All About Niacinamide Vitamin B3 from Product Recommendation to Ingredient Combination | Do & Don’t

hi guys it’s me Eunice and I’m back before
we start please like this video and please subscribe to a Wishtrend TV well one
of your favorite video is back and that is talking specifically and in details
about a certain product now we share the do’s and don’ts so we shared if an
ingredient works well with certain products together or if that ingredient
does not work well together with other ingredients and we talked about vitamin
C and then AHA and then we are here with the third video and I think this video
itself was very very popular because a lot of people are really really
interested and really happy to see the ingredients that can be commonly found
and also that is very popular in a skincare and today I have brought one of
the most requested ingredient which was Niacinamide I know that many of you
guys were waiting for this ingredient we’re gonna be sharing the do’s and
don’ts one more time and the how-tos and product recommendations as well so let’s
get started okay so let’s jump into what exactly is Niacinamide it’s also
known as vitamin 3 or nicotinic acid Niacinamide is a water-soluble that
works with natural substances in your skin and the main function is to improve
the appearance of enlarged pores uneven skin tone wrinkles fine lines dullness
and weakened surface so Niacinamide is actually uniquely are compatible with a
lot of ingredients in your skin care such as retinol peptides hyaluronic acid
and any other antioxidants but we won’t go too deep into that because we have
more details for you later on oh I have some great news for you guys
Niacinamide is suitable for all skin so from teen skin to even mature skin
now let me talk about the main functions of Niacinamide one of the main functions
is to strengthen the skins barrier on a cellular level
so Niacinamide is proven for its excellency in
strengthening our skins barrier so what does not exactly mean so think of your
barrier of your skin as the first line of defense it protects your skin against
environmental aggressors pollutions and irritants and a stronger one just
basically means stronger resiliency however as time passes and as we grow
older it becomes weakened Niacinamide boosts barrier functions by producing
more ceramides it also has the effect of anti acne Niacinamide reduces papules
and pustules seen in acne it is great in hyperpigmentation as it reduces the
transfer of pigment molecules from melanocytes to keratinocytes it also has
the effect of anti aging yes Niacinamide is not only great for anti-aging
because it helps to protect or strengthen our skins barrier however it
also has the effect to keep the moisture but also it has the effect to prevent
moisture loss it also helps with the damage from the heat and lights like I
told you before so it helps with the improvement of fine lines enlarged pores
and uneven skin tone also so for the best results find Niacinamide in a
product that’s a leave on kind you can include Niacinamide in both morning
and night routines but it’s always great to find what works best for you and your
skin type alright so now it’s time to look at the do’s and don’ts of
niacinamide so we’re gonna dig a little bit deeper
into work works really well with Niacinamide and what does not work well with
Niacinamide however depending on the percentage of Niacinamide in a product it
might differ a little bit so always keep that in mind hi guys it’s Freya here before going into the Do’s with
niacinamide I’m going to give you some recommendations of some products that
contains Niacinamide based on several skin types as it was mentioned
before it is really effective to use Niacinamide as a
leave on product and so there is a good news for you here is a new arrival
from klaris first for all skin types I recommend Klairs freshly juiced
vitamin e mask it is a special care product which main component is vitamin
E and vitamin E is just perfect when it comes to anti oxidation and brightening it
is a special care product that you can use it as a moisturizer or as a sleeping
mask when you can just put it on your face while you’re sleeping and also one
of its main ingredient is Niacinamide and it prevents melanin which forms in
our body from moving to epidermis thereby decreasing pigmentation and also
treat skin problem by controlling the sebum and by its unique texture it is
really easy to apply even in the rough skin it has a pudding-like
elasticity so even when you use it with your finger or a spatula you’ll be able
to see and coming back to its original form
immediately this time I’m going to give recommendation to oily but dehydrated
inside skin type and it is i’m from vitamin tree water gel it contains 68% of vitamin leaf water and vitamin leaf is really rich in calcium which
strengthen the skins barrier it has seven times more Karakum than green tea
every excellent effect on prevention of oxidation for those who are concerned
about the dry skin try using the essence from magnolia line by i’m from if you
just see this design and experience is texture scent and effect I bet you like
it also 69% of Magnolia water included in this essence it’s so hydrating that it
will make your skin feel more refreshed it will give your skin a more lightly
and bright complexion as it to splash the hydration into your skin and you
don’t have to worry about the stickiness at all and this time it is a
recommendation for enlarged pores skin types and it is skin Miso’s pore zero
night cream designed only with natural ingredients to replace the skin with
pure antioxidant and hydration from the nature the pore zero night cream
is made to hydrate calm brighten control presence tighten and restore
all in one product also thanks to Niacinamide it is really effective anti-aging
and wrinkle care products for the optimal control and the balance of your
skin’s need next I bet there are many people out there whose main skin concern
is having a dull skin so for these kinds of people I recommend Chica Y Chico Nude Fantasy Whitening cream it is being loved by its immediate and conspicuous effects
it plays a role as an immediate skin tone up cream but when using it for a
long period of time it can show the improvement of the skin tone so it is
really good to use both short-term and long-term with an all natural formula
that instantly brighten things while moisturizing with anti-aging effects and
natural glowy finish it is one of my favorite products the last but not least
recommendation is for acne prone skin and it is skin miso spot repairing serum
this is for just apply on the spot rather than putting it all over the face it
is famous for its effectiveness and about 89% of consumers have reported
seeing improvements on their trouble acne spots this include red spot acne
fresh or old acne scar dark spots etcetera this acne spot treatment calms
and soothes the irritated spots of your skin this spot treatment serum also
provides a protective layer on your skin to protect and seal your acne spot away
from outer environment to provide better treatment so I just gave you some product
recommendations which contains Niacinamide and which kind of product to use
in which kind of skin type so now Eunice is going to talk about the don’ts now
let’s jump into the don’ts so in our previous video for vitamin C ingredients
we have mentioned that it will be the best to use Niacinamide
vitamin C in a different routine and the reason why we told you that was because
aesthetically yes the colors might change due to the combination between
vitamin C and Niacinamide of course this color
doesn’t harm the skin or last for a long time because of the appearance and the
possibility that it can actually degrade on each of the ingredients effect that’s
why that time we didn’t recommend that you use it together however we have
mentioned according to the ratio or different ingredients in the products
you will not experience any negative effects of Niacinamide and also vitamin C
so please keep that in mind now we know the basic information and the
don’ts of Niacinamide so what I’m going to do now is going to tell you the
do’s with Niacinamide and give you some product recommendation the mix of
niacinamide which improves the skins barrier with peptide that improves fine
wrinkles and lines and improve damaged skin you will be able to have a much
healthier skin and for the recommendation I recommend Klairs
midnight blue youth activating drop after cleansing in night skin care
routine apply this dropper of blue drop mainly on the part that you want to
fine lines to be cared and after finishing the rest of your skin care put enough
amount of vitamin E mask on your face and just go to sleep you’ll be able to
have elastic and healthy skin by tomorrow
now the second do is to mix niacinamide with hydrating ingredients when Niacinamide
which decreases the moisture loss meets hydrating people who has a
dry skin will benefit a lot from those two ingredients and one of the
ingredient is hyaluronic acid also known as sodium hyaluronic if you provide
moisture with light moisturizing cream that has hyaluronic acid with
niacinamide which will block it from drying out it will be twice as more
effective so for this mix I recommend Klairs Supple preparation face toner
and Klairs rich moist soothing cream you can use these in both morning and
night care routine by using the Klairs toner give your skin a first primary
moisture and instead of using the serum just layer the toner and use this
mild and light Klairs cream to provide secondary moisture
lastly finished by using the light and fresh texture of vitamin water gel and
you’ll be able to actually feel that moisture is being filled from inside of
your skin and the second ingredient is Shea butter and honey shea butter is also
excellent in moisturizing but if you use it with Niacinamide it’s gonna be more
effective so for recommendation is i’m from honey cream when you have troubles
on your skin using the honey cream which is hydrating and effective on irritated
skin with Niacinamide product it is going to be really really helpful especially
if you have concerns because of the scars made by acnes use spot repairing
serum and finish with this honey cream to have acne effective care so today
i talked about Niacinamide and do’s and the don’ts and the product
recommendation i hope this video is like really useful to you guys and if you
liked this video press like subscribe and leave comment and if there’s any
other ingredients that you want to know about please leave a comment so we can
do a video for you so I hope you have a flawless day and see you later

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