4 Ways to Gain 1 Inch On Your Arms! (BICEPS | TRICEPS)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. If you’re looking to build bigger biceps and
triceps you’ve come to the right place. You’ve come to the right video. I’m going to show you today why you need to
up the ante when it comes to arm training, if you want to see better arm gains, and it’s
going to amount up to 1″ of gain on your arms, just by doing these more intense training
techniques. The first thing I want you to try to do is
utilize mechanical drop sets, like we’re seeing right here. So mechanical drop sets allow you to take
advantage of the fact that, just by changing the position of your body without having to
interrupt the flow of the total set, you can actually keep a set going to failure, and
through failure, on a given exercise. So we start with a bicep version of this. We know that the simultaneous version of the
curl is going to be more difficult because of the stability of the core that is needed
in order to move that weight, but we can take that all the way to failure, and from there
just drop it down to an alternating version. You’ll be surprised. You might have thought you couldn’t have cranked
out anymore reps, but now when you split it up side by side you can. So you took a set to failure, you continue
to push through failure, but even there the biceps don’t have to stop working. You may not be able to curl anymore, but you
can drag curl. You can shorten that moment arm and pull the
dumbbells up to your chest, by allowing your elbows to drift back, behind your body, which
allows those biceps to still work, but in an easier way. The same thing can be applied to your triceps
as well. You do a tricep extension – your dumbbell
tricep extension – which gets difficult to a point where you’re going to hit the wall,
but you don’t have to stop. You can turn it into the modified French press,
just by allowing your arms to drift a little bit more in front of your body here, and you
do a few reps of that until you can’t do anymore, and you realize the triceps may be done from
that exercise. But they don’t have to be done entirely. You can eek a little more effort out of them. Meaning, more gains by allowing you to do
a close grip dumbbell bench-press, and finally taking that to failure. So there’s one technique. But we can also include things like this. More focus on including negative training. It’s not just slowing down the rep to make
sure we’re not forgetting the eccentric component of it. We’re talking about actually adding negative
only repetitions after you’ve gone to failure concentrically, which allows us to illicit
even more work out of that muscle. You can see here with the tricep pushdown. I do the tricep pushdown until I can’t do
anymore, then I allow body English, I allow myself to get over the top, again, shorten
that moment arm, and pushdown – yes, I’m even using my chest here to do a push down,
and dip onto the rope – but that doesn’t matter. We already know that we’re done concentrically. All I’m doing is getting it to the bottom
of the rep so I can continue to push out more eccentric reps, which we know we are capable
of. We’re always going to be stronger eccentrically
than we are going to be concentrically. So I can actually get a few more of those
extra negative only reps. We can do the same thing here on the box curl. Do a cable curl, and do, what I call a squat
curl. Yes, we actually can take a curl, and allow
our body to put us in position to do another curl. So as we get down to the very bottom here,
we may not be able to move this thing at all, but if I squat my body down, rest my elbows
in on my thighs, and let them take the ride back up to the top. I’m right there in position again, at that
midpoint – the hardest portion of the rep – to incur, yet another negative rep, and
push myself even further. This next one is really interesting. It’s a bitch if you try it. I promise you, you’re going to be burning. It’s going to give you that metabolic training
effect that I think a lot of us don’t include enough of in our training anyway. But we’re actually using an occlusive effect,
and occlusion training effect because we’re not really allowing natural blood flow through
the limb. It does give us a chance to actually do very
light weights here, and still see gains. So if you look at what I’m doing here with
the curl, I’m just repping out here with 20lbs. I can handle a lot more weight than this,
and I’m only going for a certain goal rep here. Here, I have 10 in mind. I knock out 10 reps, and then instead of allowing
the arms to either rest, or put the dumbbells down, we keep them in this bent position. By being in that bent position I’ve basically
kinked the garden hose. I do not have the same blood flow through
that limb because I’ve closedown the joint, I’ve impeded the natural blood flow to that
joint, so we’re creating a metabolic overload. We’re creating and occlusive effect here that
is going to allow you to see, and feel a difference instantly. You’re going to do everything in your power
to want to put your arms, and straighten them out, and put the weights down. But you can’t. You just do that for about 15 seconds, and
then you crank out another 10 reps. Then you do that for 15 seconds, and you crank
out another 10 reps. And you do that for 15 seconds, and you do
it until you literally cannot resist that burn inside your biceps. You can do the same thing with your triceps
and you don’t even need any weights at all. You apply the cobra pushup, as I’m doing here. Again, what we do is, we knock out the cobra
pushups and, by the way, I’m doing these from my knees because they are that damn hard when
you do them this way. You can’t necessarily do them, at least not
a lot of repetitions, if you’re doing them from your toes. If you can, you’re a better man than me. Push yourself to do that, if that’s a possibility. But what you want to do is, you crank out
a certain number of reps. Here I have 15 as my goal, then I stay down,
in that bottom position. Now, I’m not hovering here. I’m not making the triceps do any work. I’m just not allowing the elbows to straighten
out. I’m not allowing those triceps to breathe. I’m letting them stay in this bent position,
again, impeding natural blood flow. It’s not dangerous, guys. It’s venous blood flow. What it’s doing is creating that metabolic
overload. Then I crank out more reps, and I keep that
position, and I crank our more reps. So you’re going to find that staying in the
position alone is probably harder than actually cranking out the reps. But at some point, you’re going to have to
give. But you’ve created a stimulus that you probably
never have before, and you’re not used to, and that is great impetus for new growth. Finally, we saved the best for last. This is one that I actually showed you before,
when it relates to chest training. This is an overcoming isometric. At first glance you might think “Geez, Jeff. Is it really doing anything here? He’s not moving.” That’s the point of the isometric. What you want to do is set the weight stack
up here as heavy as it gets so you cannot move it. You want to try like hell to move it as hard
as you possibly can. You’re pushing, and pulling here – in this
case, as hard as you possibly can – to try to make that thing move. But if you selected the weight correctly it’s
not going to go anywhere. That doesn’t mean that your muscles aren’t
doing a lot of work. As a matter of fact, an overcoming isometric
is going to yield better gains by way of increasing your motor recruitment. You’re pulling as hard as you can here, and
building up this contraction strength over time, and you’re doing it in this very fixed
range of motion. So what you want to make sure you do is, you
don’t just do it here, but you vary the angle slightly, and do it about three, or
four times so you can progressively see I’m closing down that angle. I’m going for more of an extended position,
to more of a midrange, to then finally more of a contracted position of the biceps. No one is easier than the other. They’re all hard if you’re using as much effort
as you possibly can. You could also do this with the triceps. You can do it with a tricep push away. You’ve changed the angle of the joint. One from more of a flexed position of the
elbow, as you work your way out, a midrange, and then again, all the way out in that contracted
position. But the key is the same. You’re using a weight that you cannot move,
but you’re trying to move it as hard as possible, getting better motor recruitment, getting
a better strength and contraction ultimately, and even when you go back to your concentric
training you should have that carry over so you have more strength, and therefore, a greater
capacity to grow bigger, and stronger. There you have it, guys. There are four ways for you to intensify your
arm training that will allow you to start making those new gains one inch at a time,
and start seeing noticeable improvements. Guys, when it comes to arm training it really
is an untapped area of potential, I think. Your arms allow – they’re begging you – “Do
more! I have more capacity for you to train me. You just have to figure out the ways to do
that.” Here are four ways. If you haven’t tried them, I want you to start
trying them, and incorporate them with the things you’re doing in your arm training. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a step
by step plan where we lay it all out, step by step, putting the science back in strength
to make sure you’re getting the most out of everything you do; head to ATHLEANX.com and
get our ATHLEANX training program. In the meantime, if you’ve found the video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what I can cover for you on this
channel, and I’ll do my best to do that for you in the days, and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon.

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