50 People Try To Make A Smoothie | Epicurious

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33 thoughts on “50 People Try To Make A Smoothie | Epicurious

  1. I often wonder how some people make it through life!

    It's a smoothie, if you can't do it you should not live.

    We're there any heterosexual men in this video?

  2. casting call for this had to be “ we need 20-30 people who have no concept of a kitchen or skills related to the basic human requirement of preparing food ( if you have never stepped foot in a kitchen in your life please apply) otherwise if you know what a kitchen is we have other available spots 10-20”

  3. I make smoothies every day, this was hilarious. It's not rocket science.
    Where are the straws for drinking the smoothie? You always gotta use a straw, I use the metal ones.

  4. Gabrielle: cant blend a smoothie and it falls out the bottom.
    Me: Shook

    Stephen: in the grown up section
    Me: "Is this real life"?

    Long-haired dumb grandma: actually successful
    My mom: planning my funeral cuz I had a heart attack

  5. I'll be honest I would've been the cocky one to make a nicely blended smoothie and then have it fall out the bottom because I didn't even know that could happen until right now.

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