3 Reasons You Will Never Have ABS | STOP MAKING THESE MISTAKES!

Hey, what’s going on Nation? Today I’m going to share with you guys three reasons Why your abs refuse to show and I’m not going to be covering diet That’s pretty obvious guys in order to see ab you have to have a low body fat Percentage what I’m going to be talking about in this video Is those of you who are killing yourself to try to get your abs to grow to nice Blocky blocks But it’s just not happening for you is when you flex You want them to look like this and you want them pop And that’s gonna be helping you guys with so if you like videos like this be sure you said sums up button Subscribe if you haven’t already and make sure you turn on [videos] notifications So you never miss a new video upload so the first reason why a lot [of] you guys are probably having a hard time building up your abs is because you do not go into spinal flexion or and Extension during your abdominal crunches, and I see this all the time in the gym That’s why number one and this is for machines and for for any time you do abs you have to have spinal extension to stretch out the rectus abdominis [and] then spinal flexion in order to crunch and squeeze the area it has to happen [I’m] going to lay down for for real quick This is where most people start [their] ad training is on the floor doing a simple floor crunch That’s we’re going to explain this to you guys When doing a floor crunch most people when they do abs It’s almost like [you] just want to get through it as fast as they possibly can just to kind of get abs done You know they’ll spend an hour doing a bicep curl [but] when it comes time to abs it’s go up and down as fast as you can and then get the hell out [of] the Gym, you can’t think like that, so when you gotta do an abdominal crunches. It can’t be just this where you come down Up [bow] and come up and just kind of throw yourself everywhere and not really focus on feeling the muscles Contracting you have to have that same kind of mind muscle connection with your abs That you deal with every other muscle in your body, so when I say going into spinal flexion and extension when you guys [is] doing it abdominal crunch you want to do and every time you come down or you go to the Upper portion of the crunch you basically want to force that final extension so you can have an off your back You know force your abs kind of open up like this get a nice stretch through the rectus the dog That’s why I put my hands behind my head right crunch And that’s what you’re going to do as you come up is really focus you on coming up But getting that question as well, please [I’m] [begging] in my lower back right here Then that [lower] back come all the way up and squeeze and then come back down Do it again extension come up plunge in and every single exercise movement needs to look like that [now] You’ll notice in the gym when people are doing like abs pull down or way to the dark abdominal crunches That’s like they’ll hold on to the weight and just go like this or just kind of Rotate at the hip not really get any extension [inflections]. They’ll literally be in one Disposition to try to move as much weight as [possible] And they’re bending at the hips instead of actually getting the abdominals to do the work So that’s the fake number one mistake number two guys is that you’re not breathing out as you can form your repetitions and that’s Crucial when it comes to ab training if you’re not breathing [properly] when doing your reps you’re going to be missing out on Basically the top portion of every single repetition that you’re doing so for example if you’re on the ground again, and you’re doing abdominal crunches if you go all the way down like this if you take it or grass at the bottom and Then come up to the top and you’re here you’re still holding your breath you’re not going to be able to get that real Each squeeze and Flex is a pot that you would if you were to breathe the arrow, and I’ll demonstrate it. I’ll go down So you can rest Come to the top and this is where I’m at without breathing out now check out my lower back [and] I [breathed] the air out of my system, I Was able to get us way bit more of a crunch At the top of the movement [just] from breathing out and I’ll do [a] different absorption crunch you guys can see the difference This is called a hands over knees crunch Very intense if you’ve never done [before] but the way this crunch works is you come up? If you want to bring your hands over your knees And you want to flex your abs as you can now if I hold my breath and try to go up It’s like a blocking myself I can’t get up over my knees that well because all the air in my core is holding me back I have this big bubble just kind of sitting [there], but if you breathe out as you come up You can really pull in and tight and squeeze your abs and also come up much further See that actually it would get me to my palms or my knees if I read up And every single abdominal movement that you do guys whether it’s weighted crunches or modulating crunches? Always make [sure] you breathe out And as you get to the end of the reps squeeze your head [out] as tight as you can [every] [single] time focus on that mind-muscle connection There’s a final reason why a lot [of] you guys never to your abs show is because if you don’t hit them with enough frequency or enough Resistance and this is a big one you guys can train your abs Three to four times a week if you really want to see results What I typically like to do is put [my] abs up and the [two] [workouts] and then repeat those workouts throughout the week So I’ll do one day where all focus mostly on exercise and [the] target upper and lower And then I’ll have another day where a new exercise Mostly lower and obliques, then I’ll rest a day and then I’ll repeat And that’s what I’m doing like my abs training at the most hardcore Trying to hit it four days a week and the other part of this equation is you guys aren’t doing enough? Resistance training with your abs you’re definitely not going to be able to start to build the block okay? Your abs are [going] to respond To resistive training like any other muscle in your body If you want to big biceps [you] can’t be lifting [ten] pounds every time you go to the gym and do an 80 to 90? repetitions with that But people seem to think when they train their abs If they do 20 30 40 50 reps every time they go And they [just] use their body weight that they’re going to build those blocky app for me I’ve always [thought] [that] a combination of both so for example the first two days. I train my [abs] I hid [with] really high volume and then the next two days. I trained my abs I go for more weighted exercise exercises and hit them with heavy weights staying within that like 10 to 12 rep range in order to Really rip it and break it down to build the blocks and so what I’m going to do for you guys I’m going to link you to another video I did all about building block [es] And that will definitely help you get on the right track And it has examples of the workouts that I do so you guys don’t have all the tools you need to go to the gym And one last thing before I go this is no [reverse] rule that I actually keep at my house as well It’s an ab mat and I actually have links for this this is from [iron] [Bull] strength I’ll put this down the info section below you guys can get 10% off this website But this is something that’s really cool to have around you at home a lot of gyms have these too, but if you’re not used to going into spinal flexion extension when you do your [abs] this forces it so all you do is put it down [in] the [ground] [and] It’s [going] [to] lay on it like this and you can see from the saudis position I already have to generate a lot more force just to get off the ground [so] from here more force and [clop] up I’m going to sweep my [abs] and breathe out and do the same thing and come down just like this and come back up and breathe out as you come up guys don’t just read out at the top [if] she’s breathing out the entire time you crunch and Squeezing go tap so I hope you enjoyed these tips And I hope they help you take your ab training to the next level guys any questions We’ve got a comment section [below] be sure to smash that thumbs up button [if] you enjoyed the video and as always

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100 thoughts on “3 Reasons You Will Never Have ABS | STOP MAKING THESE MISTAKES!

  1. If you are going to take the time to train abs… then you better make sure you are training them properly!
    (7:24)- How To Build More Visible & Blocky Abs!

    LINK TO ABMAT: 10% off Code – "MS10"

  2. I've always hated training abs, as I find them boring too much hard work do you get any benefit as you have to constantly overload them all the time.

    when I used to work in the fitness industry I trained abs 7 days a week and taught people to train abs as well, so I had to have good abs and it keeping the boredom down.

    how do I motivate myself now to train abs just as hard

  3. I am an early teen trying loose a bit of fat I do the palm to knees crouches but I don't know how many to do I want to start with 40 a day

  4. the construction of the abs is. they don't get so much bigger if you get them trained with high weight low reps. you need to do at least 20 reps to work until their exhaustion. last tip you need to start the movement with the hole back touching the ground for the hole system to work if your back is in the air only the upper ab s will work . sorry for bad English i am studing physical education in Greece and proferessors from there thought me these 😘 also it's about genetics the look of your muscles

  5. 3:00 and to maximize your gain, don't through your arms like that, keep it on your head and slowly go up.

  6. Mistake number 1 diet mistake number 2 diet mistake number 3 diet …….mistake number 100 keep watching this videos just cut your calories intake stop drinking alcohol drink a lot water give it 4 to 6 moths and you will see the different

  7. u can train every body part with just body weight. ever heard about calisthenics? they have all better abs than yours dude, also without extra weight 😉 just eat healthy, thats how u get abs if u do sport. everything else is bullshieeeeet.

  8. I really appreciate these videos because it allows me to see what I've been doing wrong, and then I realise that if I did it like that before, I'd be a Greek god by now. Thanks for the great info, keep it up man.

  9. Hi I have a Wonder core machine for abs, will it build up my packs . currently i am doing 300 repetition a day 7 days a week .

  10. hey I had a lot of spinal taps when i was younger. i was wondering if those spinal bending moves for my abs would be safe for my spine?

  11. Don't mind me, but I have no idea how on earth I have abs.

    I also just finished my fourth piece of pizza…

  12. @ScottHErmanFitness I train my body all of it 24/7 Cause i want to feel better but also i want to be a boxer. I was told unless i have joint pain i can workout everyday for at least 2 or 3 hours and work through the pain, Is this True?

  13. I feel so discouraged. I see so many people throughout youtube who make this look so easy ;-; I excercised heavily for a week and it was destroying me. I'd wake up in the morning and be all sore. So I'd quit and go back to chips. I convince myself to try every now and then but I always wind up going back to food. Idk..

  14. Can u make a video about resistance band / tubes? I wonder if I can gain muscle with it…anyway I'm so Sorry for my bad grammar ;-P

  15. Would you suggest still working out abs 3 to 4 times a week or even at all if your body fat percentage isn't low enough for them to be visible?

  16. My friend/personal trainer says you shouldn't throw with your arms or head while doing these, yous should only focus on the abs to do all the work. After you're done you should do a cobra. That's when you adopt a push up like position, kinda sag your belly and really stretch it. What do you think about it?

  17. We have always wondered what we are doing wrong when it feels like you are only training the hips… Is it better to train without something for your legs to hold on to

  18. I'm jusy training to be the fastest,strongest and most powerful chi user on earth. I don't really care about how my muscles look…

  19. Hey scott … I have been doing boxing for a while now … I STILL DONT HAVE ABS ! I am training myself to my full potential … I am 12 … So would u be able to do a video on how to get abs for amateurs plz 😀👍

  20. Is it just natural to have your abs grow semi crooked (I have slightly distorted abs and after watching the video it seems like yours have a slight difference too)? Is this because of more strength on one side or a more dominant side?

  21. I need to work on my breathing but I just can't seem to fix it. As I'm coming up in an abdominal crunch, I tried to breathe out but I can't seem to. It always feels impossible to breathe in or out when my core is tight

  22. Best movement to get abs: the PUT-DOWN
    1) Put down the fork
    2) Put down the spoon
    3) Put down the remote
    4) Put down the controller
    5) Put down the dingaling and get to the gym

  23. Steroids and cheese pizza go together like BLT. Anyone who reads this comment should start doing this routine everyday. I like to call it the GIBSON effect

  24. I do NOT agree with putting ur hands behind the head. A Novice will rely in that and suffer injury to the neck 🤔😖🤕😢😭

  25. I always feel like scott is yelling at me…like come on man; what have i done to annoy you so much 😂😂
    Only joking, great tips

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