651kcal Kale & Beans Rice Salad // Plant-Based Diet

Domo domo ! I uploaded the video about Tofu hot pot a few weeks ago. and it seems that everyone likes that kind of video. It may help you eat healthier I guess. I’m gonna make rice salad with this mixed beans. I actually make it myself sometimes. I usually don’t use these canned type food. just soak the beans from water… soak from water…? water… into… soak beans into water and let them soak. and then co……..ok with pressure cooker? boil? cook the beans myself. well, anyway, I thought many of you don’t do that. so, I’m gonna use canned beans. then, carrot kale This is dill. lemon tahini and baby leaf jasmine rice first, prepare rice. I’m not gonna eat all of them though. rice and water jasmine rice can be cooked for 10 minutes or so. I’m gonna steam kale together. once it brings to a boil, turn down the heat. meanwhile, I’m gonna make dressing. lemon. just a little bit. It doesn’t have to be almond milk.
use whatever you have. that’s it. needs some sweetness. let’s see what happens if I add some sugar 1/4 tsp a bit more. maybe 1/2 tsp It’s good. carrot kale 1/3 cup rice and then, a half can of the mixed beans. You could eat a whole can if you like. I’m gonna add 1 tbsp of capers. and dressing. pour into the middle of the plate. toss everything well then eat. It’s so easy to cook. real quick. what cuisine is this by the way? Which country are you from? It looks just like this after mixing it. You could totally change the flavor by changing the recipe of the dressing. It might be a good idea to make more dressing recipes. I think hot & spicy dressing goes well too.

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100 thoughts on “651kcal Kale & Beans Rice Salad // Plant-Based Diet

  1. I like your thinly-sliced carrots 🥕. A delicious-looking salad. I’m from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦👋🙂

  2. ニンジンの色がとっても綺麗~🥕

  3. 全部を混ぜても見た目がキレイなのは流石です。

  4. Buddha bowl みたいですよね。 ダンテさんは猫まんまと言ってました。何か命名ないですかね。ソースのレシピお願いします。 個人的なこのみで メープルシロップと 白みそをソースにいれます。ウチの犬の名前が Yogi なので ウチのは Yogi bowl でいいかな😁

  5. りょうやさんの国の料理でよろしいかと❤ヴィーガンで自炊動画を出してくれる方が少ないので参考になります🙆フムスを大量に作ったのでアレンジドレッシングで今夜はこれにします☺

  6. Just a reminder for anyone who doesn't know it. If Ryoya speaks Japanese in the video, it means he has also uploaded subtitles/captions on the video!

  7. I enjoy your videos healthy and yummy

    As a Thai. I like your style of making Thai food.

    Please make some more 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  8. この動画を まってました。🙋‍♀️
    tahiniは なかったので 代用で
    ペーストで ドレッシングを
    作り さっそく 夕食に
    作りました。とても 美味しかったです。また 是非 このシリーズ動画

  9. 後ろのパネルが傾いてるのが気になるんだけど目の錯覚かな?

  10. こんにちは!

  11. hahaha.. why you looks so cute when you explained about how to cook the beans. thankfully i know how to cook the beans (in a regular pot, not pressure cooker), lol.
    oh, yes, more dressing recipe please..

  12. 美味しそうです!ケールが沖縄であまり見かけず、自分で栽培するしかないかなーって企んでます。

  13. this is my favourite dish you made so far. because it is so simple, quick 'n easy to make, healthy! and i can imagine also very delicious 🙂 i can't wait to make it soon. thank you, bless you. arigato gosaimas :)))

  14. ケールとかフレッシュディルとかってあんまそこら辺のスーパーじゃ売ってないですよね??ディルは乾燥した状態で瓶に入ってるのはよく見ますけどwなんかレストランで出て来そうな料理wジャスミンライスって普通のお米とやっぱ味違うんですか?

  15. 言葉の面白い日でしたね。

  16. I use to cook something similar, but boiling brown rice and soaked beans together while steaming other vegetables (as broccoli, kale, squash, beetroot, eggplant). Simple but perfect 🙂

  17. 今回もとても参考になります!ドレッシングはワンパターンになりがちなので教えて頂けたら嬉しいです♪りょうやさんは間食はしないのでしょうか?もしするならどんな物を食べているのか気になります!

  18. Hey I love your video, looks so healthy! And delicious too!
    but may I request future videos?
    I really would like to see a vegan bento recipe with traditional Japanese food and local Japanese ingredients!

  19. Oh! I have all of those ingredients in my pantry right now! Thank you very much for this recipe and the nutritional information.

  20. Hi, I'm from Thailand. We always have jasmine rice in our meal ,but I never try to eat with salad dressing or eat in salad ways before ,maybe I've to try this next time!

    and I think that looks more like a lime than a lemon.

  21. Ryoya-san, thank you for sharing more of what you eat daily! I've been trying to incorporate a plant-based diet. I enjoy the easy recipes like salads but I can never make a dressing that I like 😫pls share more dressing recipes! 🙏

  22. I make this sort of thing all the time. My favourite food is a big nourish bowl with an almond butter dressing. I usually use soy sauce and garlic and the flavour but fir potato salad I put mustard. So good! 😋

  23. 豆を浸水させて茹でて食べるんですね( ´・ω・`)笑

  24. Yes please more dressings 😍This is really good. I love the mixture of flavors you put, very international ❤️✌️

  25. I love your previous style video more than this one, it’s Peaceful Cuisine Chanel identity which is different from other YouTube channels.

  26. タヒニは大好きでよく使います!米とケールをいっしょに炊く?とケールの苦みは出たりしませんか?

  27. That looks delicious! I'm in the U.S. and pretty recently discovered your channel. So far, I'm very impressed. Thank you!

  28. りょうやさん 痩せた。少年みたいでステキです。

  29. So cute trying to figure out the wordings! Hahaha my husband also do that all the time especially talking to me. Brain spinning too fast when mouse cannot follow lol.

  30. 美しい料理!作りやすくて美味しそうです。試してみます、共有してくれてありがとう!

  31. カフェメニューにありそうなお料理😄

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