18 Habits for a Longer Life

Hey, everyone.
I’m Dr. Keller Wortham. And today, we are on a quest
for immortality. Yes, we are on a search
for the Holy Grail, the fountain of youth. Actually, more than searching it,
we’re gonna construct it today, together, because as you probably know, there’s probably really not
an actual Holy Grail or an actual fountain of youth. But, today, I’m gonna give you
some proven techniques to help improve your lifespan,
increase longevity. These things we’re gonna discuss today
have been shown in studies to prolong your life and reduce
your risk of premature death. So, are you ready? ‘Cause I’ve got 18 of them
that we’re gonna go through. Eighteen things you can do
to help increase your lifespan. So, let’s dive in. All right, number one for things
you can do to increase your lifespan, exercise. We’ve got my nice
little kettlebell here, 12 pounds. This is prompting me to talk about the two different kinds of exercise
that we can have. We can have aerobic and anaerobic. Now, your weight lifting exercise
is more your anaerobic exercise. This is great
for strengthening your bones. And then aerobic exercise
like jogging, swimming, those things that get
your heart rate up, those are great for your heart. Now the target for exercise
is about 30 minutes a day. And I know that seems like a lot,
but if you can do it, you will do wonders
for your longevity. But it’s shown that even
15 minutes of exercise a day can increase your life
by three years. And you up that,
if you get an additional 15 minutes, you’re gonna reduce
your risk of death by 3% per 15-minute chunks, so if you can really make some gains
by adding exercise to your daily routine. If you meet the 150 minutes
per week mark, you are 28% less likely to die early than someone who doesn’t exercise. And if you can do even more,
you can bump those odds up to 35% less likely to die. So, hey, it’s something right there,
right in your body. Just hit the road, hit the pool,
grab a kettlebell and get to work, and you’ll start expanding your life. All right? You with me. Number two things you can do
to increase your longevity is watch your weight
and watch your calories. I know this is pretty obvious,
but I want to go through why. Okay, so the link between
calories and longevity is a fascinating thing. There are animal studies
that show that caloric restriction of even 10 to 50% can increase the life span
of that animal by up to 50%. They’ve observed this
in, you know, mice and rats. Now there aren’t human studies that are showing
that amount of life expansion, but we know that
when we consume calories, we’re putting our body
into a metabolic process that gives off these things
called oxidation elements, so we’re causing kind of a metabolic
breakdown and oxidation. And the more calories we consume, the more we’re going to put our body
through that oxidative stress. And part of that oxidative stress, that’s part of what damages our genes and kind of decreases our ability
to heal ourselves. It’s also thought that
when you’re in a fasting state, which can happen
if you’re reducing your calories, you turn on certain genes
that can help improve gene repair and can help promote
certain hormones, that it can improve your muscle mass,
reduce inflammation, a lot of things that
are very beneficial for your body just by reducing your caloric intake. Now, you have to be careful. You don’t want to reduce
your calories too much that you’d become weak
or that you’re losing muscle mass or you’re getting fatigued. But there may be a sweet spot with reducing the amount of food
that you put on your plate and maybe engaging
in some intermittent fasting. I have a video on that
if you want more info on it. And the other side of that is
you know eating too many calories leads to weight gain. Now this can happen, especially
if you’re eating unhealthy foods, like processed foods
that are very high in sugar, you know processed foods
that are high in fats. You get that,
you start to gain weight, and gaining weight,
being overweight, or being obese is a major life-limiting factor. I think we know that people
who have obesity, who have diabetes, they’re almost twice
as likely to die from heart attacks, from strokes,
from some of the main reasons that people die in this country. So be very careful about that. Two great ways
that you can manage your life and increase your longevity by reducing
the amount of calories that you eat and keeping a sweet spot
with your meals, and by not overeating
and leading to weight gain. All right? Moving along.
We got a lot to go through. Number three… So, now we’re going to get
into some things that you can actually add
more specifically into your diet, and these next several examples
I’m going to give you. Number three is nuts. How about that?
It’s easy as that. Adding a handful of nuts to your diet
or servings of nuts, up to three servings of nuts per day, has been shown to reduce
your incidence of cardiovascular disease, reduce your blood pressure,
even reduce certain kinds of cancers. Nuts are amazing
nutritional powerhouses. They’re very rich
in omega-3s and omega-6s. They’re great oils. They’re very rich in certain vitamins, the B vitamins, especially. So, these are great for your metabolism,
great for your body, and it’s thought that those healthy oils
are also anti-inflammatory. So, you can decrease
your risk of premature death by up to 40% by getting those three servings
of nuts per day. And funny enough,
they did this study and they looked
at 350,000 people, and just followed them
for a while. It was kind of a progressive study and notice that those
who consumed nuts regularly were up to 25% less likely to die during that window of the study. So, there you go. Go nuts over nuts
and you’ll start living longer. Some other things
you can add to your diet, number four, coming in at turmeric. In this case, I’ve got Curcumin, which is the active ingredient
in turmeric. It’s a very powerful anti-inflammatory. Now, this particular curcumin
by Smarter Nutrition is a great example. You can also get a turmeric
as a normal spices, but this is going to be
more concentrated. Turmeric has been around for ages. It’s a component
in many Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian foods. And it has been shown
in insects and rats… I don’t know
how they tested on insects. But insects and rats
to prolong their life just by adding turmeric
to their diets. I guess the insect diet rich in turmeric
is something I’m very curious about. But they have seen
this happen in studies. Now, there aren’t any human studies
looking at longevity with turmeric, but there are very many known
health benefits to adding turmeric like reducing your risk
of inflammation in the body, reducing cardiovascular risk. So, it’s an easy leap to say
that this could also help improve your longevity. All right? Number five, coming in strong, is try to eat a diet
that is primarily plant-based. I’ve got plants here.
I’ve got lettuce. I’ve got kale.
I’ve got spinach. I’ve got carrots.
I’ve got bell peppers. I’ve got oranges, peaches, pears. There are so many fruits
and vegetables out there and it has been shown
that people who have plant-based diets have up to a 50% reduced risk of things like heart disease, diabetes, certain kinds of kidney disease, cancer,
or the list goes on and on. That’s because these diet
rich in fruits and vegetables is very high in fiber, and fiber is great for reducing
some of those risk factors. It’s also very rich in phytonutrients
which are really important for keeping your body
in a state of antioxidant. Then all of those vitamins
and minerals, I mean, really fruits and vegetables
are just jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that we desperately need
to keep our metabolism going. If you don’t think you get enough
vitamins and minerals from your diet or if you’re having a hard time getting
enough fruits and vegetables in your diet, then make sure
that you add a multivitamin. I’ve got Smarter Nutrition’s Multi
right here. It’s got just the amount
of vitamins and minerals that you need to make up
for the usual deficits that people see
in their western diets. So, do that and you can get
all of these healthy compounds that can keep you going
and are gonna prolong your life. One note on that,
what we didn’t mention was meat and that is because meats have
been shown to reduce your lifespan, especially processed meats
like sausages, ground beef, salami, chorizos,
all those kind of things. Really tasty. I’m gonna admit
that I love them as well, but they have been shown
to increase your risk of heart disease and increase the risk
of overall death. So, next time you pick up a sausage,
just think of what you’re trading. All right? Okay. So, moving on. Next thing you can do
to help increase your lifespan, two of my favorite things:
coffee and tea. Simple as that. A cup of coffee,
a cup of tea every day. Coffee and tea are fascinating. They’ve been around
for thousands of years in different cultures. They’re ceremonial.
They’re good as a stimulant. But coffee and tea also have
a very distinct medical properties. I have a video on caffeine.
You can watch that. But, basically, people who consume
regular coffee have a decreased risk
of neurologic disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. They also have a 20 to 30 lower… 30% lower risk of early death. So, you can get a lot of this out of, basically,
just having coffee and tea. Some of it is thought
to be related to the caffeine, but there are also a lot of other
naturally occurring chemicals within coffee and tea that probably have benefits to our body. All right, so number seven
for searching for that Holy Grail. Now we’ve been talking
about things that you can do and things that you can add, now we’re talking about a big one
that you should certainly leave out, and that is tobacco, cigarettes,
smoking, nicotine. There are many forms
and they keep adding more. But I’m telling you across the board, smoking reduces your lifespan. Smokers will, on average,
live about 10 years less than people who don’t smoke. And, really, it’s thought
that they live 10 years less than they would themselves
if they weren’t smoking. So, you know there are
a lot of chemicals in tobacco. You’re burning.
You’re getting carcinogens. You’re getting inflammation.
It’s terrible for your lungs. It’s terrible
for your cardiovascular system. I know it’s very addictive. You may know you need to quit.
You may be looking for help. Talk to your doctor about it.
We have ways of helping people quit. We do it all the time. But you can certainly kick the habit. And if you feel like it’s too late,
don’t feel that way. There are results that show
that if you quit before the age of 35, you’re basically going to reduce
your risk of death. Just back down
to almost a normal population, and increase your lifespan
by up to eight years. If you’re quitting in your 50s or your 60s, you can still gain up to three
to five years of additional life span. So, it’s never too late to quit
and start letting your body repair itself from the damage that the nicotine
and the cigarettes have done. All right? Moving on. We’re now at number eight
of things you can do to construct your very own Holy Grail, and that is sleep. Yes, you were getting very sleepy.
You’re getting very, very sleepy. And this is going to prolong your life
and I’m gonna tell you why. Sleep is crucial for allowing your body the time it needs to repair the damage that it gets just from living
through an average day from being outside,
from breathing in the contaminants from the air,
from the metabolic, processes of eating. When we sleep at night, our brain gets
to kind of get rid of toxins. Our body gets to do that as well. Certain hormones up regulate
that help us repair things, certain stress hormones decrease. It helps regulate our appetite. It helps regulate
other hormonal cascades. So, it is so, so important to sleep. People who are sleep deprived
don’t live as long and it’s been proven again and again. People who basically get a sweet spot of between 7 and 9 hours of sleep have… I believe it’s about
20% increased lifespan compared to people
who are severely sleep-deprived. So, you know,
look at making sleep a priority. If you’re having trouble with that
because you can’t fall asleep, talk to your doctor. There are things
that we can help guide you through. I have a lecture on sleep health. Sometimes it’s just about
setting up things in your environment that can really help you… that can really help you
gonna foster healthy sleep habits. All right? Good. Moving now,
the second half here, number nine things you can do
to increase your longevity is reduce the amount of alcohol
that you consume. So, yes, alcohol is a toxin.
I know it’s a very pleasurable one, But it is a toxin. And people who over consume alcohol
have an increased risk of heart disease, liver disease, accidents, depression, many things that can affect
your health and your longevity. Now, the one alcohol
I did choose to pull out here is a bottle of red wine because if you are going to drink, it looks like red wine might be
one of your best options. In fact, they’ve done comparison studies
between men who drink red wine and men who drink other spirits, and see that those
who are drinking red wine have a 34% less chance of death than men who are drinking
other spirits. It’s thought that
this is because red wine can be protective
for the cardiovascular system. It’s rich in these molecules
called polyphenols which really help protect
the cardiovascular system. So, if you are going to go for alcohol, I suggest red wine. Keep in mind that
there are recommended limits. If you’re a woman out there,
you really shouldn’t be having more than one to two drinks
in one sitting, and you should not be having
more than seven in a week. For a man, it’s more like two
to maybe three in one sitting, but not more than
14 drinks in a week. You definitely start to lose
any benefits from alcohol at that point. And one final note, don’t start
drinking just for health benefits. It doesn’t make sense. So, if you’re already drinking,
moderate it, and maybe make
healthier choices like red wine. But don’t just start
just for health benefits, not gonna gain you much ground. Okay? All right. Number ten things you can do, manage stress. [deep breathing] Take a deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out. You can meditate.
This can help reduce stress. There are a lot of ways
to manage stress. Yoga, exercise helps. Sleep helps as well
as we’ve discussed. Massage. I’ve got like a nice,
little home massaging thing right here. You just put that puppy
on the back of your neck. Oh, I can feel
my stress reducing already. That’s because stress reduction
lowers cortisol levels, and cortisol is a stress hormone
that can have some pretty bad effects and inflammatory effects
and weight gain effects on the body. So, if you can reduce stress
in your life, you’re going to reduce
the effects of cortisol and you’re gonna prolong your life. Women who are stressed,
for example, are two times more likely to suffer
from heart disease and stroke. And people who have
lower levels of cortisol are thought to have lower levels
of premature death. So, work on your stress levels. Do whatever you can to reduce them. Go give yourself…
Go get a massage, give yourself a massage. Get some exercise, get some sleep. Meditate whatever it takes. All right? Moving down here,
we’re on number 11, things you can do
to help prolong your life. And we are with vitamin D.
How about this? I’ve got Smarter Nutrition Vitamin D
right here. Vitamin D is a great vitamin. We need it
for so many biologic processes. And it’s estimated that people
who have high levels of vitamin D live up to five years longer
than those who don’t. Now vitamin D is complex
because it’s a multi-step process. We need sunlight.
We need healthy kidneys. We need liver. We need diet rich in the things
that provide vitamin D. And some of those are foods that people
don’t really consume that often. So, oftentimes, you need
to take a vitamin D supplement to get the adequate amounts
of vitamin D that you need. The Smarter Nutrition is great. Vitamin D, it’s got, I believe,
5,000 units per vitamin D servings. That’s a great amount to help boost
your vitamin D levels if you’re deprived. And you can also take it
as a daily allowance just to help keep your levels up. If you’re concerned
about your vitamin D levels, have your doctor check
in a very easy blood test for us to do. So, you can get those levels up
and increase your life by up to five years. Moving on, next thing you need to do. Number 12: sex. Yes, sex is natural.
Sex is good. And sex prolongs your life. They have done studies
where they’ve looked at couples and encouraged them, and these couples have committed
to having more frequent sex over a period of several weeks, and they’ve seen that
their blood pressure levels have gone down, their response to stress
has gone down, their sense of well-being has improved, and these are all things
that can increase your life. So, hey, go have some fun. Talk to your partner,
say, “You know, honey, we got to do it for our longevity.” Literally, do it. Okay, moving on. If you’re a little bit, you know,
sex is not available to you at the moment or you just don’t need that much of it, you can also get benefits
from our next one coming in. Number 13: cuddling. Just simple cuddling, spooning,
whichever way you like to be, big spoon, little spoon,
it doesn’t matter. Just actual warm touch. It doesn’t even have
to be sexual or sensual. Warm touch reduces…
also reduces levels of stress and increases levels of oxytocin. An oxytocin is often known
as like the bonding hormone, helping with like, you know,
a relationship bonding. And you know a feel-good hormone
that can, again, promote a sense of well-being
and reduced levels of stress. So, if you’re not up for sex
at the moment, just get some nice hands-on skin
to send cuddling and you’ll get some of those benefits. They’ve looked at couples
who committed to cuddling and also seen that they have… The women had reduced
levels of cortisol. Men had reduced levels of amylase. Both of these are stress markers
in the blood. So, it really works biologically. All right? Okay. Getting out of the realm
of physical intimacy, we’re moving on here
with something that’s pretty easy, and hopefully,
most of you do it already. Number 14, things you can do to finish
that search for the Holy Grail. Wear a seatbelt. Thousands of people die
every year just from car accidents where they would have survived
if they had a seatbelt on. So, click it, you won’t get a ticket, and you’ll also live longer, all right? That’s all I’m gonna say about that one.
There are stats online. But please wear your seatbelt and you can help get yourself
to those later years in life. Next, 15, and this is
kind of a funny one, but it’s really, really important. I know some of you
probably don’t like to do it. Floss. Oh, I know, like so many patients
of mine are like, “Oh, doctor.
I know I’m supposed to floss. I know I’m supposed to floss,
but I don’t.” You should do it every day. Why? Because your mouth
is just a wonderful cesspool of bacteria. And when you don’t floss, they grow
and they find places to hide out and they get into your bloodstream
in small amounts and they cause inflammation. And as we’ve been talking about
in a lot of the things we’ve discussed, inflammation in the body creates stress and leads to damage of lots of things, especially the cardiovascular system. So, you can actually reduce your risk
of heart attack and stroke by flossing. How crazy is that. Okay? So floss every day
and prolong your life. Okay, good. Next, number 16,
things you can do to prolong your life, stay social. Social interaction promotes longevity and I don’t mean
like social platforms online. Those are fine, but they’re not going
to give you health benefits. So, get off Facebook
and get off Instagram and go find people to socialize
with in the flesh. This is very important. It promotes community
which lowers stress. It increases serotonin
and that can help promote improve your life. I think some of the statistics show that people who have
a healthy social network or even three intimate or close friends can live up to 50 percent longer
than those who don’t. And you know if you don’t have
those social ties, even, I think, one or two social ties can reduce your risk of early death
by up to 200%. So, these are major factors. It seems like kind of a fluffy one. But actually having
a strong social network is one of the things that can
most help promote your longevity. All right? And I got two more
to round it out. Number 17:
don’t skip your medical visits. I’m here.
I’m a doctor. I’m a little biased,
but I can tell you, having a routine doctor visit
is so important because it allows you to go over
these elements with your doctor to get early detection
for things that could be a problem. Everything from diabetes,
high blood pressure, to cancer detection. So, see your doctor,
don’t skip out on those visits, and that way you can catch things early, and keep yourself alive
for as long as possible. And number 18,
to help finish constructing our Holy Grail, is be conscientious. What does that mean exactly? Well, being conscientious
really means being aware, being observant,
being thoughtful, being dedicated,
setting goals, being mindful. And you know
it’s a little vague, I know. But when you’re conscientious,
you tend to put… you tend to put action
into your goals. You tend to accomplish things
that are going to help, not only your health,
but your sense of well-being. Often people who are conscientious are often taking less risks, risks that could lead
to serious accident or illness. So, you know be aware of your body, be thoughtful about yourself, thoughtful about others, and it can go a long way
to prolonging your life. So, there you go, guys. I’m not gonna recap
because there’s 18 of them and it would take a long time
to go over them all. But those are 18 things you can do that have been shown
repetitively in studies to prolong your life. So, well, you might not reach
actual immortality, these are gonna take you
a long way to at least getting closer. All right?
I’m Dr. Keller Wortham. Thanks for hanging out
and I will see you next time. I know you’ll be alive to join me.

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