Hi people! In this episode I’m bulking. So… After going hard in the gym I need to bulk up somehow. But how do I do that? Best way to do that is to eat a fucking gainer. It’s fucking crazy, isn’t it? It’s over 2KG(5lbs) of gainer. The whole thing is around 9000kcal Use 8 scoops and mix with 250ml of water… 3 times a day. Banana flavor, should be good it’s time to open this looks like paint container I’ve heard this tastes like cement it sure smells like cement At least scoop is on top I don’t have to search for it That’s the scoop, so one portion equals 8 of those So this is recommended portion Still too liquid Does that count as scoop? Still too liquid Nothing can go to waste I need to use spoon I think the thickness is ok now It’s starting to get messy in this kitchen Again thickness seems to be ok so lets fill another shaker Tasty! I arleady see those muscles growing I can smell my blender overheating I hope it’s not gonna burn until I finish making this It’s almost over Time to fill third shaker Arleady 2l of this stuff Half a liter here Yess… Is it gonna fit? Looks like perfect amount The whole container, there is nothing more in there Drink is prepared. Whole 9000kcals separeted into 3 shakers, 1 mug and 1 blender It’s almost 4 liters in total Ok, it’s time to do the challenge! Shake is warm, because of a blender overheat. So it’ll probably taste like shit But that doesn’t matter, it for building muscles, not for tasting For biceps and triceps and all other muscles So, lest’s go! First clear. It’s so thick Third one was hard But it’s cleared as well I have to wash my mouth My hands are all sticky. It looks like egg yolk. I feel so full And still 1,5 liter left So thick……. Whatever it takes! cheers Rich Ok, last container to go It’s easier to drink from shaker It’s so thick I have to bite this I’m writhing because of this stuff Ok I made it. The whole container of Megabol’s Mass Mutation Gainer under 30min 9000kcal… and of course everything will go straight to the muscles If you see this video, this means I’m still alive Next time I eat my hand! Bye!

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