3 ADVANCED SUPERSETS For Bigger Biceps & Wider Back

Yo, what’s going on, guys. Welcome to the workout and today is all about
getting more out of the back and bicep workout because I see so many guys wasting their time
in the gym. I know that your end goal on your back and
bicep day is you want that V-taper physique, you want a wider back and you want some bigger
biceps, so I’m going to go through some advanced hacks in this video. I’m going to go through some common exercises
and share with you guys some really awesome tips that I’ve learned in the last couple
of months from very elite bodybuilders on how you can maximize that thickness, that
wide back and also the biceps. So first up is the lat pull-down machine. Now, I know we’re going to go heavy on this
exercise. I’m going to show you guys a few common mistakes. Now to get that wide back and bigger biceps,
we’re going to really focus on an underhand grip, getting stronger from an underhand grip
position. So starting off on this one, and by the way,
this is going to be a superset. We’re going to finish it off with the biceps. Now, starting off you want to be about shoulder
width apart. So focus on really explosive positives and
slow negatives, so what I mean by that is explode and I want you to think also in terms
of driving your elbows down to the side of your body, so you’re pulling down, think of
your elbow kind of coming down and activating the lats. So hands shoulder-width apart, then three
second negatives, one, two, three, explode, one, two, three, explode, one, two, three. Now a big mistake that I see is people short-arming
it. So you want to make sure that you fully activate
and stretch out the lats. So full range of motion. So you don’t want to do stuff like this. You see this all the time. Full range of motion. Squeeze. Now we’re going to transition into a bicep
superset with this and this one is a really unique angle. And the thing that I really like about it
is that it takes the interior deltoids out of the movement. You really have to focus on the biceps. So you’re going to set up in a normal underhand
grip lat pull-down position, so basically just a reverse lat pull-down curl. And keep your hands about shoulder-width apart. Go heavy on this. Your biceps are mostly type two muscle fibers,
so you want to go fairly heavy, six to eight reps and you’re going to really feel it, especially
after doing the underhand grip lat pull-down, which already is going to pre-fatigue those
biceps. Alright guys, so second one is another underhand
grip point position with a bicep superset. Now, the seated row is really good but for
really activating the lats and the biceps I prefer this better. And of course, I’m going to show you guys
an awesome superset to kill those biceps. So start off here with an underhand position
once again and you’re going to focus on pulling in to around your belly button on this one,
so full range of motion. Really focus on getting those elbows behind
your body. Then we’re going to superset. So this bicep superset once again is awesome
because it’s taking everything off of your interior deltoids putting it right on the
bicep, so here we go. So you’re going to start off hands a tiny
bit inside shoulder-width apart. You’re going to position your elbows right
inside your knees, you’re going to curl in right into your forehead. That was absolutely brutal. First of all, getting stronger. Once again, I’m in an underhand grip position,
pulling in, really focus on getting those elbows in close to your body. It’s going to activate those lats and then
going into this pre-fatigue indirectly it’s going to work your biceps. So then focus on keeping that chest up, squeezing
in right to your forehead. Alright guys, so next up we’re going to do
a little underhand grip compound exercise and then we’re going to finish up the biceps
with some crazy shit right here. So we’re going to do a mechanical overload
superset and then we’re going to go into a metabolic stress superset directly after,
so it’s actually a tri-set technically. So here we go. So first part of it is we’re going to go heavy
on the underhand grip barbell row. So focus, kind of pause at the top, squeeze
those lats, full range of motion, focus on keeping those elbows in close to your body,
help emphasize those lats and biceps. So next we’re going to go directly into a
bicep superset. Now catch my breath. The number one thing I want you guys to think
about with this is focus on supinating the wrist and almost bringing this pinky to point
out. That’s going to help activate the bicep peak
more. So we’re going to heavy, dumbbell alternate
curl and it’s more than just palms up, supination and twist out. So here we go. So one arm at a time, keep the chest up. Show you guys from the side. You want to go fairly heavy on that superset
while you’re fatigued, four to six rep range and then we’re going to transition into some
high-rep metabolic stress. So metabolic stress, just one of the three
ways we build muscle. Basically means a combination of time under
tension and high repetition. So I really liked doing this recently, so
keep in mind you’re already really fatigued, so I’m just going to do a 25. You’re going to keep your elbows in close
to your body. Slow and controlled and I’m going to go for
15 total reps. One thing you can do to get more out of the
exercise is the last few just kind of do these half reps right there, so putting a ton of
overload on those biceps. I’m really hoping you enjoyed that video. I wanted to show you guys three back exercises
that I’m sure you guys are already doing and show you guys how to get more out of them,
specifically how to get a wider back and bigger biceps because it’s crazy, so many guys are
going to the gym, but you’re not really reverse engineering the proper workout to build the
muscles you’re trying to train. Now with back training, it’s all about widening
that back and figuring out how to really activate the lats and really emphasize the biceps without
involving the interior deltoid. So the next video I’m going to really dive
deep into the science of chest training, really focus on how to activate the upper chest,
the lower chest, really hit all areas of the pectorals because there’s actually muscle
fibers running in three different directions on your chest. So depending on the movement, like if you’re
doing a high-to-low cable low verse a low-to-high cable row, you’re activating different parts
of your pecs, so I’m going to show you how to kind of combine all elements of chest training
so you get a full aesthetic chest. So thank you guys so much for watching. Let me know if you have any questions in the
comments below and I’ll see you guys at the next video.

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10 thoughts on “3 ADVANCED SUPERSETS For Bigger Biceps & Wider Back

  1. Great videos Troy. I hired a strength trainer to help and he uses a lot of what you do in my workouts. My problem is with my calories and trying to get that post workout meal in. With my workouts ending at around 8pm with my protein shake, it's pretty late for a post workout meal an hour later. Should I be doing another shake before bed around 930, made up of slow acting protein and carbs?

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