“21 WANTS THE VITAMINS” Vegeta Plays Dragon Ball FighterZ – Part 7

All right bring it on check her out I Swear I’ve become a master of this game oh You’re fired to call me a veil very great Nately Now us now has Elise The man, I want to meet there we go Oh come on, Napa This is just loving yeah, you’ll be out of my sight a minute me Fight you didn’t wreck shit now that was not Now that’s now yeah, oh come here Finally Oh, yeah, I’m so I’m fired up here Fired up Take another woman There Come on doesn’t gonna break me down wrong. I am the prince You all fought the young sir of all things cut the feed me your bunch of idiots Does the prank eyes world it’s the final battle Was that The sheer size can only mean one thing it’s 21 indeed Did you say the same thing about sell way back 121 and seller both androids And have similar energies Interesting so she plans to lure a send us Sivan I’m a little I’m like damn. That’s hot She’s not gonna eat you you have no power Either brave or defective by the way works for me. That’s right There’s only let’s do it All right old man Not very nice Bring it all Lillian and locks Oh come on Come on give me a challenge team oh Look Kakarot beat you ah You again Got out of my way What control panel you Wow There we go supply jobs up destructive Let’s get started – ma We go come on Catrin Salome Don’t do our baby fucking saying DNA inside of you Come on stop copying me Dagger on you fight you alone he’s gonna come by knives There we go he’s out of here Wow yeah now you’re fighting me top Sakharov Get him there we go Very nice Very good He’s not pause game ah Not bad never Come on if you like this map a lot of hurdles Easy Wow I Thought we saw the last of him after I used the spirit bomb to defeat him Oh well guess I’ll just have to beat him with my own power this time. Why are you so excited? Tech rot don’t be naive this one’s different from the other clothes. Oh, yeah He doesn’t seem all that different to me He’s sleeping just like the real woman what? He’s asleep falling asleep before a fight I Guess he really is different from the other clones. I think he’s just messing with us. That’s his first mistake I say we wake him up Oh God that face Good job monkey I wonder if he can’t fight unless he does that how the hell should I know I? Finally puts an end to it damn right Yeah, cuz you’re always at my fucking grill Let’s go come on Ah now you’ve made me mad Fine let’s see how you like this All right he’s after something I know All right tackle Walter, it’s all you That would go dog Come on even if my health is down low Does my elders know come on Come on ya Weakling all right come on Back See what it’s allowed to do Now it’s master versus student Your go Come on Come on fight you and now you so much oh Good job green mouth Now it’s time for the plugin Coco’s Got it got that right BAE When it comes to eating I think you Saiyans beat her hands down yes, and the same goes for fighting none Can challenge just saying in that area yeah right? Oh? Well look goodies the guest of honor Is finally here Yeah We are we’re gonna have to go super saiyan blue blue what timeout Sorry about that. It’s just Stronger than I thought if we’re kicking it into high gear then let’s go somewhere. We can really let loose Goku the planet So you’re playing it safe this time. He always dolls. That’s right Vegeta I’d rather fight without having to worry about making a mess know what I mean. You’re suggesting we take the fight off planet, right Way mmm hey, I know just the place it’ll be perfect everyone grab on to me going for a ride Bye, we’ll be waiting for you Yes, she’s gonna have to follow them And that’s the story so would you let us fight here pretty, please? Little man, just gonna say fuck now to leave. It’s just like you to bring trouble to my doorstep. No the sacred Ground I know but this is the only place that came to mind Sorry sheesh it would be safer to bring the fight here, but can 21 even make the journey Yeah, she’ll come I know it well She’s got sales powers Which is it Goku? If she doesn’t come? We’ll just have to figure out some other kind of plan no big deal No, big deal. Haha. Yes. It is by the way Uh if you don’t mind me asking what our lord beerus and whis doing here we thought we would enjoy the show Of course you never bring any fucking thing worth a damn tour the fight You just watch as you predicted lord beerus they move to the final battle to this very spot Well, I guess earth will be staying in one piece for another day. You mortals are so predictable It really is a shame by the way boys I would turn my attention upward, huh? It would appear Android 21 has arrived To koku and his friends stand a chance Not so sure She’s been broken system beginning You’ve got bet we’re the ones who are gonna chew you up knock her off stop You think you’re starting to get it? The hell is wrong with this woman That can be taken another context And see pulley humps Alright. I’ll handle this Kakarot Just you watch! My pride! My saiyan instincts will prevail! They always do Oh Android 21, you’ve never faced a true saiyan like myself Nappa. Kakarot. They’re nothing compared to I. Oh nice. Too bad you missed. Your blocks are weak. Haha. So is your technique. Let’s do it! Shit we missed. 🙁 OH SHIT!! Damn it ohh. Kakarot. We’re leaving this to the green man? Oh Yes the minority with authority he won! I would have won that shit if I hadn’t fucking had low health. Ha ha ha how you like that 21? You grumpy now? Glorious bastards. Thank You. Kill it!! Look I like, Oh come on me. We gotta hit ’em with a final flash or galek gun. Come on, son. Yes Yes Because you didn’t have the D! Ah Nice it’s over Young’uns?? When did you start speaking like that? Good going Goku. Our world is pretty sturdy But you certainly did a number on it Goku. Sorry about that old guy. I’ll make it up to you Maybe someday. Yeah. Great for you. After all that we still don’t know who 21 was exactly. Or the mystery person Android 16 was trying to save. There are still a lot of questions left unanswered. Honestly, Whis, does anyone care? …It really is none of our business. However, my appetite did get going when that robot lady was talking about sweets. That’s all you ever talk about Oh Does this mean you’re still not satisfied? No. I’m not satisfied at all. Hey if you want answers you’re free to look for them yourself. Whis! I’ll eat your share if you don’t hurry! Oh and eh. Do fill me in once we’ve pieced it all together! Yep. Look at that. We won. Took only three hours. Good shit. So we got the enemy warrior ark, Warrior Ark that we got to do. Okay, and then we got another arc after that

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100 thoughts on ““21 WANTS THE VITAMINS” Vegeta Plays Dragon Ball FighterZ – Part 7

  1. Hi, I am subscribed to your channel. I have a video that I think you should react to. You'll love it!

  2. One punch man and Goku can beat you in a battle one punch man don't have the Linda finger you don't have to punch you right in the pride and women that nuts and Bulma wouldn't be really mad

  3. Goku is talking about hogging all the fun and fights, but he's the main character so he's always fight hogging and wins the majority of them in the end…getting the spotlight. Well, at least Vegeta is getting more attention now in the show. 😅

  4. This kid buu's ai is nothing compared to the one that was kicking my ass all over the map when I was a child playing Budokai Tenkaichi.

  5. Vegeta can't beat a goku clone but goku can beat a vegeta clone proof vegeta will never beat goku but I'm a vegeta fan sooo.

  6. I wonder if its possible for a bald saiyan to become a super saiyan.. (P.S., I never watched much DBS or DBZ, so if someone has that is bald, not my fault)


  8. The whole planet namek scene is a fucking innuendo for me , like no fucking line is going forward without a dirty meaning in my mind

  9. “We are going to be Super Saiyan Blue for this shit”
    Hate to break it to You Vegeta But You can’t yet because of the waves

  10. Goku: "You got it backwards, we're the ones who are going to CHEW you up!"

    Whenever I hear Goku say that I can't help myself, I die from laughter.

  11. Okay, Now the clones are finally using abilities 5 levels later from lvl.17. That's really stupid. Also, the hp bars finally make sense. Light blue is the bar if you take no hits, Yellow is normal color if you take a hit, dark blue is the amount of hp you can recover & black means the amount you can't recover ever unless it's from a senzu bean. Also, The clone vegeta's REMIND me of Baby Vegata for some reason.

  12. Can you play marvel vs capcom pls! I bet it’ll deliver the challenge you’ve been waiting for!

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