16 Year Old Incredible 1 Year Body Transformation! 15-16 (MOTIVATION!) | Calisthenics & Gym/Weights

THIS IS MY JOURNEY I had never been skinny. Ever. I was ashamed, but didn’t want to face my problem. One day I looked in the mirror, and I decided to make a change I started working out regularly, and lost weight. But I forgot something. NUTRITION. 15 YEARS OLD
SEPTEMBER 15 2015 This day, I decided to go for it. 110% This is my 1 year journey.. Always trained with a friend. It motivates you. tried to work out 7 days a week.+3 times cardio the “Muscle up”,my biggest goal.
“yeah that i am not able to do that yet,yet,but i’m gonna do it. someday” at this point i wasn’t ashamed of my body anymore but proud of what i had done 3 months progress first cheat muscle up,
i had the strength but not the technique 4 months earlier “yeah that, i’m not able to do that yet, yet, but i’m gonna do it someday first muscle up
ARJEN:”oh shit” ARJEN:”boom baby first 5. 4 months progress I found a new passion CALISTHENICS NEW GOALS
“the front lever is something that,its for us impossible but we know we can do it one day” ARJEN:”we hope so” we started making some motivational videos we also fail sometimes but we keep grindin’ not perfect, but i was getting there some people applauded 4.5 months progress a big goal, the pistol squat. achieved focussed on getting bigger and stronger 5+ months progress 6+ months progress we know we can do it one day the next weeks i focussed on calisthenics the backlever.. … 7.5 months progress went 100% for the front and backlever i failed A Lot but I never gave up 9 months progress FINALLY work hard for the things that you want I had the best holiday ever with my family
I felt confident and proud about my body 1 year progress 16 years old
august 20 2016 before | after work hard for the things that you want
and you will achieve your goal IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU. NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION? START TODAY My new goal is

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100 thoughts on “16 Year Old Incredible 1 Year Body Transformation! 15-16 (MOTIVATION!) | Calisthenics & Gym/Weights

  1. I'M 15 years old too.In this april,my weight is 110kg but now i am 93 kg.My goal 70 kg.Sorry my english bad.wish me luck!!!!

  2. It all started right here for me, started september 2018 :
    I weighed 55kg for 1.73 meter

    After 1 year of hard work :
    66kg for 1.75 meter

    Thank you for motivating me Stan 😁

  3. I was watching this video 2 years ago but i didn't start workout. Now im come back and will make a change !. Greetings from Poland !

  4. Per gli italiani. Mettete i sottotitoli in italiano e andate al minuto 5:58 e lo guardate fino a 6:00.

    Ahahah "Sono un minc*ione".

  5. I've been doing swim and working out in the weight room and I've been gaining muscle and it helps and guess what

    My crush has noticed😏

  6. Your programme must have sucked
    for me it only took me 6 month to have a body like yours

  7. I started doing 20 push ups a day and since it’s been a week upped it to 30 because I can do 15 easily! The problem is, i don’t know what work outs to do so I do the “Bring Sally Up” squat challenge and those push ups daily..

    any suggestions?

  8. Bro you are just like me I am 15 and my goal is muscle up nowadays but I’m better at calesthenics my other goal is front lever I can do advanced Chinese lever but one day I just achieve it REMEMBER THİS COMMENT I WILL COME BACK (And please like buddy):)

  9. So you never went to a gym? That’s insane.

    Edit: Im saying this because when I work out at home, my mom says “Oh doing workouts at home won’t help you at all, GO TO A GYM”

  10. Just turned 16 and bought a gym membership.

    I will edit every month

    November 1st
    172cm height
    54kg weight

  11. started on 5.10.2019
    age 15
    64 kilos
    1.86 meters
    only 15 push ups
    3 chin ups
    hope i'll gain some weight (thats a huge problem with my body it wont gain fat or mucels)
    wish me luck mates.

    PS: sorry for my bad english😐

  12. I want to change something in my life but i just can't,i start and then i just fail and give up cause i don't have anything or anyone to motivate me and stay with me,i just want someone to just stay near me,not even work with me but stay near me and that's all…I am not even mentioning that i am 15 years old,1,70m hight and 88kg…

  13. I watch this everyday not to lose motivation, already been working out and eating healthy for 3 months, everyone don't give up and reach your goals

  14. 08.10.2019 I will update every 3 months)
    Age: (almost) 16
    Height: 172 cm
    Weight: 60 kg
    Chest: 93 cm
    Biceps: 28L, 29R
    Thighs: 48L, 47R
    Calves: 35L, 34R
    Body Fat: 9% (this may be slightly inaccurate)

  15. After 1 year of me working out, nothing really happened, 4 months I worked out. I did arm curl from 10lb to 30lb then I broke my wrist, took 2 month break, lost everything, got back to 20lb right now, my stomach is kinda big, my obliques are huge, I got lazy and I gave up, I go once a week or 2 just to keep something in some shape

  16. Bro am 15
    I bench 40kg
    And only worked out 60 days in my whole life. I weight 50.4 and are 173 cm tall am struggling out her.

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