All About Nutrition and Food Science

[ Music ]>>So the HNFS Department,
Human Nutritional and Food Science
Department, is really broken into two main categories. You have FST, which is
Food Science Technology, and then you have
Nutritional Science.>>So Food Science is a major
which is processing, packaging, sensory, all the
things you do in between when you harvest the
food and the food comes to your house for consumption.>>The Nutritional Science
is for people that still want to learn more about
nutrition and health, and the dietetics
area is for people that want to be dieticians.>>What dieticians are focused on is once you actually eat the
food and you start digesting it, that’s when dieticians
are concerned.>>You learn how to
develop nutrition programs. You do a lot of hands-on
learning, a lot of community service.>>It wasn’t just teach
you, read out of the book, take the quiz, take a test. It got me ready, ready
mentally to be able to think outside the box.>>The faculty is very
willing to help the students. They’re very involved
and they want to see the students succeed.>>One of the reasons
why I work here at Cal Poly is I get
to know my students. I get to meet my students. I get to work with my students. My students work with me.>>Has always been really
nice and I can just go in to a teacher’s door without
making appointment and be like, ok, I have these two options,
what direction should I choose? And because they
know my personality and they know what
are my interests and what exactly I excel in, I
really value their expertise.>>So that was another factor that really made me
interested in coming here. I wanted to get the best degree
possible and that happened to be provided here
at Cal Poly Pomona.>>During my time here,
I’ve done three internships. I had so many opportunities
to really learn and expand. I was able to apply
things I’ve learned from the classroom
to my internship.>>The jobs are endless. There are just an
abundance of jobs. You can work anywhere. You can go anywhere
in the world.>>Nestle, Cargill’s,
General Mills.>>The field is going
to be very strong. Food is going to be
consumed no matter what. That’s the beauty
of this program. It brings everything together
and applies to something which we consume every day.>>And especially coming from a
school such as Cal Poly Pomona, it has the program that’s
a very, very solid program. It’ll take you anywhere
you want to go. It really will. [ Music ]

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