A Pregnenolone Supplement for Adrenal Fatigue

This is Dr. Lam, founder of drlam.com. And today’s topic is, what is the best way
to go about speaking with your private doctor and letting them know that adrenal fatigue
is all about, and you are not wishing to take any more hormones, which is what they may
want you to do. This is a very complex question because the
path to truth starts with education, and doctors who need to be educated will eventually find
the answer on themselves. Many of them do try, to give them the credit. Let me give you a typical example, for example,
in the case of pregnenolone. Now pregnenolone supplement is a precursor
to cortisol. And when you complain of adrenal fatigue one
of the common tests may be taken by blood or saliva is pregnenolone. Now the pregnenolone may be low, and the common
tendency therefore is to supplement with pregnenolone. Now in the case of adrenal fatigue there may
be reasons why the pregnenolone supplement may not be indicated. In another words, you have to be very careful. Just because the serum pregnenolone level
is low does not mean that you have to replace. Because in oftentimes these hormones, they
self-regulate. And once the adrenal heals they come up by
themselves. And if you do additional external pregnenolone
you can cause yourself to be in a state of too much pregnenolone if that happens. So educate your doctor. Let them understand what pregnenolone does,
the pros and the cons, is the key. That way they will be able to give you the
proper advice after they factor in all your clinical situations in the most detailed way
possible. And reading my book is very important. It’s over 500 pages long and it has many,
many discussions, in fact a whole chapter on the pros and cons of not only hormones
but also other kinds of stimulatory compounds including glandulars, herbs, as well as testosterone,
estrogen, progesterone. In terms of adrenal fatigue itself it is an
educational process, and the more the doctor know the more they’re able to help you.

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3 thoughts on “A Pregnenolone Supplement for Adrenal Fatigue

  1. Educate your doctor? I’m sorry I just tried. Talked about MTHFR and Pregnenolone and my issues with myself. My gynecologist said that MTHFR was a clotting problem? Which it’s not. It’s a methylation problem. And I spoke of my malformation that most certainly makes me a candidate for a test. I react to vaccines and medications. I spoke of f having low cholesterol and my brain fog. The liver enzymes being high and I wanted a Pregnenolone hormone test. By blood not saliva. Especially because of the liver low cholesterol and my adrenal fatigue. She tried to insult me and tell me to stay off the net.
    I laughed and said. 5 woman in my family have had dementia and Alzheimer’s along with MS. It’s important I have these tests. She said, I have that in my family and no one showed up with MTHFR.

    I said, you told me earlier to stay away from genetic testing, because it would open a new can of worms and cost me 100’s of thousands of dollars. “So all the people in your family have been tested. And the test form MTHFR is 160$ my VEDS test is 1,500. I’m good on the prices. And I’m sorry but you need to check out Pubmed I’m sure you have heard of this. And if you have dementia in your family. Please, get tested. It’s not a clotting problem it’s a methylation problem. And excused myself. That’s two doctors in 3 weeks, I refuse to see again. I cannot stand knowing more that my doctors. Especially when they try to make me look stupid when they are quite ignorant themselves.

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