5 Things EVERY Beginner Lifter Should Know!

What’s up Nation? Today We’re going to go over the five most Important things that every beginner lifters should know and believe it or not a lot of seasoned lifters tend to forget these things too So maybe a little refresher course is needed for everyone But the main reason why I want to talk about these things is because as a beginner lifted trying to reach your goals Your training schedule can get super chaotic very fast especially if you don’t know where to start or how [to] establish a proper foundation The problem is in that most beginners are usually very excited and eager to see quick results and at the same time They’re constantly bombarded by Fad Attica’s and fitness magazines and now more than ever fake natty YouTubers which pretty much Inevitably leads to unrealistic standards and goals as a result a lot of beginnings become Frustrated by the lack of their results and desperately try to turn the tables by experimenting with a new program or a new muscle building Secret Routine every single week and finally they end up quitting fitness altogether Just because it didn’t have the right tools and knowledge to begin with but before we get started if you enjoy these tip videos please Show some love and smash that thumbs up button our goal This video is 5000 thumbs up, so let’s make [it] happen alright So the first thing every beginners should know is that they need to establish a foundation by focusing on compound movements now We know as the beginning when you step into the weight room for the first time that there are just too many options to choose From and it can become very overwhelming barbells dumbbells machines body weight exercises bands cables and the list goes on but the weight room doesn’t have to be intimidating guys as a Beginner you just need to focus on building a strong foundation Grow your major muscle groups strengthen your tendons and connective tissue and increase your work capacity over time Now the best way to do all that. [it’s] simple It’s by utilizing compound movements and your routines if you’re unfamiliar with this term Compound movements are exercises [that] train more than one muscle Group at the same time and are also known as Multi Joint exercises for example in excess like a triceps Kickback will only Isolate and work your triceps during a set but an exercise like a barbell bench press will train the entire chest triceps and shoulders At the same time during a single set so as you can already see Compound Movements will build more overall strength and muscle faster than isolation exercises They can also help prevent asymmetries [and] muscle imbalances as well, so with all that in mind you need a program that focuses on compound exercises and also Ensures that you train all your major muscle groups twice a week if you want to maximize your gains my recommendation [for] you is to simply eliminate all the guesswork and follow a 100% proven program like my 12-week push-pull legs which is ideal for increasing your strength and muscle quickly and effectively Now having said that you also need to understand that the number one prerequisite for muscle building is Progressive overload which is a fancy way of saying making progress in the weight room and this can be done by either [increasing] the resistance increasing sets or reps or Decreasing rest intervals between sets but you will not be able to do any of these things [if] you do not stick to a program for at least six to eight weeks This is because if you start changing your program week to week you’re always doing something new and [your] body has [no] time to adapt and grow Therefore, it’s smart to generally follow a program until you stop making progress with it And that could be like three months four months or even up to a year the second thing every beginner should know is that Proper form and full range of motion are vital for growth now If you’ve been subscribed to my channel for at least four months. You know I’ve been Implementing my new technique called cheat and recover into my training and what cheating recover is is using a bit of momentum Or [espada] during the concentric phase of an exercise to place a greater overload on the eccentric phase for 8 repetitions And then dropping away performing eight additional clean reps of course in order to get through the cheek portion of the set we add Compromising proper form to a degree and to be honest Beginners shouldn’t be training with cheat and recover because it plays the body under a high amount of stress Your beginner body may not be ready for yet But the problem is that most beginners try to mimic me or anybody? who’s doing something similar in the gym and Think they can get away with it then after [a] few weeks to either get injured trying to lift weights They can take really can’t or they see no progress at all and they end up switching to another bound to fail technique Or they just quit listen guys when you’re a beginner you do not need advanced weight lifting techniques yet Cheat and recover drop set super sets and stuff like that are all advanced bodybuilding tools And they’re used by advanced lifters to burst through plateaus but when a beginner tries these techniques Their bodies will not be able to handle them just yet which either leads to an injury or much slower progress what you need to do as a beginner is stick to the basics [and] this means applying proper form and full range of motion to Every single exercise this will allow you to establish a solid foundation Build your mind muscle connection and more importantly it will ensure that you do not get injured Remember whatever range of motion you not training in you’ll be weakened so [massive] proper form first And then we can talk about more advanced techniques that will take your physique to the next level the third thing every beginners should know Honestly, it should have been number one is do not underestimate rest days This is because most people think that they’re growing when they’re in the gym lifting weights But the fact is that your body is only growing when it’s repairing itself on rest days remember the anabolic window video guys muscle growth occurs in the next 24 to 48 hours after Training, and I think this is also a good time for me to reiterate, how important eating is on rest days as well so many people Do not eat well on rest days because they think they only need to follow their macros properly on workout [days] for muscle Growth Well guys that just isn’t true always [get] those calories in Also as a beginner your body may not be able to recover from continuous abuse which means you really shouldn’t work out everything day Sometimes less is more Try to rest at least one to three times per [week] and don’t feel bad if you skip a gym day because it’s probably going To do more good than ham Now advanced lifter like me doesn’t really get [too] [sore] which means I recover Relatively fast and I can train a muscle group [two] or even [up] to three times a week if I wanted to and I can Probably get [away] [with] only one rest day each week But beginners can’t and you should always try to remember that if you’re feeling beaten and sore it’s not because you suck It’s because you are [a] beginner. It is normal guys I go to the gym Every day some days [just] to film videos for you And you know what I keep seeing the same beginner faces day in and day out And I keep wondering when do these guys rest, and that’s probably the number one reason Why they make zero gains So make sure you don’t fall victim to this mistake number four is that nutrition is just as important as training It’s not more now. Okay. Yes as a beginner It should be very easy to see [in] games because your body has never been trained before But that doesn’t mean you can eat. Whatever you want and get away with it in fact I believe if you’re watching this video to optimize your first Few years of training and maximize your results Then what you need to do immediately after this video is over is watch [what] my most popular ones called? Building your meal plan and I’ll link to that down the info section below it will teach you everything you need to know about Calculating calories and Macros to achieve your goal, and yes You do have to count them all so guys it goes much deeper than just Calories and macros you have to consider vitamins and minerals as well Which is why junk food doesn’t equal more gain during a bulking phase? Eating McDonald’s everyday might help you get enough calories and protein in but it’s not Quality food for Natural athletes eating Junk will make you look Like junk Period another thing guys as a beginner, you don’t need a lot of supplements a simple protein multivitamin creatine Bcaas or fish oil is a great place to start, but a lot of people Go nuts, and buy everything that do to GNC tells them to Guys no amount of supplements Can fix a trashy meal plan so before you start spending loads of money on [supplements] get that meal plan straight first? Use but don’t abuse supplements. That’s how you should be thinking They’re meant to supplement your meal plan But you can’t depend on them [to] replace crappy eating habits and the fifth and final tip is [that] building muscle and transforming your body takes time to put it simply you need to be patient guys as a natural beginner athlete you can expect to put on about 20 to 25 pounds of muscle in your first year as long as you’ve Optimized your training eating and resting now. I’ll say that again 20 to 25 pounds of muscle in your first year But the problem is that most of us are very impatient and if we don’t get huge after [2] months of training? We think there’s a problem Games take time guys it’s plain and simple There’s a process involved [when] building muscle And it’s a consistent cycle of train recover and grow also Since you can only grow muscle in a 24 to 48 hour window after a training session you can imagine it takes time to Start seeing games, but know that once you do you’re on the right path Another thing is that as a beginner you’re probably going to be able to add muscle and lose fat at the same time which means you’re going to be a Completely different person [after] [the] first years over and what I mean by this is guys you may be a hundred and fifty pounds now but in a year or so You could be a hundred and sixty pounds having lost ten pounds of fat and gain 20 pounds of muscle so be patient train hard eat right get plenty of rest and if you have any Questions feel free to ask me down in the comment section below or even better in the forums on my website muscularstrength.com It’s natural to be confused when you’re just starting out guys shit I’ve been training for eighteen years, and I still don’t know everything there is to know about Fitness But if I’ve helped clear some that confusion up for you guys Please be sure to show some love by clicking that thumbs up button and sharing this video with your friends train hard and as always more good stuff coming soon. See ya guys

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100 thoughts on “5 Things EVERY Beginner Lifter Should Know!

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  4. Scot! I am new to the gym and don't want to overwork and stress my muscles and am kinda confused on everything right now… my one question is should i be going to the gym 2 days a week with a rest in between or is 3 days straight fine? thanks for the helpful videos man!

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    right now i'm 90kg , i want to spend time in gym to build this fats to muscle . It is advisable to work for one muscle only..

    example : today is for bicep day tomorroe is tricep or it is okey to proceed with back and bicep next day is chest and tricep

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    Broly is a personal favorite.

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  13. I appreciate your effort Scott. Nice tips and recommendations for beginners. Hope this will help a lot to new lifters. Thumbs up

  14. how long until you're no longer a beginner? Because I've been training for 3 and a half months and I don't get sore often, and I only have 1 or 2 rest days a week but i've gained 7 pounds and gone from 19% body fat to 18.5% body fat.

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    Have u ever thought of a video where u show some of those fake natties? Or those who u doubt they r natural?

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  21. I can't work out except for three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Each day I work a different muscle group: Chest, Back, and Legs respectively. I don't like the idea of working my muscle group once a week, but my schedule leaves me no other choice.
    Despite this: I started a month and a half ago, and I already see results. I'm not huge, mind you, but I look so much better, especially in a tight shirt.
    As for the tips: I've met with a personal trainer and he's verified all of this. Since I have a super fast metabolism, I must drink three whey protein shakes a day (one on non-training days): once first thing in the morning, a second right before I work out, and a third right after I work out. Over five separate meals throughout the day, I must consume up to 3.4k worth of calories, and eat about 165 to 200 grams of protein. At first I thought it would be impossible, and that I'd get fat, but I'll be damned it actually works. Slowly I'm building muscle, and I don't expect to gain serious muscle until after doing this for 8-10 months, but I've accepted that and keep on going (besides, that post work out lax feels too damn good. Thanks dopamine).

  22. I’ve been following your channel for about 8 years. It has always been accurate, objective and quite scientific and at least in my case it proved to be useful. That being said, thanks Scott for your advises and keep up the good work!

  23. 20-25 pounds of muscle in your first year must be men only. No way would a woman gain that much muscle. I've been weight training for 2 years and I've put on around 7-8kg of muscle (around 15 pounds or so) I mean my first year of training I didn't really know I was doing but I still had some gains. Only of recent months have I learnt the mind-muscle connection and I'm noticing improvements faster

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  27. Being a partially rehabilitated hemaplegic (one side of my body; the left is significantly weaker than the other), I go to the gym 3-4 times/week for therapeutic reasons; primarily to regain strength in weak muscles, but I admit there are certain parts (my chest, my back, & eventually my arms) that I would have liked to see put on considerable lean mass, yet after over 2.5 years of routinely going to the gym, sure I'm lifting relatively more weight, but my chest is (more or less) flat & my back feels pretty bony to me. What am I neglecting?

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  29. With all his knowledge why can't he surpass his beginner three-year level??? Because of his lack of comprehension and misuse and abuse of his information!

  30. Scott,
    I'm currently skinny fat and have little to no muscle definition. After reading a TON of articles online, I'm confused as what to do now. As a beginner, I should be able to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, hence MANY fitness peeps recommend maintaining a slight caloric deficit. ( of about 200 lesser than my TDEE of 2500). However, you've recommended a slight caloric surplus( 200-250). I'm ready to work hard and want to gain muscle AND lose fat as fast as possible. ( while of course being realistic)

    So, the BIG question is whether I should maintain a slight cut or a slight bulk.
    Whatever happens, I don't wanna look FAT after the whole process.
    Thanks and please clear this confusion.

  31. So I just got back in the gym after years away, and as nice as it is to be back I feel really uncomfortable, because I'm probably at the worst shape I've ever been in. I did train for a while about 2 years ago, so coming back and just seeing how weak I have become is probably really de-motivating thing about it all. Do you think muscle memory will help me get at that point faster than if I started clean?

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  36. So what if I’m full beginner lifter, but I’m VERY knowledgeable about fitness science. Should I proceed to PPL? Or should I still do Full Body for the sake of being a beginner?

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