21 Ways to Say YES in English

– Welcome to Eat Sleep Dream English. Today
we’re gonna look at 21 ways to say yes. Just like this, yes, yes! Oh, my, yes! Yah uh.
Yeah? Oh ! Uh, yeah. Yes! Yeah. Yes, yes, oh yes, nah. Dah! Yes! Number one, I’d love
to, I’d love to. This is a great way to accept a suggestion. So if someone says to you, would
you like to go to the beach? You’d say, I’d love to, it means yes in a very polite way.
You got it, you got it. It should be you have got it, but yeah, you got it. We use this
when someone has asked us to do something. We could say, yeah, yeah, you got it. Like
yeah, I can do that, like no problem. So if they said to you, oh, can you pick up some
milk when you go out? You could say, yeah, you got it. Like yes, I can do that. Really
good in a work situation. Yeah, yeah, you got it, no worries, like I can do that. Yes,
you got it. Number three, aye, aye! Scottish way to say yes, aye, that’s right! Aye. Would
you like a drum of whiskey? Aye! I apologize, that was a terrible impression of how a Scottish
person would say it. So aye, A-Y-E is a word used in Scotland and the north of England
in some parts to say yes. Nice and simple, yep, just means yes. You going out tonight,
yep. Good with the food, yep. You tired, yep. Number five, totally, totally. A nice, emphatic
way to say yes. Aw, totally! Great to agree with someone. If they’ve said, oh, you know,
I love the new Maroon 5 song, you go, oh, totally, like I agree with you. This can be
shortened down to totes, totes. Oh man, totes. Now this isn’t used by everyone, but it’s
there if you wanna use it, totes. Why use words when you can use sounds? Mm-hmm, mm-hmm,
and uh-huh, uh-huh. Mm-hmm, uh-huh, yeah, brilliant. Great way to say yes. Also great
to show that you’re listening to someone as well. Mm-hmm, uh-huh, perfect. No. Huh, no,
no means yes? My mind is blown, how does this work? Well, we’re using sarcasm. So for example,
if someone says, would you like to borrow my Ferrari, you’re like, no. Obviously, you
mean yes. We use sarcasm for humor. Now sarcasm is quite cultural, and sometimes it doesn’t
work. Some people don’t get sarcasm. So use it carefully, but with someone that does understand
sarcasm, it’s perfect. Sounds good. This is a great way to accept someone’s suggestion.
If they say, hey, let’s all go and have a beach barbecue. You say, yeah, sounds good,
sounds good. Like, yes, I’m on board, I like what you’re saying. Huh, this is cool, be
my guest. ♪ Be my guest, be my guest ♪ ♪ Boop, bop, bop ♪ Be my guest, it’s a really nice
way to accept someone’s request. So if they would like to borrow something, you’re like,
yeah, be my guest. Someone’s around your house, they say, can I just use your toilet? You
say, yeah, be my guest, like yeah, of course. So it’s perfect for accepting someone’s request.
I love this one, 100%. 100% is a great way to agree with someone. So when they’ve given
their opinion, you could just say, 100% if you agree. For example, so they said to you,
for example, going to the gym makes me feel so good afterwards. You could say, yeah, 100%,
100%, like yeah, I feel so good as well. Like I agree with you completely. Number 11, sure
thing. This is a great way to accept someone’s request or someone’s offer. So if your boss
has asked you to write an email to a client, you could say, yeah, sure thing, sure thing,
I’ll do it. Number 12, absolutely, absolutely. Another emphatic way to say yes. Similar to
totally. So if someone gives their opinion, you could say absolutely. You could expand
this with abso-bloody-lutely. Abso-bloody-lutely. A little bit more rude, but more fun. Abso-bloody-lutely.
13, of course, of course of course. It’s a great way to say yes. Do you want my last
piece of chocolate? Of course, yes! 14, all right. It’s a nice way to agree to a suggestion,
or something like that. So your mate says to you, do you wanna go watch some football,
and you’re like, all right, like yeah, good suggestion. Number 15, yass, yass. My pronunciation
isn’t very good. Now this is a word that has its origins in drag queen culture. And when
a drag queen would display their costume, all the other queens would be shouting, yass
queen, to them. So this has developed into popular culture now. You can see on Instagram,
there are stickers with yass. And it’s very popular in social media, you’ll see it used
a lot there. But of course, in spoken English as well, yass. I don’t know how many As or
how many Ss you need, but use all the As and all the Ss, and you’ll probably get there.
It’s a very emphatic way to say yes. It’s got, yeah, a lot of emphasis to it, so yass.
I’m on it, I’m on it. This is another great way to tell someone that you’re gonna do whatever
they requested, okay. So usually like work-related, I’m on it. Maybe you’re, you and your partner
want to go on holiday, and they say, hey, can you, you know, can you look at some hotels
that we could stay in? You’re like, yeah, I’m on it, like I’m doing it, like yes. I
am doing this thing. Developing that idea, consider it done. Consider it done means the
same idea. Like whatever you requested, yes, I will do it, and so therefore, you can just
think in your mind that I’ve done it already, because I will do it. Does that make sense?
So your partner says to you, hey, can you hire a car for our holiday? You say, consider
it done. Like I will do it, yes, like yes I will do it, and you now, in your mind can
think, oh, Tom’s done it, consider it done. Really simple one, that’s right, or that’s
correct, Really useful for confirming a fact. So maybe you’re in immigration stand in an
airport, and the official asks you, are you from blah blah, whatever country? You say,
yes, that’s correct, or yes, that’s right. You are confirming the fact that they’re after.
Okay, so yeah, nice, simple, easy one there. In that situation, other official situations,
you don’t wanna use abso-bloody-lutely, you know. The official might get a bit offended
or upset, and that could cause a lot of problems. So stick with a simple that’s right or that’s
correct. This may seem like a strange one to you, but I use this all the time. Yeah,
yeah, yeah. Honestly, it’s so good. So if someone says to you, you know, have you tried
that new burger at McDonald’s? You go, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s amazing. Like yes, it’s amazing,
but yeah, yeah, yeah! Because you’re showing excitement, you’re showing interest. Showing
a bit of passion, I feel. So yeah, yeah, yeah, I use it all the time. Number 20, okie dokie.
Of course, okay is the original word, and that’s great for saying yes. Okie dokie is
a slightly playful way of saying it as well, like okie dokie. I use it in text form, I
don’t say it that often, but yeah, it’s a fun one, okie dokie. Should we go, should
we go get some food? Okie dokie, like yeah, okay. Another nice informal one, for sure.
For sure is a great way to say yes. This has been kinda changed over time with pronunciation,
especially from America. So fo’ shizz is one way of saying it, or fo’ sho. I’m saying it
wrong, but you will see it on your Instagram stickers. There are varieties of ways to say
for sure. I would just say for sure, personally. So if someone makes a statement, you could
say, for sure, yeah, for sure. So if someone says to you like, ah, I’m so worried about
you know, climate change in the environment. You’re like, yeah, for sure, yeah, me too,
for sure. Uh-oh stop, don’t go anywhere, we’ve got a bonus one! Hells yeah. This is cool,
this is kind of American one that has been brought over to Britain. Hells yeah, or hell
yeah. Like it’s super emphatic. Hells yeah I’d do that! So if someone says, do you wanna
go on a boat trip? Hells yeah I wanna go on a boat trip. It’s an emphatic yes. Now there
are rude versions of this. yeah would be another one, but we’re not gonna go there today. But
you know what our word was. That’s another great way to say yes, with emphasis, only
with friends, though, all right? Only with people that you’re comfortable with. Don’t
use that at work. All right guys, do you know any other ways to say yes in English? Put
them in the comments below. If you would like another 21 ways to say mmm, you let me know.
What other words would you like me to do? 21 ways to say good-bye? 21 ways to say thank
you? What other ideas have you got? Thank you so much for watching guys. This is tom,
the chief dreamer, saying good-bye.

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81 thoughts on “21 Ways to Say YES in English

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  2. What? Mmmhmm and Uhhh Uh shows you are listening to someone? When I say this while somebody speaks, they sometimes think, that Iβ€˜m not really listening. Lol

    But great video though!

  3. I think you can also say "sure" if somebody asks you something you agree.

    Let's say, for example, your friend asks you: "Do you want to go to the cinema?", or: "Isn't the weather fabulous?", you might just say "sure".

    Is that correct?

  4. Ahaha…you sound like a pirate when you say "aye". No problem. No worries. Certainly. Definitely. I'm on it.

  5. Conclusions
    1. I'd love to
    2. You got it
    3. Aye
    4. Yep
    5. Totally/totes
    6. Mm-hmm/uh-huh
    7. No (sarcastic)
    8. Sounds good
    9. Be my guest
    10. 100 percent
    11. Sure thing
    12. Absolutely/abso-bloody-lutely
    13. Of course
    14. All right
    15. Yass
    16. I'm on it
    17. Consider it done
    18. That's right/correct
    19. Yeah yeah yeah
    20. Ok/okie dokie
    21. For sure/fo' shizz/fo' sho
    22. Hell yeah!/Fu*ck yeah!

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  8. I think you missed
    1. Definitely (as agreement in a conversation). Example: do you think it's going to rain? Definitely.
    2. Feel free, for example: could I try this on? "feel free!" (as of course you can). Very similar to be my guest.

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  10. This isn't exactly what you asked for, but I think it might be beneficial for yours students, assuming you haven't already made this video at some point, to hear a number of ways and situations where Native English speakers will say something, but mean something else entirely.

  11. A new amusing Tom's video lesson!
    ( my answer)
    – Yes! (great news yes)
    Today, Alice's last day of work before the holidays!
    (my answer)
    – Yes! (last minute goal yes)

  12. A variant on okie dokie is oakalee doakalee, spoken by the Ned Flanders character on The Simpsons. I don't know how much of a currency it got in the general public, though.

  13. I love all of your videos…I am also an English teacher. I use British English accent( not Cockney πŸ™‚ ) …Your videos are just like a treasure for me !!! By the way, you are a great actor

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