14 Foods That Are Great For Fighting Your Psoriasis

Hey there! Quick questions? Have you ever heard of psoriasis? Psoriasis is described as a common skin condition
that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells. The cells eventually form into itchy, red
patches on the surface of your skin. Not only can this be uncomfortable, it can
also be terrifying. I mean, who wants to walk around with visibly
dead skin? Psoriasis can be a drag, but look on the bright
side, there is treatment. Let’s take a look at 14 Foods That Are Great
For Fighting Your Psoriasis. What do you think about salmon? What is it about olive oil that’s so great? Do you eat cherries? You may want to start. Salmon This may be a food you stayed away from as
a child. But believe me when I say that salmon will
help your psoriasis. Salmon contains a heck of a lot of Omega-3
Fatty Acids, which can reduce your inflammation and help the immune system. So if you happen to hate salmon, do your best
to hold your breath and eat it. Its health benefits outweigh the taste. 2. Olive Oil This may be one of the last things you expected
to see on this list. Since it’s high in fatty acids and Vitamin
E, olive oil will go to war against your psoriasis as it proves to be an effective moisturizer. When using olive oil for this purpose, it
is recommended that you dab a small amount of it on your sensitive areas. Professionals also confirm that you can add
two small teaspoons to a warm bath. That is if your looking to give yourself the
full-body treatment. 3. Cherries You may already chew away on strawberries
and raspberries. But how often do you fix yourself a nice bowl
of fresh cherries? This can be a great addition to your battle
against psoriasis. Fruits in general can be a rich source of
antioxidants, which help to fight inflammation of the skin. But did you know cherries are particularly
beneficial? Not only have cherries been linked to lower
risk of memory loss, cancer and heart disease, they are also a known combatant of inflammatory
diseases… Like psoriasis. 4. Blueberries Here’s another member of the berry family
that will fight against psoriasis any day of the week. Blueberries are packed with Vitamin C and
fiber. They are also a great source of manganese,
an important mineral that will help strengthen your brain, bones and nervous system. So even if you’re not a psoriasis patient,
it’s always good to get a little more blueberry in your life. 5. Trout Now for many of you, salmon may have already
been a reach. Let’s kick it up a notch shall we? Trout is yet another amazing source of Omega-3
Fatty Acid. While you may not be a fish person, trout
is just one more efficient option for treating your psoriasis. If you’re up for it, why don’t you try
rainbow trout? Just three ounces can contain 100% of your
daily Vitamin D intake. If you’re desperate to treat those annoying,
itchy skin patches, you can’t afford to be picky here, guys. 6. Brussels Sprouts It’s about time we had a vegetable on this
list. This is of course one more demon food from
your childhood you wish you could forget, but to be honest, if you want to treat your
psoriasis, do you really have a choice? Brussels sprouts contain your usual antioxidants. Not only can they decrease stress and inflammation,
but they will also give you that much needed boost of Vitamin K. One half-cup of Brussels
Sprouts contains your daily intake. That’s a heck of a lot. So put your happy face on, and at least pretend
to enjoy them. 7. Avocado If you can handle guacamole in every meal,
you’ll be able to handle some regular avocado. This popular fruit is rich in Vitamin K as
well as antioxidants. Not to mention they are loaded with fiber. While it may be one of the fattiest of the
plant fruits, Avocados do contain more potassium than bananas. To put it simply, people who eat avocados
on the regular tend to be much healthier than people who skip out. Before we continue, do you enjoy learning
about healthy food and how it affects parts of the body. If so, check out our recent video on 4 Ways
To Do A Natural Kidney Cleanse. Also are you looking to improve your overall
health? Maybe even shed a couple pounds? Don’t forget to click on our video for 8
Weight Loss Myths You Need to Know to Lose Weight. Now back to our list on 14 Foods That Are
Great For Fighting Your Psoriasis. 8. Cinnamon We don’t expect you to be running out to
the store to buy cinnamon in bulk, but if you dare, these products hold some amazing
benefits in skin care. Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants which
help fight off things such as NF-kappaB, a protein linked to several skin conditions. While there is no official dosage recommended
by professionals, it’s suggested you consume a tablespoon of apple cider mixed with a dash
of cinnamon as much as three times a day. 9. Goat’s Milk Okay, we’re not trying to get wacky here. Just follow along. Many people feel that goat’s milk soap is
an efficient cream to treat psoriasis once it’s placed on the skin. While regular milk and other dairy products
in general are associated with creating inflammation, goat’s milk is considered an effective treatment
for many patients. Keep in mind, goat’s milk isn’t available
to everyone. If you would like regular milk, there are
actually some minor benefits. Milk carries a little something called Vitamin
D, which is actually something that doesn’t hurt. If you drink milk in moderation, you’re
in the clear. 10. Eggs While we’re on the topic of Vitamin D, eggs
are another terrific source. But remember the term “moderation”. Dairy products such as milk and eggs can be
a healthy dietary choice for psoriasis if you consume it wisely. If someone’s a little too lazy to go out
and lay in the sun for an hour, these foods will help you catch up on your Vitamin D intake. Remember, too much egg can result in psoriasis
flare ups. Since it’s hard to lose track, stay on the
safe side, try your best to remove the yoke. I know it’s the best tasting part, but egg
yoke is packed with arachidonic acid, which can be linked to inflammation. 11. Swiss Cheese We’re certainly caught in a bit of a dairy
theme here. But like we did with goat’s milk, we’re
getting specific yet again. Not all cheese is great when it comes to treating
psoriasis. Along with its fare share of calcium and Vitamin
K, Swiss Cheese also carries a great amount of… you guessed it… Vitamin D! 12. Carrots Just so you know, we’re not trying to bore
you with these choices. We just found a way for you to wedge a bunch
of dairy products into your diet. That’s seen as a no-no when it comes to
helping psoriasis. It’s time we went with a safer choice. Carrots are another great Vitamin D source. The more choice you have on your plate, the
better chance you have at reducing inflammation. 13. Grains Don’t forget to eat these… Said every parent you’ve ever met. We’ve talked about fruit and vegetables
carrying antioxidants. But they are just one of the many hidden gems
found within grains. They are also high in fiber, which is one
heck of a plus when it comes to reducing inflammation. 14. Coconut Oil Now this is the one you’ve definitely all
been waiting for. Who doesn’t love a bit of coconut oil? There’s a bit of a twist with this one actually. I know we said “diet tips”, but this isn’t
one you eat. Coconut oil works by rubbing it gently onto
your skin. While other oils simply moisturize the surface,
coconut oil will hold some of that moisture in, causing the inflammation to reduce and
your skin to seem much smoother. Do you have psoriasis? Would you consider changing your diet? Sound off in the comment section…

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  3. I put my first name in the box then I put my last name in the box.
    It said that I am not me.
    So I watched the video and never saw over weight people in your couching group so I believe you are a fake company. Just to lure suckers into your web of skinny people. I will pray that you will allow over weight people like me into your group.

  4. ….You forgot probably the most important: grape fruit seeds extract. 30 drops in a glass of water per day, kill all parasites in guts.

  5. Exctly you're right about everything. The 14 food u metioned a magical medicines for the treatment of psoriasis. I be lived it and I have seen it.I love it.

  6. For the most part it seems like a keto diet. It has worked for me, both by losing weight and reducing psoriasis. BTW, the is no real treatment for psoriasis, much less a cure, just different ways to more or less check it; please do not misguide viewers.

    I would add that one thing that also helps me is, believe or not, my own sweat. Seriously, every time I work out or do yoga, my psoriasis recedes. Hope it helps.

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