5 Mass Building Exercises You’re Not Doing | The Science Of Getting Bigger Part 2

Yo, what is going on guys? Welcome to episode number two of The Science
of Getting Bigger. Now, today is all about actionable advice
because I don’t want to overload you guys. I want you guys to leave these videos with
stuff that you can do immediately and see results from. So today’s video, I’m going to give you five
exercises that I think most of you guys probably are not doing. And these exercises are not only going to
help you look bigger and build up major muscle groups, but they’re going to help you with
different weak points that I think we all suffer from such as lower back, hamstrings,
abdominals, shoulders, all that good stuff. So what I want you to do is I want you guys
to do ten total sets of these five exercises over the next week before the next video and
I guarantee you, if you stick with this routine and you incorporate these exercises into your
regimen, you’re not only going to bring up weak points, but you guys are going to look
much bigger, so let’s get into the workout. The first exercise and I know this probably
has a different name, but I’d like to invent my own name on this, so we’re going to call
it the Komodo Row. Now it is a combination of a barbell deadlift
and a barbell row all in the same exercise. And this one works so many major muscle groups. And I really like the fact that you kind of
get momentum into the rowing portion of the lift, which allows you to put more overload
on those large, middle back muscles. So the first part of the movement you’re starting
off as a traditional deadlift. So I want you guys to do an overhand group. You’re going to start off as a traditional
deadlift form. Now, as you come up I want you to start rowing
the bar into your belly button, right into your lower abdominal area. So the first part of the movement, obviously
you’re putting a lot of overload on your glutes and your hamstrings. And as you bring the bar up, I want you to
explode and row it right into the lower portion of your core and then come back down. So it’s an awesome movement because you’re
incorporating a deadlift and a rowing motion in the same exercise. And what I really like is it’s really hard
for me to like row a lot of weight from an upright position, like I wouldn’t be able
to do 250 to 260 pounds as easy as I do it on the Komodo Row. So you’re going to have a little bit of momentum
going into the row. You’re really going to be able to overload,
a ton of overload right on those middle back muscles. So go heavy on this. I want you guys to go four to five sets of
this. Stay within the five to eight repetition range
and track these lifts, really focus on progressive overload. The second exercise is nothing crazy unique
or outside the box, but it’s something that I almost bet most of you guys aren’t doing
because I go to the gym and I think off the top of my head I’ve seen maybe one or two
people do this at the gym the right way over the last couple of months. So heavy barbell overhead press. Starting, you know, from right here, kind
of resting right above your chest and going straight up overhead, this is my favorite
mass builder for the interior and lateral deltoids. If you get really strong on this, if you’re
pressing over head, you know, 150 to 200 pounds, there’s no doubt that your lateral deltoid
and interior deltoids are going to grow. So I know a lot of you guys want that wider,
thicker look, kind of that boulder shoulder look and this is the go-to exercise for you
guys. So really challenge yourself because not only
do I want you guys to do the overhead press, but I want you guys to go heavy on it. So this is going to really challenge your
weak points. If you’re weak through your core, if you’re
weak through your lower back, it’s going to expose that immediately. So have fun with this. It’s an exercise that if you haven’t done
it a lot, you should be able to improve really quick on. So my goal is to get up to 200 pounds on the
over press and just on the video I’m kind of around 100 – 155 – 160 pounds right now. I’m really getting into it. And if you guys do get any lower back pain,
I would say just wear like kind of a like a squat belt or a belt to protect your lower
back. But like I said, it will bring out the weak
points. So I want you guys to do five sets of five
of this twice over the next seven days. The third exercise is once again something
that isn’t really outside the box but at the same token I’ve – actually no, I have not
seen anybody do this exercise in the last couple months at the gym and it is the weighted
underhand grip pull up. Now this exercise is phenomenal for bicep
activation. They actually did a study of the eight most
common arm exercises and they studied the activation in the bicep muscle and it was
actually shown that the underhand grip pull up has more bicep activation than dumbbell
hammer curls and many other traditional bicep exercises. So getting bigger biceps could be – sorry,
there was just a rat that just – that was like a frigging huge ass rat. Alright, a rat just came by. We’re in downtown Los Angeles, so things get
a little crazy around here. So as I was saying, the underhand grip pull
up is an incredible way to activate the biceps and also really hit those lats, so if you
guys want that V-tapered look with bigger biceps, add the underhand grip weighted pull
up into your regimen. Now, if you guys don’t have the weight belt
like myself where you can hang a plate, just, you know, put a 10, put a 25, whatever you
guys can do between your feet and kind of grasp it together with your feet and challenge
yourself. Go five sets in the five to eight repetition
range. And really focus on contracting those biceps
and those lats as you come up on the movement and going down nice and slow and controlled. So if you guys can go heavy on this, squeeze
the bicep and the lats as you come up and then go down to a count of three, you guys
are going to get bigger arms and a wider back. Next up is something that I know almost none
of you guys are during bulking season. I know a lot of guys are working their abdominals,
but this is the best time to actually build the abdominal muscles. Now nothing’s going to help you look bigger
and more impressive than having those thick, chiseled, blocky abdominal muscles because
being a naturally skinny guy, once you’re able to put on some size, you’re physique
is really going to pop and this is something I’m actually working on a ton because I haven’t
done a lot of training like this in the past because I’m really trying to actually build
the abdominal muscles more. And I’m in a choleric surplus for the next
three months, so I’m going to focus on this specific superset a ton. Now this superset is savage for working the
core. You’re going to start off with the rope crunch. So kind of scoot back maybe like a foot and
a half from the machine and you’re going to focus on contracting the abs, coming back
up nice and slow and controlled. You guys are going to have a crazy ab pump
if you do 10 to 15 reps of this at a moderately heavy weight. And then you’re going to transition right
into the medicine ball weighted crunch. You’re going to pick a spot on the ceiling,
you’re going to stare at that same spot and you’re going to crunch up and really focus
on that mind-muscle connection right in the middle rectus abdominis muscles. So this superset – I’ve yet to find a better
superset as far as weighted abdominal work goes. It just blasts every single section of your
core, so you build up those abdominal muscles as you’re lean bulking and then you start
to cut in the summertime and you guys are going to have that crazy kind of Hollywood
3D ab look. All right, so this next exercise is probably
the one you guys almost for sure haven’t done, so kind of a combination of a stiff leg deadlift,
a Romanian deadlift with a little more lower back and hamstring activation. So you’re going to start off with I would
say a weight that you could do about 80 to 85 percent of – 80 to 85 percent of your one
rep max on the regular deadlift. Now what you’re going to do is you’re going
to hold the bar with an overhand grip right around shoulder, shoulder width apart and
you’re going to go down nice and slow and controlled. You’re going to have a slight bend at the
knees. You’re going to try and keep your chest up
so you kind of have that nice even plane on your back and then what you’re going to do
is as you come up, you’re going to focus on contracting the hamstring and the glutes,
so this one is really, it’s really good because it puts a lot more overload right on your
lower back and your hamstrings and your glutes, which are three main weak points I know so
many of you guys have. So as you’re coming up – as you’re forcing
your chest to stay up throughout the movement, you’re going to notice that a lot of the tension
and overload is going right on the lower back and I find that I mean, almost nobody is directly
training their lower back. Once you get these muscles strong on your
lower back, I notice a huge difference. Like when I go heavy on squats now or heavy
on deadlifts, I’m not dipping my chest and I just feel stronger on every single compound
movement and not to mention like right here, this section of your back, that is one of
the larger muscle groups, so you build thickness and mass in that area, it’s obviously going
to help every single compound lift and every single exercise across the board and every
single great athlete and everyone really strong, they all have that strong and well-developed
lower back. So I want you guys to really challenge yourself
on this exercise, go heavy and then if you’re going down, you’re putting a lot of tension
overload on your lower back because as you go down with a slight bend in the knees, you’re
going to keep your chest up, which you’re going to put more tension right here in the
lower back. And then as you come up, I want you to focus
on squeezing the glutes and squeezing the hamstrings, kind of retracting the shoulders
back, so full movement, back and then you’re going to go right back into it. So do five sets and go definitely heavy on
this, four to six rep range, about 80 percent of your one rep max on the deadlift. All right guys, thank you for watching episode
number two of the science of getting bigger. Next episode what I’m going to do is probably
take you through a full day of eating. And also let me know I’m going to definitely
walk you through my complete workout at the gym, so let me know if you guys want me to
do push, pull or legs on the next episode. And once again, take action on this. I want you to implement all of this because
getting big in a really short period of time, it’s all these things added on together. So it’s not doing one thing right, it’s doing
four or five things right. So the workouts, the training, the nutrition,
the rest, the recovery, the supplementation, everything has to come together and have this
perfect storm where you guys can put on 20 to 30 pounds in about 10 weeks, which should
be the goal for many of you. So thank you guys so much for watching and
I will see you on the next video.

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