7 Food Hacks To Eat More Protein (BUILD MUSCLE & GET LEAN!!)

7 food hacks to eat more protein. Hey, you guys. We’re going to be talking about seven hacks
to eat more protein today. To maintain your muscle building diet while
you’re on the go, here are seven foods that are going to help you. Let’s agree on what a good hack is first. What you need to know is, a hack should actually
help solve a tangible problem, or make the task at hand easier, or even make it possible
at all. So the first thing we’re going to talk about
is tuna. What’s great about tuna is, if you’re on a
budget, this is super budget friendly. They cost anywhere from $0.60 to $0.85 a can
– whatever brand you’re purchasing – and they have about 25g of protein. So really, all you need is a can opener. Sometimes you don’t even need that. So super convenient, packed with protein. If you’re worried about calories, just make
sure you get the tuna that’s packed in water. The other great things is, they actually carry
these in pouches now. So you can literally just take a pouch and
throw it in your back. So tuna. Super easy, great. Protein bars. Here’s another great one. Protein bars are a convenient way to get extra
protein because they’re super easy to, once again, stick in a pocket, your gym bag. I keep these in a gym bag at all times. If I’m at the gym, I notice my blood sugar
is getting low, pop one of these in. I’m getting about 20g-25g of protein. They’re pretty inexpensive. Maybe $1 or $2 a piece, or you can buy them
in bulk. It’s actually al to cheaper. So, protein bars. Super fast and convenient. The third: meal prep. Meal prep is a great way to keep you eating
healthy. Usually the best thing to do is, on the weekends,
get all your food together. Maybe you’re cooking chicken, broccoli, some
complex carbohydrates, maybe brown rice, quinoa. Put those in containers and you’re set for
the week. You’ve got healthy eating, it’s not going
to be like “What am I going to eat?” you’re running off and grabbing whatever you can
find. Fast food, or just random things. You’re set with your meal prep because you’ve
got healthy foods waiting for you in the refrigerator. Number three: good ‘ol peanut butter. What I love about peanut butter – and they’re
actually making this even more convenient. They actually sell these in little packets
in the store now. So once again, stick that in your gym bag,
stick it in your purse; wherever you want to put that. Or if you can’t find those, get a little container,
stick some in the container, grab some bananas, celery; anything like that to carry with you
to dip it in so you’re getting some protein along with some fiber from your apples and
other things. So, healthy little snacks. Super easy. Next we’re going to talk about protein powders. Everybody knows this is a super easy way to
get protein in. You can’t go wrong. One scoop, you just put it in some milk, or
water. You’re going to get anywhere from 25g+ of
protein in one glass. I know that ATHLEAN-Rx for Women has a great
powder. They have it in vanilla, or chocolate. You can find this on the ATHLEANXXforWomen.com
website. So if you’re confused about protein powders,
I know they have some good information. But let’s say you just don’t have time for
a meal, you’re running crazy, you’re late for class; grab some protein powder and get
the protein in. Next thing we’re going to talk about: beef
jerky. I never really thought about beef jerky until
somebody pointed out how great this stuff is. It’s, once again, super convenient. Throw it in your gym back. But what’s great is, it’s low in fat, high
in protein. But the one thing you want to be careful with
is checking for preservatives, especially nitrates, and the sodium level. Otherwise, a super great snack. Can’t go wrong. The last thing we’re going to talk about:
Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is not only great for protein,
but it’s really good for your digestive system because of those active cultures. Once again, you can get anywhere from 20g
to 25g of protein. Let’s say you want to throw in some nuts for
fiber. You’re set. This is great for breakfast, lunch, late night
snack; you really can’t go wrong with it. All right, you guys. Here are seven examples of some great protein. I hope you can use these. If you’re running around all the time and
need to get more food into your diet, I hope this was helpful. Hey, check out ATHLEANXXforWomen.com. Hit the like button, subscribe, leave us a
comment, and thanks for watching.

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