3 Easy Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

– Today on Low Carb with Jennifer, I’m going to show you how to make
these three fat bomb recipes. Hey, guys, I’m Jennifer Banz, and I help home cooks make
keto dinners and meals that are family friendly. So today, we’re going to make a snack that is very family friendly
because they are so delicious. We’ve got three to be exact,
three fat bomb recipes. We’re going to start off with my chocolate chip
cookie dough fat bombs, and these are really simple. You can put them in the freezer and have a easy snack
anytime you want a snack. (laughing) So we’re going to start
off with some almond flour. These are so simple. We’ve got sweetener, (glass clanking) vanilla, (glass clanking) and butter. So if you were making my
butter cookie fat bombs, which we’ll make next, (glass clanking) that’s all that you would need, but we’re also going to add
in some chocolate chips. So we’re going to stir this up, and the mixture will start
to come together and stick, and it’s perfect. You know it has enough butter when they hold together like that. (light music) So these are the perfect consistency, so now, I’m goin’ to use
my little scoop here. It is the perfect size
just to make a little bite. So we’re just going to
pack it in really good (light music) and then just plop it down
on our sheet tray here. I don’t know if you saw that. (scooper scraping) That’s all you got to do. Still can’t see it. (chuckling) Let’s go to this angle. There we go. (scoop scratching)
You just plop it on there, kind of smoosh it in a little bit, and then these are going
to go in the refrigerator, or you can put ’em in the
freezer just to firm up, (scoop scratching) but I’m goin’ to keep mashing these in here to make our fat bombs, and then we’ll move on to the next one. (light music) (scoop scratching) Okay, now I’m going to
continue on and make the butter cookie version of these without the chocolate chips. It’s the exact same recipe, (glass clanking) (chuckling)
the exact same ingredients (glass clanking)
without the chocolate chips. (light music) Okay, those two batches are ready. This is going into the
freezer for about an hour, and I like to keep them frozen. So whenever I need a sweet treat, I just grab one and bup, yum, yum, yum. For our third fat bomb recipe, I’m going to do strawberry cheesecake, and I don’t know if you know,
but I have a very delicious, huge cheesecake that’s really just for special occasions whenever
you want a keto cheesecake. This is more for every day when you just need a
little something sweet. So we have 8 ounces of
softened cream cheese here, and it’s really soft. So we’re going to add in
some powdered sweetener, (glass clanking) and we’re just going
to mix all of this in. Okay, so we’re going to
set this mixture aside, and I’m going to make the strawberry part of the strawberry cheesecake fat bombs. I’m going to use these
freeze-dried strawberries. We’re going to pulverize them, crush them in this little mixer,
food processor thing here, going to make ’em
(clicking) into like almost a dust. (light music) Okay. (mixer banging) Woo. (mixer parts banging) It’s going to be like strawberry candy. (mixer parts banging) So we’re going to mix this
into our cheesecake mixture. Ooh, yeah. (hand slapping) So that whole bag was like 16 net carbs. So whenever we make
this into our fat bombs, it’s not going to add a whole
lot of carbs per fat bomb. Okay, we got that all mixed in, and now, I’m going to use my scooper and scoop these out into equal portions, (scooper scraping), and then we’re going to put these
in the freezer to harden up. Okay, these are ready for the freezer, and this bag of strawberry dust only added one net carb per bomb. I made 17, and this was 17 net carbs. So goin’ in the freezer. Okay, look at our beautiful
tray full of fat bombs. They look so delicious. Guys, don’t forget I have
a whole playlist full of easy keto desserts. Just click right there on that playlist, and you will see all of them. They’re so easy. Most of ’em can be made in, I don’t know, about 20 minutes or so, and I will see you guys later, bye.

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