A Supplement Regime for Health and Fat Loss

– I do do one of the, do do. Dodo (beep) With lunch I do do, I do do. [Soft Voice] You do have. I do have (laughs) (beep) This is for the do do,
then I do do this one. (laughs) Hey Burners, I’m Fiona
from Fat Burners Only and today I’m going to
give you a little insight into the products that
I use on a daily basis. Now I always find this very interesting. When I first met Paul before
we were working together. I always was interested in the products that he chose to use on a daily basis. When you’re working in
a supplementation store, you have access to so many
products and so much information. So I always find that there
are really good insight into what products were high quality and which products were effective, if the people in the supplementation store were actually using those
products themselves. So for me personally, first and foremost, my number one goal is always, general health, general wellbeing. So, leading a healthy
lifestyle, taking products that are gonna make me feel
good and make you feel healthy. Secondly at the moment I am definitely more weight loss focused. We do have our wedding coming
up, at the end of the year. So I am on that Wed shred. So yeah, I’m gonna get stuck in, I’m going to over which products are used. When I take them and how
much of them I take as well. So, starting from the right. The products I use, first
thing in the morning, before any food, before any
coffee, before any stimulants is one scoop of Gut Performance and one scoop of Noway Protein. The reason that I use these
two products is that they, first of all they taste
really nice together. They’re really really pleasant. I normally go for the vanilla
and the Gut Performance its got like a mild berry flavour. The Gut Performance is really good, it contains soluble-insoluble fibre. It amazing for your gut health. It is also supportive
of a weight loss goal. So that is working really
nicely for me at the moment and I definitely notice
that it reduces bloating. And it just helps with
digesting throughout the day. So I can definitely feel that. The Noway Protein helps with recovery, it’s collagen based works great
for your hair, skin and nails. So yes, I love this combo,
first thing in the morning. The next products I take with breakfast is the PC Laboratories’,
3 Step Fat Loss system. So now these three products
are definitely designed for someone on a weigh loss journey, focusing hitting a certain goal. Whether it’s a wedding,
whether it’s a holiday. I love these guys,
they’re super effective. I do one ProBurn Advanced,
one ProALCAR+ Plus GBB and two of the ProCLA
Essential with breakfast. The next thing I do I a
couple of hours later, my morning tea, morning coffee. I do the Before You Speak
Coffee in the caramel flavour. And I do a Smart Protein
Bar, so I love these guys. Look for me this is
really about the taste, it’s a really satisfying snack. Like I said Before You Speak, I tend to favour the
caramel flavour or the OG. For the Smart Protein Bars,
I love all of their flavours. I would say top five cinnamon donut, vanilla nougat, apricot coconut,
raspberry, white chocolate, salted caramel, the
latte also really nice, the banana bread is really
good too and the apple pie. They’re actually, they’re all really good, I would recommend if you
haven’t tried them before, getting an assorted box,
so you can try them all. It’s a pretty safe bet,
they’re all delicious. So you will not be disappointed
with these guys here. Another side note, these are cold pressed, made with whey protein isolates. So it’s high quality protein, may help you through
recovery a little bit. And also gentle on the digestive system. It does have a little bit
of fibre in there as well. So yeah, these guys are great, this as well, tastes delicious. So now we’re hitting around
the middle of the day. I do go back to my PC Laboratories’, 3 Step Fat Loss system, at lunchtime. If I have enough energy, I will just do the ProALCAR+
Plus GBB and the CLA. But if I feel like I’m
lugging a little bit. If I’m feeling a bit tired, or if I’m feeling like my body
can’t handle the caffeine. I will do another ProBurn Advanced. These guys are great
again, burning calories from fat from the stomach and thighs. I love this stack. Now we’re pretty much getting
towards the end of my day. So at bedtime I do take
two of the Alpha Venus. This guy is great for
detoxifying, amazing for women, amazing for maintaining
healthy oestrogen levels. I also find as a fun sort of side note, this one is amazing for
my hair, skin and nails. My nails and my hair grow like crazy when I’m using Alpha Venus. So I do two of these, before bed. I also take a magnesium
supplement, so I use magnesium I don’t like taking, as
you may have noticed. I don’t like taking a whole
heap of flavoured powders. So the magnesium tablets
work really nice for me. It does say to do one, I do two
of these before I go to bed. It just helps to relax my muscles and give me a good night’s sleep, without making me feel
drowsy the next morning. And I also generally end
up taking my last two CLA. I do always forget to
take these at dinner time. Which is when you’re technically
suppose to take them. So I just take two of these, just before I go to bed as well. And it doesn’t seem to affect, the effectiveness of the product at all. So yeah, two of these before bed, two magnesium and two Alpha Venus. Now this is pretty much it, that is my daily supplementation. The only thing missing
from this table is water. So that is something that is massive, particularly if you’re on a
weight loss goal currently. It amazing for fat loss and
it’s obviously incredible for your general wellbeing,
hair skin and nails. It’s important for everything,
we’re made up 70% water. Me personally, I am a big water drinker. I’m also, super tall, I’m 174 centimetres. So I drink, three to three
and 1/2 litres of water a day. I strongly recommend that
if you’re hitting that one, one and 1/2, you try bumping it up. Because it does make all
the difference in the world. Thank you so much for watching. I really hope that you
got something out of this. If you have any questions
about the products that we’ve spoken about. Or if you’ve tried the products before and you have some feedback. We’d love to hear it and leave a comment in
the comments’ section. Otherwise thanks again guys and well see you on the next video.

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