7 Powerful Lemon Balm Benefits You Need to Know | Nutrition Facts

Do you have skin problems that keep coming
back? How about digestion issues or trouble sleeping? Using lemon balm might help you ease those
symptoms. If you want to know more about its benefits,
make sure to watch the whole video to find out. What is Lemon Balm? Lemon balm is a lemon-scented herb that comes
from the mint family. You can find this herb around the world, but
it is most abundant in Europe, Africa, and Asia. You can put lemon balm on your salads and
other dishes, or turn it into tea. As you might have seen as well, it’s become
a popular flavor of ice cream and sweets—but clearly, you shouldn’t load up on those. It’s often best and most convenient to take
lemon balm as a supplement or as an extract. But, there are people who prefer to use it
as a topical treatment or as part of aromatherapy. It has lots of potential health-boosting benefits
that many people have yet to discover, which is surprising, given that it’s among the
oldest natural remedies around. But, what exactly are these perks? First, Lemon Balm Makes It Much Easier to
Relax Since lemon balm has relaxing properties,
it can ease you into relaxation and improve your mood. There’s a downside to that though—the
herb limits your alertness. With that in mind, it’s definitely best
to take or consume lemon balm before bedtime. Next, it Allows You to Better Cope with Anxiety
Lemon balm’s mild sedative effect can be quite useful during anxiety attacks. More importantly though, the herb helps balance
the hormones. As you might know, anxiety is partly due to
hormonal imbalances that negatively influence how neurotransmitters work. Next, it Enhances Overall Immunity
Lemon balm is loaded with antioxidants. This means it’s capable of fighting oxidative
stress, which in turn reduces the risk of infection. It also has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It fights pathogens, hence protecting the
body from disease-causing agents. Lemon Balm Promotes Skin Health
Being anti-inflammatory, lemon balm can be useful in clearing skin infections. In fact, it works as a natural astringent,
meaning it can keep acne-causing bacteria under control. This herb is likewise great for people with
herpes and cold sores, alleviating symptoms for a faster recovery. Next, it Keeps the Gut in Tiptop Shape
Drinking lemon balm tea can help improve digestion while reducing your chance of experiencing
constipation. If you drink lemon balm fairly regularly,
avoiding gastric ulcers should become easier. It also reduces the risk of getting other
forms of digestive issues. Next, it Shields the Liver from Harm
Lemon balm enhances cholesterol synthesis in the liver, as well as reduces the growth
and spread of cancer cells in the said organ. The antioxidants present in the herb support
the liver by fighting off free radicals. This enhances the liver’s function, which
encompasses improvements in metabolism. Finally, It Keeps the Heart Healthy
Lemon balm benefits the heart, protecting heart muscles from various types of injuries. This amazing herb also appears to influence
electrical impulses within the heart. For example, in Iran, lemon balm is used for
treating heart palpitations. It even regulates heartbeats, aiding people
with arrhythmias. Adding this herb to your diet or taking it
as a supplement in several different forms may just be the thing you need to feel healthier. After all, lemon balm helps you achieve a
healthy body and a calm mind, meaning it can improve your overall sense of wellbeing. All in all, this tiny herb might just be able
to do wonders for your health. And most importantly it serves as a natural
way of treating and avoiding all sorts of health problems without spending too much. Loved this video? Don’t forget to give it a like. Share it with your family and friends. And of course, for even more great content,
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