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56 thoughts on “5 Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

  1. Another fun fact. B12 is not naturally found in meat. Meat is supplemented with it. B12 is found in bacteria in the soil. A strict vegan diet can still give you all the b12 you need. Oatmeals are fortified with b12 for example.

    Anyway awesome video very informative. Thank you!❤


  2. rare, but there is a genetic inability to absorb vitamin B12 in some people, at least two different transport proteins are involved in the uptake of B12 into cells, so there are two possible hereditary deficiencies

  3. metformin, so I was told by a methylation expert, stops the absorption of B12 but the package insert only says lower… big difference, right ? I tought I could take metformin & a few hours later a B12 sublingual… useless and money in the garbage.. how many people know the truth ? this is very dangerous

  4. It's interesting they say vitamin B12 is a very common deficiency right I guess that means everybody's a vegan you know because how they say not eating meat causes B12 deficiency I'm thinking there's more to the story. By the way B12 is bacteria

  5. so pins in needles in chest butt, groin, butt hole, back, and sometimes penis head. dizzy sometimes I have disturbed visions. my foot was peeling at one point

  6. My stomach doesn’t absorb b12 from food so I have to inject it twice a week. But it gives me reallllyyy bad acne. Is there anything I can do for that, other than antibiotics, vitamin a cream ? I’ve already tried a lot! Thankss

  7. Actually anyone and any age can develop a B12 deficiency and it can causes a load more symptoms than just 5! I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency at 28 and was put on injections to repair damage. Tablets will only falsely raise levels without repairing damage! My symptoms were dizziness, fatigue, tingling, tinnitus, visual distutbances, anxiety, panic attacks just to name a few!! With injections I am slowly getting better. Don’t let doctors fib you off with loading doses & 3 monthly injections! Guidelines state every other day until no further improvements!!

  8. Metformin reduces B12 (energy supplement) but more importantly it totally blocks B1 which helps the feet & hands ward off neuropathy in Type 2 Diabetes. .

  9. meat eater's can have b12 deficiency has well, unless you're eating it raw, this due to much of the B12 being killed off during cooking.

  10. It is not difficult to diagnose a B12 deficiency… The lab results should show that the level of B12 vitamin is over 350, 400 is normal and for the active form of B12, the S-B12-TC2 the lab result for normal/good is 128 and over that.
    Every doctor and every person must understand also that there are individual variations on what is normal and to whom and that there are certain conditions and inflammations which require higher levels of b12, even up to 800.

  11. I get pain in muscles that lasts long time if I push a button in to close it and it puts a bit of pressure on my chest muscle. I've been diagnosed with b12 deficiency before and was getting injections but then my levels reached normal. Since then my levels have dropped again, I think, because not only am I getting the symptoms I did before being diagnosed but I'm also getting them worse. My whole body feels like im a 70 year old even though I'm 27. I feel so fragile. Cuts take a long time to heal and I have had a throat infection for over 6 weeks and 3 of those weeks are post antibiotic treatment. That could also be because of a vitamin D deficiency because doctors have told me to take over the counter vitamin d tablets because I have history of being vit d deficient

  12. I have vitamin b12 deficiency. The symptoms are horrible! Have about 39 b12. Normal is way higher. The diagnosis took a bit of time but now i am taking b12 pills.

  13. Recently, I'm told I have chronic anemia. I remember when I was a child my pedi gave me B-12 shots. I still take B-12 & I'm also told take iron …which I do. Why can't any of the doc's I've seen over the years tell me what type of anemia I have? What should I be asking them to check in my labs. I thank you for this excellent informative video …keep up the good work…thanks😀

  14. B12 is produced by microbes found in soil and water. Our ancestors would of gotten plenty of B12 from a stream, lake, and dirty soil found on plants. We live in a chlorinated world now, hence why there is so much B12 deficiency.

  15. I get B12 injections monthly. Also have had an iron infusion. Suffered from cronic anemia since I was a kid.

  16. Not only elderly people can have percinous anemia , i was diagnosed 6 years ago , also can taking suplements mask a malabsorbtion because it gives false blood results

  17. Well explained although I was diagnosed with PA in my 30s, is genetic in my family. So isn’t just the elderly. With PA you have to have injections of B12 not supplements because of intrinsic factor.

  18. Eat nutritional yeast full of B12 almost everyday on toast, popcorn or pasta, been vegetarian and vegan my whole life 😊 Love the stuff tastes just like cheese

  19. Turns out I am anemic and it caused awful petechia all over my body. I looked like a monster. Take your b12 vitamins people

  20. Everybody should supplement B12 as even animal carcase does not offer enough due to her living in a sterile environment…

  21. People who follow vegan diet properly are not at risk that is sad misinformation taught to these people…. Do some more research man, PS vegans with b12 deficiency are not eating balanced diet common misconception

  22. For those with IF deficiency, oral supplementation is no help-at least in regular doses. Injection would be the best method, followed by the sublingual.

  23. Intrensic factor antibodies!? 99% of all people with pernicious anemia have the antibodies … 100% of people with the antibodies have pernicious anemia!

  24. Do you recommend Vit.B12 Injection shots or taking a higher dosage of B12 in pill form for those with deficiency?

  25. Stopped eating meat 01/19
    Stopped eating dairy soon after. Couldn’t explain the anxiety and depression. Would come out of nowhere. So thankful for this information. I started with b12 b1 and b3 . Not sure how much to take though. I’ll gladly go back to cheese if it’ll curb the anxiety and depression. I have nothing to be depressed about. Any responses or testimonies are welcome. Thanks in advance.

  26. If you want to see the real effects of undiagnosed B12 deficiency, watch this !

  27. B12 is absorbed in the last part of the intestine {ileum] to be absorbed the vitamin must combine with intrinsic factor a protein produced in the stomach by the parietal cells. Some patients that have had an ileostomy will experience a gradual decrease of their levels of B12.

  28. B12 is produced by a bacteria in the soil, and in the past, people didn’t rinse their vegetables as thoroughly as today, so most people got plenty of B12.

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