in the comments below
with that being said supplementation is a very confusing
world. We want to start out by saying supplements are just made
to supplement an already healthy diet or be an addition to an already healthy
diet. We want to take care of diet first. That’s pretty much the first
three chapters of this book. It’s getting your diet in order with green
smoothies and just making sure that you’re eating healthier. Make sure
that you get your diet on track first and then don’t rely on supplements to
fill in all that void because you’re not going to get the same benefits as you
did it with a healthy diet and the supplementation
so make sure all your supplements are also CGMP which is clinical good
manufacturing practices and that’s just making sure that the facility is in nice
shape and that their third-party tested that just tells us that when the third-party tests it what it says is in it
let’s go into the 11 best vitamins for dry eye. The first one is
the multivitamin. Just like Travis said we talked about how you
can get most of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs through
food but a lot of the time we are not eating everything that we should be
eating. We always tell you eat your green smoothies. Those are going to
give you a lot as far as getting your vitamins and
minerals but if you do want to take a multivitamin which we do you want to
look for one that is whole foods based A lot of the time these are going to
come in the form you are going to take this vitamin multiple times a
day. It is not just going to be one big pill. Make sure you’re looking for
that and like he said we do keep an updated list at www.rethinkingdryeye.com of all the vitamins that we recommend because
sometimes our minds do change or we find better ones and we will put them there
You can head there and check it out number two I think arguably is more
important than number one is a Green Superfood powder and for
the record most of these we don’t have We don’t sell. We are recommending other
people’s products but we do sell one of them. That’s on this list. Number two
Green Superfood powder and we love love our greens and so we recommend
Green Superfood powder for everyone actually have travel package that we
travel with and we put it in our smoothies every single day and then I’ll
just put it in water every once in a while just to get a boost of energy. It is great
for pretty much giving you a boost of energy of boosting metabolism and it
really helps your immune system gives that a nice boost We have a green smoothie chart make sure you check that out in the comments below. You will
see that green smoothie chart. You can go download that and then it will have our
recommended greens powder in that as well Make sure you pick that up. I
love green smoothies. You will have an adjustment period when you first started
First seven days will be a little unbearable. You will have stomach
cramping and bloating and gas maybe constipation and diarrhea can sounds
crazy that you will have one of the other but everybody’s different and the next 7 through 14 days sorry first 7 days unbearable second
7 days uncomfortable so that pain will start to go away and then after that
14th day you are going to be unstoppable and You are going to crave them. I challenge
you to start a green smoothie for the next 30 days for breakfast. Replace your breakfast
with green smoothies for 30 days number 3 probiotics so leaky
gut and healthy bacteria are just really trendy topics right now and with good
merit because leaky gut can cause a whole host of other issues in your body
The bacteria in your gut can help you absorb nutrients. It can help you digest
food. Fight infections that bad bacteria can lead to diarrhea, IBS,
allergies, UTIs, eczema, and all different things like that all inflammatory
conditions so foods that you can eat that contain probiotics include yogurt,
kimchi, kombucha, fermented vegetables those are all wonderful but we take a supplement We take a probiotic because I like
to get that little extra even when I’m not eating all of those good things so
make sure the supplement has billions of live and active cultures and
take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach because you want that
probiotic to be able to do its job before you start adding in drinks and
food and all of that so if you are liking this video you can help us out by
hitting the share button and liking it below and also let us know in the
comments below what vitamin are you taking for your dry eye? Vitamin
number 4 for your dry eyes is vitamin A vitamin A is actually great for enhancing healthy skin, your bones, and other
tissues. It is an antioxidant and it’s also an anti-inflammatory.
Most people do get enough vitamin A in their diet unless they are doing like a
calorie restriction diet which we never ever recommend. It is just silly.
Vitamin A deficiency causes cell mutations on the front of the eye called
the cornea which is that invisible dome on the front part of the eye and this
will actually cause a disruption in your tear film resulting in dry, irritated,
eyes. Long-term deficiency can actually cause retinal damage and
macular degeneration and can cause vision loss over a long term. Also the opposite is true try to avoid high doses of vitamin A as
well as these can be dangerous and cause more dry eye so an example of this
Accutane. It is a prescription medication used for acne. All it is is
high doses of vitamin A. It causes a lot of damage. It actually causes your
meibomian glands to atrophy and it usually is permanent so make sure you
avoid Accutane. Also products that have retinoids like retinol skin creams is a
very common source of dry eye because it is high doses of vitamin A as well so to
get plant sources of vitamin A that includes peaches, sweet potatoes, carrots,
cantaloupes, butternut squash, mangoes, apricots, and broccoli. Our
recommendation is it does not need a separate supplementation. It is usually
good enough in your multivitamin. numbers 5 and 6 these are kind
of the same way as that vitamin A They don’t necessarily need a separate
supplement and we’re talking about the B complex vitamins as well as folate or folic acid These are antioxidants. They are
mood-stabilizing. They are neuro protective They’re awesome for your body. They help
with energy. All types of things If you are thinking about taking
folic acid or folate maybe because you’re pregnant you want to look for
folate in the methylated form. You can find that in many different supplements
today. There aren’t a lot of great ones on the market but there are plenty that
you can find it what you need so low vitamin B is associated with
inflammation which is a huge thing with dry eye. Dry eye is
inflammation keep in mind that vitamin B and all of the B complex
vitamins are excreted and they’re never retained in your body. They do need to
be taken daily however you can get that through a multivitamin and a lot of the
time through food so keep that in mind If you love learning about natural
ways to heal your dry eye and other disease then click that subscribe
button and make sure to hit the bell beside it so that you get the
notifications for all of our future videos and we want to know what vitamins
you’re taking for your dry eye so let us know in the comments below so number
7 is vitamin D so most people ops to the vitamin A most people do not get
enough vitamin D in their diet and it’s not found as food in food as much
anymore and we don’t get as much sunlight and even if you did get enough
sunlight you probably don’t get enough to create the vitamin D that you need
and so we always recommend supplementing with a vitamin D separate supplement
separate from your multivitamin good vitamin D foods include wild-caught fish,
eggs, mushrooms, fortified almond milk, and then supplementation like I said is
always recommended and you want to go for about 800. We actually use the liquid form. We just put in
our water in the morning that works pretty well.
vitamin D deficiency can cause rickets osteoporosis and of course dry eye
vitamin D increases the quality of your tears and improves the tear
surface to help impact your eyes and protect your eyes so check out the link
in the description for the vitamin D that we recommend numbers
8 and 9. Our vitamin C and E and we put those together because they’re
both antioxidants that help to neutralize free radicals in your body
that can cause dry eye, inflammation, macular degeneration, heart disease, and so much more the best way to increase antioxidants in
your body is through whole foods such as red peppers, carrots, kale, and spinach. All of
those veggies. All of them you can just throw them in your blender have a green
smoothie basically you can get all of your antioxidants that way but the
easiest way exactly but if you want to take a vitamin so vitamin C reduces
inflammation and it boosts the immune immune system. It protects the joints and
your body does excrete the excess keep that in mind and vitamin E helps
prevent the symptoms of dry eye, macular degeneration, mental decline, cataracts,
diabetic damage, menopause, and even some cancers so make sure with the vitamin E
that it should be the D alpha form but other than that if you want to take some
extra antioxidants then vitamin C and E are absolutely wonderful and
then our ocular health formula does have vitamin C and E if you want to
supplement it with an additional one usually your multivitamin will cover
that as well so number 10 is magnesium Magnesium is one of the most
essential minerals that we need but we’re lacking of and it’s no longer
found in the soil that we use to produce vegetables that it used to be found in
because of the use of fertilizers and pesticides and GMOs and all that so
deficiency leads to neural malfunction irregular heart rhythm, macular
degeneration, weak bones, muscle cramping, and spasms so sometimes if you have like
a magnesium spray and spray it on a muscle cramp not your eyelid but it might help with that muscle cramp or that muscle
spasm so supplementation you can take it as an oral form you can take it as a
spray a powder and liquid drops or you can also switch your table salt into
Celtic or Himalayan Sea Salt and that’s going to give you a little more
magnesium and then some food sources include pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts,
and Brazil nuts organic spinach, organic kale, sweet potatoes, and broccoli of
course make sure all that is organic Number 11 finally is the
omega-3. This should be a staple in your diet whether you’re getting it
through fish or whether you’re getting it through a fish oil supplement, algae
oil, flaxseed oil, and hemp oil We eat way too much unhealthy omega-6 and
so we need to balance that out with omega-3s. Food sources of how
the omega-3s include wild-caught sustainable fish, organic raw nuts,
organic free-range eggs, ground flax seed, hemp seeds, and avocados. Those are all
absolutely amazing. When looking at an omega-3 supplement you want to make sure
that the fish is wild-caught. That it’s sustainably caught farm in the triglyceride form
which just makes it more available to your body make sure that the omega-3 is
made in a CGMP facility and that it’s third-party tested. Our Heyedrate
omega-3 does check all of those boxes. If you want to check that out but if you’re
already taking one that you really enjoy that’s working for you then there is
really no reason to switch now I would go back to the sustainable part because fishing practices aren’t well regulated in
certain parts of the world. It is actually destroying the oceans. It is destroying
our entire planet and coral reefs are just getting wiped away because
fishermen don’t really care. They’re just dragging their nets across the bottom.
They’re unsustainably killing fish that don’t need to be killed and so
sustainability is key because there are fish out there that keep omega-3 levels
up like we can use them for omega-3s and They’re able to produce at a
sustainable level that it doesn’t affect the ecosystem of the ocean so that’s why
we’re so passionate about the sustainability portion and that’s
why we recommend that if you are taking omega-3 make sure it is sustainable you
might see triglyceride based on it but make sure it’s sustainable as well
just one other note on omega-3s We have had a lot of questions in
the community about if omega-3s are actually good for dry eyes because there
was a study done recently that basically the Dream Dtudy showed that omega-3s
were not any better than placebo which is bad treating a dry eye. The placebo
is olive oil which is another healthy oil that we talk about all the time so
basically these two olive oil and omega-3 fish oil produce. Basically the
same effective results. This isn’t just benefit your eyes it benefits your whole
body. We are not just talking about your eyes here as the reason that
you need to take it. Everything we just went over is just one of the steps
that you can do to naturally reverse disease including your dry eye and
it’s taken directly from our book Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment so head to
www.dryeyebook.com to get the book and make sure to check out the other video that
we recommend that we think you might like and then don’t forget to like this
video and click the share button because that helps us out but you’re
also helping out somebody else and you’re helping out yourself because
you’re holding yourself accountable to show that you are actually taking action
on your dry eye but giving other people the opportunity to watch this leads to
better health overall so we want to thank you so much for watching this
video and we’ll talk to you soon

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