AMDR problem 3 Nutrition

okay let’s look at our last problem here
so my doctor told me to stay on a strict caloric diet so maybe i need to lose a
little bit of weight so they are putting me on nineteen hundred kilo
calories but I also have high cholesterol or at
least this lady does and the doctor because of maybe research
that suggests high-fat diets may contribute to high
cholesterol she wants to limit the intake of your fat and particularly when a limit that
intake to ten percent of the total number of calories but let’s say my parents came to visit
me or her parents came in a trip into the Amana Colonies where they have lots of
lovely fatty bacon and so when they went out she ate twelve of them. So the question is
here we want to do a couple bits of math so one is with our one thousand nine
hundred kilocalories we want to figure out ten percent of that so that is as we saw before in out other
math we wanna take one thousand nine hundred kilocalories and multiply that by zero point one zero and this should be approximately one hundred
and ninety kilocalories so remember what this is telling us
because ten percent of all these calories is
gonna be a hundred ninety and so i only want one hundred and ninety calories coming from my fats so the real question is how many grams
of fat is that because as you can see what i have
here, I have information on what one slice of bacon will have. Now granted it does tell me energy so i
could do calculations that way but also right here if we look at total
lipids it tells me per slice there is three point one eight
grams so i want to get this one hundred and
ninety converted to grams so than i can do some fairly simple math and easiest way to do that is one
hundred ninety kilocalories that’s a number now remember fats are a little bit
different here and that there’s approx point nine kilocalories per gram so i’m not gonna use four, but use nine cross these out and what will see is approximately or should have approximate twenty-one
grams of fat so now the question is eating twelve pieces of bacon, did I
i mess up and that’s where this number is gonna
come into play each one is worth three point one eight
I can just round it to three for really simple math so i am gonna take twelve slices and i’m going to do three grams per
slice here cross out and so what we’re gonna see here is approximately twelve slices of bacon will give me thirty six grams now if you remember right there i need twenty one grams so my thirty one grams far exceeded that so now i gotta go up here did i mess up for the day absolutely doesn’t mean i’m gonna die but the point
is i didn’t mess up on that particular day in really for the rest of their should not
have any more fats and that’s probably not that easy but that would ultimately want to be
my goal

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