5 Vitamin Deficiencies That Show Up in Your Face

Most people admit they have trouble sticking
to a healthy diet. But when we steer away from food that’s
loaded with nutrients, we may be robbing our bodies of obtaining precious vitamins. Vitamin deficiencies are more serious than
many realize. It’s been estimated that more than 1 billion
people globally are Vitamin D deficient. A severe Vitamin A deficiency may even lead
to death. As your body starves for these essential vitamins,
your immune system can become weakened. It’s easy to track your daily nutrient and
vitamin amounts when you take a multivitamin. But there’s also another way; just look
in the mirror. In today’s video we will review the five
physical signs of vitamin deficiencies. 1. Puffy Eyes
Upon waking, everyone’s eyes may seem puffy. But excessing puffiness may be signaling a
low supply of iodine. This is a great time to stock up on: Cranberries, yogurt, kelp, potatoes, strawberries,
navy beans 2. Pale Skin
If you notice your complexion is growing pale, it may be a sign you need to increase your
Vitamin B12 intake. When it’s lacking, your skin can suffer
and you’ll also feel fatigued. One way to boost these levels is to eat plenty
of: Salmon, red meat, fortified cereal, yogurt,
swiss cheese 3. Dry Hair
If your bad hair days are due to dryness, this could be a hint that you are lacking
biotin or Vitamin B7. You may also notice a significant amount of
dandruff. One culprit could be antibiotics. The remedy is to eat: Eggs, almonds, nuts, legumes, whole grains 4. Pale Lips
Take a good look at your lips. If they are pale, it could mean you need more
iron. An iron deficiency can weaken your immune
system. Catching more colds can also be blamed on
low iron levels. If this is the case, change your diet to include: Red meat, seafood, beans, dark green leafy
vegetables, iron-fortified cereals, peas 5. Bleeding Gums
It’s normal to see a little blood after flossing, but if you notice that your gums
are so sensitive they are bleeding frequently, try adding Vitamin C to your diet. A clue that your immune system is weak can
also be experiencing muscle pain and dental problems. Again, there are plenty of foods that can
spring into action and boost your immune system and heal your gums: Oranges, red peppers, kale, brussels sprouts,
broccoli, strawberries, grapefruit

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33 thoughts on “5 Vitamin Deficiencies That Show Up in Your Face

  1. You don't mention that meat and milk products will lead to other problems so why not eating food which has only benefits for you?

  2. Nice Video , love the helpful content! new subscriber #747,221.  Thank you.  Please check out my latest video

  3. This video is meant to a white person I realized! My face will never be pale even if I dont' eat at alll!!!!!!

  4. watch dr morse's videos or mark rothkranz's videos, your face shows organ weakness that needs curing. It's not a vitamin additive that cures a toxic body. Please do your research, clean out your body and eat lots of produce to heal.

  5. I have vitamin D-3 DEFICIENCY…And I told it to my docto he suggest me to go and have sun bath everyday for 1 hour in morning…..

  6. kind of predictable that a lot of the comments are from vegans considering they are suffering tremendously from their childish diet. i dk why this was in my recommended but get off, thank you

  7. B12 from beef liver. Your energy will soar. Or take undefatted desiccated beef liver such as the Perfect brand.

  8. Avoid processed grains, especially fortified cereals. You need more magnesium, not more iron.

  9. Use whole food vitamins since synthetic vitamins are not good. Mineral supplements are not bioavailable unless they come from plants.

  10. Truth mixed in with bs.
    Directing people to meat is baad counsel. Meat is the number one cause of cancer, and heart disease.
    Why would a competent health advisor stear people down that trecherous path ?

  11. Good info but, egg yolks are rich in Vit B12 and should have been mentioned with the need for B12. Also iodine in sea salt helps used sparingly of course! Egg yolk made into a natural hair conditioner with banana and avocado and olive oil also makes hair smooth and healthy. Add lemons to Vit C list and drink that in purified water everyday esp. in the morning to cleanse the body internally. Also people with MS which I have, a mild form of it, are not allowed to eat red meat, sugar or whole grains because it's inflammatory! We need to eat gluten free products and ancient grains because the molecular structure of today's commercial breads isn't what it used to be decades ago. Certified nutritionist here and former fitness trainer which just goes to show one can eat very healthy and work out and still get an auto-immune disease! But, I think because I've always eaten rather healthy and mostly organic and have worked out a lot, my MS isn't as bad as it could have been! Take your vitamins and minerals as well as eating healthy and working out along with NO SMOKING which causes the skin to wrinkle along with too much sun and is bad for every organ in the body! To your good health on all levels! Get 6-8 hours of good sleep which is very healing and drink lots of purified water..not in plastic bottles but with a BRITA pitcher instead, better for the environment as well!

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