5 Hidden Signs of Vitamin A Deficiency You Might Be Ignoring

5 Hidden Signs of Vitamin A Deficiency You
Might Be Ignoring (Tim goes to the front desk and starts giving
the presentation) Tim: Good afternoon everyone. When we’re being scolded, we might feel
that ignorance is bliss. That’s surely not the case when taking your
vitamins. My topic for the day is “5 Hidden Signs of
Vitamin A Deficiency You Might Be Ignoring!” Feel free to ask questions at any point. Before we dive into deficiency symptoms, let’s
start with understanding Vitamin A, a little better. Vitamin A or, as it is called, Retinol, is
a fat-soluble organic compound. It is converted in the body from dietary beta-carotene
and 3 other carotenoids. Vitamin A is required for vision and epithelial
tissue health. Majority of vitamin A is stored in the liver. Our liver is such a multifunctional organ,
isn’t it? But the question is, what causes Vitamin deficiency
in the first place? The normal range of vitamin A is 28–86 microgram
per decilitre. Serum level below this normal range is considered
a deficiency. Normally is it caused due to dietary deprivation
over a long period of time. So yes, your body gives you enough time to
correct your diet before you have to bear the consequences. This deficiency can also result from retinol
metabolic errors. These errors can often affect its absorption,
storage and transport. Vitamin A plays a significant role in protecting
you from Anaemia too. It actually has been helping you since your
fetal days. If you want to know more about the journey
to birth, don’t forget to watch our video on “What happens when you are born?” Coming back to Vitamin A. During pregnancy,
its demand is highest in the third trimester. If there’s any sort of deficiency in its
level, it can hamper brain development of the fetus. So, don’t forget to thank your mama for
your smartness. But what are some of the hidden signs our
body shows to alert us of the deficiency? Number 1. Frequent and persistent skin infections. Vitamin A is responsible for playing an important
part in the creation and repair of skin cells. Not taking enough amounts can lead to eczema
and other skin problems. Do you see? Dandruff is not the reason behind your acne. This brings us to our number 2. Dandruff and dry hair. By now you should have realised how interconnected
our health issues are. Hair damage is not always the result of bad
weather or shampoo; the reason might also be you preferring junk over innocent veggies. I know dreaming about your favourite burger
can keep you up all night, but so can Vitamin A deficiency. Number 3. Night Blindness and Dry Eyes
In severe cases of retinol deficiency, night blindness is often reported. In a 2005 study, it was reported that Vitamin
A supplements improved the ability to adapt to darkness by 50% in women over six weeks
of treatment. Women have more to do with Vitamin A than
just the vision. Number 4. Infertility and Troublesome conceiving
Vitamin A is not only important for development during pregnancy, but also for becoming pregnant. Its deficiency can lead to infertility in
both men and women. Studies done in female rats have confirmed
this. It can also lead to miscarriages. A study confirmed low vitamin A levels in
women having recurrent miscarriages. Last but not least. Throat Infections and Mouth Ulcers. Nobody likes missing out on delicious food
while waiting for mouth ulcers to heal, but have you ever thought your diet might be responsible
for causing them in the first place? Vitamin A supplements, when given to those
in need, can be helpful in treating respiratory tract infections and mouth ulcers to a great
extent. But excess of anything can be dangerous. So here we have a fun fact for you. A 2003 study found that supplements of Vitamin
A can increase the risk of developing throat and chest infections by 8 percent. Shocked? So were the researchers. But what exactly does excess of vitamins cause? Comment down below if you wish to see that
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  2. Good vid but you didn't really show things that could help besides supplements. Maybe some food that's high in the substance.

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