6 Bro Science Myths KILLING Your Gains | Bro Science Myths YOU Believe!

1. The anabolic window. Holy shit. This is probably the BIGGEST bro science myth
I’ve ever heard. Basically, the anabolic window states that
within the first 30 minutes after your workout, you NEED to eat protein and carbs in order
to make proper muscle gains. Let me simplify this shit for all you bro
scientists out there, this is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. The bro science behind this total nonsense
comes from a study out of the University of Bros which states that eating within the first
30 minutes promotes muscle protein synthesis and glycogen storage because it keeps your
body in an anabolic state, as opposed to a catabolic state, which is basically a fasted
state. This has been disproved by science time and
time again, and now by your boy the god. Moral of the story is this, eat protein at
least a few hours after your workout and you’ll be fine, it’s far more important to be eating
the right amount of protein rather than eating it at some ritualistic time after your workout. I swear, I’ve seen guys do a 50 yard dash
running like Naruto to their car after their workout just to get to their protein shake
and I’m like holy shit dude, you need to relax before you get accidentally run over
by someone in the parking lot. If that’s you, then it’s time to chill
the fuck out. I’ve also seen guys drinking their protein
shake between every fucking set while they’re still there! Like bro … what the fuck are you doing?! 2. Cardio is bad for gains. Now this is some shit those wack ass juiced
up dudes who look like a veiny penises say to skinny beginner weightlifters. They’re like “bro you need to be moving
as little as possible to avoid burning off calories, every calorie you burn you gotta
eat back I swear some of these guys take it to such
an extreme that I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw them driving around from the benchpress
to the pulldown machine in one of those carts that old fat people use at the supermarket
to “avoid burning too many calories.” Now if you’re a skinny guy and you’re
trying to put on weight then doing something like playing 3 hours of basketball 7 days
a week will definitely make it harder to gain weight because you’ll be burning a lot of
calories during that time and you’ll have to eat those calories back later on, AND it’ll
slow down your muscle recovery. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t do cardio
at all, it just means you can’t do an insane amount of cardio because it’ll make it harder
for you to gain weight and more importantly, muscle. By no means should you be afraid of cardio
though, feel free to do whatever cardio you’d like a few times a week, as long as you’re
eating enough and not overdoing it, you should be fine. Basically, instead of having a 3 day sex marathon
with your side chick and mistress, cut it down to a 1 day sex marathon, that’s more
reasonable. Shit, I hope my girl doesn’t watch this video,
cuz she ain’t gonna be happy about that. 3. Taking supplements will make your gains for
you. I’ve met so many guys who think that going
to the gym and throwing the weights around for an hour counts as a workout routine as
long as they’re downing their whey protein, BCAAs, creatine, preworkout, fish oil, testosterone
boosters, steroids, fucking pixie dust, you name it. While supplements are an excellent way of
helping you maximize your gains, simply taking supplements and going to the gym will NOT
make your gains for you. The real greek god gains come from a strong
foundational workout routine and solid diet to match your goals of either gaining or losing
weight. Supplements are an awesome way of helping
you achieve those goals but they’re far less important than having a solid workout
routine and diet. The real value of supplements comes in the
convenience and added boost they can add to your workouts and diet. For example, with Bodybuilding.com’s Signature
creatine, you’re getting one of the most highly studied supplements that promotes muscle
growth, increased strength, powerful pumps, less fatigue, and overall fuller muscles. It also is an awesome added boost to make
sure you’re consistently adding weight to the bar each week and putting on muscle each
month as well. I especially recommend it to beginners who
are in their first few months and want to accelerate their initial newbie gains AND
people who have been lifting for a while and are looking to get over a plateau. Combine that with a diet that’s already
high in protein to meet your needs and you’ll make gains in no time. Just be sure you’re drinking at least 8
glasses of water a day and you’ll be good to go. The other two supplements I recommend are
preworkout and a multivitamin. Both of which have been studied and tested
extensively which is why I think they’re a safe bet in terms of the benefits they can
provide, unlike some other supplements whose benefits are still debated. Preworkout is awesome. It’s like going Super Saiyan before stepping
into the gym, no joke. It’s like training in the hyperbolic time
chamber. It helps make sure your energized and ready
to hit your workout at full speed. AND it promotes muscular endurance, more energy
for high-intensity or explosive movements, and better overall workout performance. It even has L-Citrulline which helps your
body circulate oxygen better. Some people even like to take L-Citruline
on top of a preworkout as well to boost the effects so if you’re into that I suggest
checking it out as well. Multivitamins are another essential for guys
who workout because they help fill in any nutritional gaps that you may be missing. It’s bad enough to have a nutritional gap
when you’re not active but if your body doesn’t have enough of the right vitamins
and nutrients while you’re putting it under physical stress during your workouts then
your deficiencies will be magnified and it could hurt your gains and your health. Now I’m not saying you don’t need to eat
fruits or vegetables now that you’re taking a multivitamin because there is absolutely
NO replacement for a wholesome diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables but a multivitamin
is a good added bonus to an already kickass diet. If you wanna check out the 3 supplements I
talked about from Bodybuilding.com, the Signature creatine, preworkout, and multivitamin, I’ll
have them linked below. 4. “You gotta eat big to get big ” This is probably the BIGGEST bro science fact
out there and SO many people believe this. Meat heads will say shit like “you need
to be slamming down 5,000 calories a day and 400 grams of protein if you wanna get as big
as me.” Ha, yeah right because that’s fucking healthy. Let me put it to you this way, the amount
of muscle you can gain has a limit, so let’s say within a 1 month period you can gain about
2 pounds of muscle and typically for most people, for every pound of muscle you gain
you also gain a pound or a half pound of fat. So let’s say you eat enough to gain your
two pounds of muscle, eating anymore than that won’t magically make you gain more
muscle, it’ll just make you gain more fat because you will have hit your threshold of
muscle gain and you’ll just be packing on fat from there if you eat anymore than you
need to. For most guys trying to pack on mass and muscle,
you need to eat about 5-15% more calories than your daily maintenance, some people may
need to eat a little bit more than that if they’re a really hard gainer but most people
can get away with eating an extra 500 calories a day to hit their surplus amount and gain
weight. An easy way to make sure you’re hitting
your caloric goal for the day is to drink a protein shake like I mentioned before, or
a mass gainer because they’re both dense in calories and protein which you need to
build muscle. I’ll breakdown the importance of having
enough protein in your diet for you newbies, so whip out your lab coats. Protein is the molecule in your body that
promotes muscle growth, counteracts muscle breakdown, and supports recovery after your
workouts. You get protein from eating stuff like beans,
brocoli, avocados, nuts, peanut butter, and of course protein shakes and bars. 5. Your life needs to revolve around the gym This is something fitness gurus try preaching
all the time on Instagram to make themselves look cool and like they’re hustling 24/7
but to be totally honest with you, this isn’t necessary. If you build a solid workout routine that
emphasizes compound movements and the right rep ranges for your skill level, mixed in
with an appropriate diet and some supplements for an added boost, you can get away with
lifting 3-4 times a week for an hour at a time, depending on how receptive your muscles
are to your workouts. I’ll have my breakdown of workout routines
on screen at the end of this video. Combine that with a decent fitness tracker
to track your diet and calories, and being and staying in godly shape will only add on
a couple hours to your week that make it well worth it, without it having totally eat up
your life. I mean just look at me! And that’s it. If you wanna check out the supplements from
Bodybuilding.com then click the link in the description to check them out.

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