6 Warning Signs of Protein Deficiency

Alright FitLifers, Drew Canole, I’m here with
my good friend and doctor, Ching Chen. She’s here from New York; she flew all the way in
to be with you, to be here, taking a stand for this really powerful movement that you’re
creating in your life. She’s a doctor of Western Medicine but she also looks at the human body
as a whole so a lot of the people that she works with FitLifers, instead of writing prescriptions
to them as what a doctor do, she actually looks more integrative at the holistic map
of the body so that the videos that you watch with her in them are going to be from her
own personal experience from working with hundreds of individuals up in New York and
throughout the world, that have literally transformed their life by using her methods
and tools. So now you’re here to talk about six warning signs, yeah we’re going to talk
about the six warning signs of protein deficiency and of course if you busted up your knee like
I did you’re going to need a lot of protein to rebuild that muscles back up. So I know
people are thinking right now, they’re like ‘whoa how much protein should I have during
the day?’ You told me a real quick calculation that seems to work for you and your client’s
right? Yeah, so in general what you want to do is take your weight divide it by two because
we’re approximately converting it to kilograms okay? So, if you’re a hundred pounds divided
by two you would be about 50 kgs. Okay? And so you take that and divide it into your three
meals alright? And your two snacks because you want to have even amount of energy throughout
the day. So if you are 50 kg what you would do, you would have about that’s someone that’s
very light, you know really tiny Asian chicks like half my size by the way. So anyway, you
would divide that through five meals about ten grams of protein per meal. Cool. It’s
super easy right? Simple. Cool. So what are the six warning signs of being protein deficient?
Well one of the most common ones you can actually see on everybody’s face and it’s having puffy
cheeks like you know that of a really cute kid, like this? Yes chipmunk, chipmunk’s face,
right? You’re like really pinchable stuff.. and what everybody really likes. Well actually
that pinchable stuff is actually a protein-carbohydrate imbalance. You know that thing that you can
see in the face most commonly is you have swollen eyes and so like if you look at the
parents and they have eyelids right? And you have an indent but you don’t see it in the
kid, well that’s part of it as well. But the swelling goes elsewhere in the body, you know,
you can have swollen hands like you have this little round puff here, and you think like
oh that’s cool, and cute but that’s actually swelling from protein deficiency, you can
also see it in the wrist. So then also you mentioned thinning hair as well, one of the
signs right? Absolutely. So a lot of people wonder like and you’ll see it very very common
even in kids because you know when they first were born, they didn’t have a full headed
hair and it’s kind of thinning up here already and so that thinning actually has a lot to
do with protein deficiency but it also has a good part to do with genetics and you’ve
got, because if your parents have this already, you look at the father and mother and they
already have thinning part, it also gets passed down to children as well. Alright, so if ever
you wake up in the morning and you have brain fog, and you feel little lethargic it’s not
because you’re not you know getting enough caffeine or anything like it, it’s actually
because you could be protein deficient right? Yes absolutely, so you know, because you don’t
have enough protein and nutrients that actually feed your brain, that’s causing like this,
really like blah-like feeling and so you won’t be excited about life you know, and most people
for instance take anti-depressive but actually what they really need to do is look into their
diet and look into the amount of protein that they eat, good protein that it. Cool. People
who have protein deficiency will also experience very dry, flaky skin along with skin discoloration
you know, you’ll be spotty all the time and it’s not so good looking but also because
when you’re protein deficient you’ll look, open up your skin to have other opportunist
to take infections as well, like fungus, Candida, that’s not good. Yeah, that’s not good. Alright
so those are the six warning signs that you could be protein deficient, now what remedy,
what can they do about it? Well I always recommend looking people into their diet, so I have
people do a food diary, and see what they eat you know catalogue what they eat and now
because of the advent of IPhones, Smart Phones, it makes it that much easier, and one of my
favorite app that you can use to do this is the MyFitness Pal and also Lose It. What I
tell people to do is look at when you log in it will give you an opportunity to look
at the amount of protein intake you have the carbohydrates and the fat content as well
as the nutritional content as well. If you are protein deficient and you know like the
people with fat bellies especially they’re trying to lose weight and get rid of some
water weight in face and stuff like that you want to have it your protein content at 40
% okay? So you should want a 40 and 30-30, super simple right? 30-30 is 30 % for the
carbohydrates and that includes sugar by the way and 30 % for the fat, and you want it
to be more plant based than meat based. Yeah, we’re going to talk about that in our next
video, we’re going to talk about what protein sources are best for you that you can breakdown
and absorb the most, because it’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb, so we’re going
to talk about that in our next video right? Absolutely, so stay tuned. Wow, thank you
so much for all that amazing information and coming all the way from New York just for
you guys, FitLifers, give her a big thumbs up and also check out her website we’re going
to post the link below this as well and I’ll take you to her Ching Chen, it’s been awesome,
we’re going to do a few more videos together and you can check her out and see more of
what she’s doing in the world as well by clicking the link you guys. So thanks so much for tuning
in thank you, we’ll see you next time, yup, remember we’re in this together.

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79 thoughts on “6 Warning Signs of Protein Deficiency

  1. No such thing as a protein defficiency so long as you eat fruit and veg. Low fat high raw 801010 vegan is optimum diet for human health. 

  2. 50 Kilogram human, 5 meals, 10 grams per meal, math? 😀 Much easier to actually explain with real numbers and math:

    The DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, or 0.36 grams per pound.

    This amounts to:

    56 grams per day for the average sedentary man.
    46 grams per day for the average sedentary woman.

  3. Hi Drew,
    I highly recommend you to give 80/10/10 diet a try, just two weeks and guaranty you will feel better than ever in your life.

  4. In America, we have diseases of excess, not deficiency.  And with all the meat/dairy/eggs/fish people are eating, they likely have more protein than needed (unless bodybuilding) and this stresses the kidneys and seen in the urine.  Proteinuria.  Kwashiorkor is the clinical name for protein deficiency and she didn't mention it once.  Its because it doesn't happen here in this affluent and indulgent culture we are in.  Its prevalent in developing countries.  You are not a doctor…and with the sizable following you have and who listen to what you say as "truth" you have a huge responsibility to share vetted, accurate, useful information.  Putting out  stuff like this is causing the average lay person to be even more confused, anxiety ridden and hypochondriac thinking something is wrong with them.  Are you running out of topics or what??  Disappointed in this one.  Ugh!!!  :(((

  5. 3% of America is protein deficient . Protein is by far the most overrated thing these days , also why people who are into lifting are taking way to much protein that also isn't quality protein .

  6. this is f*ing crazy the only protein deficiency is from not getting enough calories. She is full of it. You could eat f*ing grass all day and not be "protein deficient"

  7. Protein deficiency? I eat 5-10% protein calories (total 3000-5000kcal/day) and typically exercise 10-20 hours per week. Never managed to become deficient, judging by the symptoms described here but it is not easy to keep the protein intake down close to 5%. All foods contain them, and you automaticaly get (more than) enough if you eat whole foods and enough total calories. For adults, 2.5% of total calories is the lower limit. The WHO doubled this to 5% just to make sure you get plenty.

    I guess as long as you eat whole foods protein deficiency is not a real world problem – as opposed to excessive protein consumption which does a lot of damage.

  8. I see lot's of people with all six of those signs, none of them are vegan. Perhaps they had protein overdose?

  9. Why don't you just give the amount of protein in portions of ounces instead of percentages. I don't have a clue of what these percentages are and don't what to be bothered with trying to figure it out, just give us the ounces in portions. Is this so hard to do.

  10. I just want to point out that these symptoms can be caused by other issues too. If anyone is worried then get checked by a doctor to see where your problem lies. Then you can deal with whatever the issue is, hopefully with diet and natural means not medication.

  11. you need to edit your description. it says you need kilograms of protein in a day. thats alot! also go vegan. that will help with those warning signs

  12. if you want to eat 30% of protein it must be plant based, otherwise you put a strain on your kidneys. I would suggest a nice balanced vegan diet – good for your health, good for animals and good for the planet. oh, and have 15% fat, 15% protein and 70% carbs – more or less.

  13. I heard, also, that lacking of protein could cause insmonia. In other words, lacking of essencial aminoacids

  14. There's no medical term for protein deficiency. It doesn't exist without caloric deficit. 5% -10% protein from daily calories MAX is all the human body needs. Protein is only used, not stored. Consuming too much protein is extra work for the liver and kidneys, as it's their job to break it down. https://www.drmcdougall.com/misc/2004nl/040100puproteinoverload.htm

  15. How common is protein deficiency in the USA? The HCLF crowd say it is rare to nonexistent. I know that it does exist, I am wondering if there are other causes for it than lack of adequate consumption. Protein is really amino acids which are in all foods. The acids combine to make muscle tissue, which is known as protein. If you are a very ectomorphic person who has very little muscle mass, would that mean you have less free protein circulating in the blood? Would it be normal in that case for that person to have low protein levels?

  16. I followed your recommendations in the description " if you weigh 100 pounds, you would need about 50 kilograms of protein per day. If you weight 170 lbs, you would need to have about 85 kg of protein per day. Divide this amount of protein across your meals."

    … I'm now in the hospital with extreme stomach bloating and waiting for a new kidney

  17. All twenty amino acids, including the 10 essential ones, needed for good health are abundant in plants. In real life there is no such thing as protein deficiency, yet the meat and dairy industries generate tons of profit with these universally accepted lies. There is no such thing as dietary calcium deficiency.

  18. Has your chest collapsed? Your waistcoat looks a little baggy! Ooh by the way your supposed to leave the bottom button unbuttoned on a waistcoat 🙂

  19. typical western medical thinking. all the symptoms you discussed in this video are caused by TOO MUCH protein not from a deficiency. I feel sorry for anyone that takes this advice to increase protein if they are already inflamed.

  20. no such thing as a protien deficiecny on a diet sufficent in calories as long as its balanced and you can get all the protiens that you need just from plants .

  21. This is ridiculous. Human breast milk is only 6% protein. That is when we need it the most, as infants and that's still only 6%. Excess protein is the problem with most peoples diets. Animal protein is acidic and is hard work on the kidneys. All the protein you need is in the plants. No violence needed to boot 🙂

  22. I don't think this is true. Could be from a number of things. Macro-nutrients not being consumed can cause all these symptoms.

  23. thank you for this content where are the other video's that you have done with Dr. Ching Chen ? can you link them as well please.

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