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[Music] hi there Andrew Lessman here with a little video blog and it’s responding to one of the more frequent questions I’m getting and it’s a question that I rarely saw about five years ago that now I’m seeing all the time and unfortunately the products that it relates to I’m also now seeing all the time and specifically what I’m talking about our gummies gummies are those nutritional supplements that it wasn’t sufficient to put them in a small tablet or as I do put them in a very small capsule that contains no lubricants flowing agents my goal in making dietary supplements it’s sort of minimalist giving you exactly what you need without additives without binders without fillers without lubricants without any garbage we get enough garbage in our food supply and in our diet that nutritional supplements shouldn’t be an additional burden I’ve always talked about that in terms of the typical tablets you see on the marketplace that those tablets contain lots of additives gummies have now added insult to injury gummies are a worse version of tablets gummies take advantage of one of our worst human weaknesses and that’s the need for us to think that something has to taste sweet and sugary for us to consume it that gummies are the worst of the worst in terms of corporate behavior where we know that sugar is not a good thing and we need to limit it in our diet and dietary supplements vitamin supplements are supposed to be objectively healthy that’s the only purpose for swallowing them so when you swallow a gummy at least all the gummies I’m familiar with and I hope there’s some out there that I’m mistaken those gummies contain sugar as their primary first ingredient and those gummies are 10 15 20 calories per gummy and most products required that you swallow several of them so you’re consuming anywhere from 10 15 20 up to 60 calories or more in sugar so it’s just a to me it’s not vital men’s are not supposed to be candy a number of years ago there’s a company that makes vitamin C beverages that number of years ago I looked at into actually buying that company and my only goal when I bought it would have been to take their vitamin C drinks and get rid of the sugar and make them zero calorie and zero sugar because I thought it was somewhat dare I say hypocritical to add sugar to a vitamin mineral supplement to a vitamin C beverage vitamin C doesn’t need to have sugar accompanying it for it to be beneficial and palatable in fact by delivering sugar with it it’s not in the best interests of you or your digestive system or your immune system or any system in your body to consume additional sugar we already do that so I just have thought as I watched this this gummy business booming and I’m probably not gonna make a lot of friends by recording this but I watch this gummy business booming and I just continue to scratch my head because all these gummy companies are doing is treating everyone who buys one of those gummies as a child that you don’t need to be you don’t need to be a child eating sugar to swallow the nutrients and and most of them don’t contain particularly high levels of nutrients per gummy so you end up consuming large amounts of calories and additives and all sorts of other ingredients even if they call them organic I looked at some labels recently they just contain organic sugar and organic sweeteners so who cares if it’s organic it’s still sugar in fact with our choco Nouveau product dark chocolate basically a standardized extract of chocolate chocolate I ended up spending a few more years bringing that product to market because my goal was to limit the amount of sugar in it so that the choco Nouveau I take every day has less than half a gram of sugar less than half a gram is less than two calories of sugar and that’s in a yummy little 26 calorie piece of chocolate that also lowers your cholesterol to think that these gummies that have just you know vitamins and minerals in them or some of them contain omega-3s in them or whatever it might be that you’re consuming dozens of calories of sugar grams and grams of sugar every single day it’s it’s shocking and appalling to me and to when I think about the fact that they’re probably now making billions of gummies a year if not tens of billions of gummies a year that means as Americans we’re consuming tens of billions of calories or it could be hundreds of billions of calories of sugar it will when we’re just getting a vitamin supplement and certainly mine are not the only vitamin supplements in the market but mine are small capsules easy to swallow capsules anyone could swallow them and even if they didn’t want to because their ultrafine powders that can open up that capsule and they can open it into yogurt or soup or oatmeal or oat bran or a smoothie so I look at the the gummy market as sort of as an inexcusable opportunistic attempt by my industry and I say my industry because I make vitamin supplements but frankly I don’t even look at the gummy industry as vitamin supplements it’s candy and and candy masquerading maybe as a vitamin supplement and you probably wouldn’t have to speak to very many pediatricians or doctors to hear one tell you that they have received calls probably many calls where children have overdosed on vitamin supplements hopefully these companies making these gummies are smart enough to know that even putting keep out of the reach of children on a label that you want to be wary of putting things like iron or other ingredients that a child could potentially overdose on because I don’t care who the child is they’re gonna look at these candy like objects and think it’s candy and so again concerning to me and I know I’m not gonna make friends in the gummy industry but maybe they should stick to making candy and we could all stay in the vitamin is making things that actually look like vitamin supplements and don’t deliver 10 20 50 60 calories of sure with each daily dosage mind you if you decide to take your gummies of vitamin D and your gummies in a multivitamin your gummies in omega-3 by the time you’re done you could be consuming a hundred to 200 calories a day in sugar in gummies which is absolutely unhealthy horribly unhealthy so again I’m it’s not I don’t typically get up on my soapbox about things but I would I would recommend taking a vitamin tablet with all the binders and additives it might contain then taking a gummy and in fact the more mass-market gummies contain two three four artificial colors even the supposedly healthy gummies that I looked at the organic ones contained organic carnauba wax I guess that’s how they either seal it up or get it to eject from the mold or something like that but carnauba wax is like car wax or shoe wax it just is inconceivable to me that these gummies masquerade as these healthy desirable products and some of them actually put some decent vitamin or mineral ingredients in them but it’s an insult it’s an assault on the benefits of those ingredients to put them in sugar based product in fact as I started talking about before the vitamin C company that I was thinking of purchasing but only but if and only if I could have improved their products it’s taken me over a decade but we’re not long from introducing a vitamin C beverage and it won’t contain a thousand milligrams because five hundred milligrams in a beverage like that will be better absorbed than a thousand milligrams so it makes more sense you get more bang for your buck and more benefit with 500 milligrams but again ours will be zero calories zero sugar zero carbohydrate it’s only taken me probably about thirty years to perfect but patience is a virtue I suppose but that’s coming out and with that same technology that we’ve developed we’ll be able to do a children’s product and mind you by doing a children’s product I like the fact that it’s kind of inconvenient that it’s in a packet that you have to empty the packet it’ll be like a little sugar packet you’ll empty it into some water and it’ll taste absolutely delicious probably bear flavored or orange flavored it’ll be incredibly delicious but there’ll be no mistaking it for what it is it won’t be perceived as candy also even if some child was industrious enough to take that 30 count packet and open it up and have all of them we’ll make sure we formulate it in a way that we don’t put ingredients in it that could potentially be harmful to a child who might have chosen to take too much of it but again the very nature of the formula the way we’ll deliver it the way will package it will discourage that from ever happening so again that’s not the case with gummies gummies are the whole sales pitch on gummies is it’s like making your vitamins candy which means you make your vitamins sugar rich which means you make your vitamins potentially deceptive to children who might think it’s candy and a potential risk so I just can’t comprehend the existence of this entire enormous and burgeoning growing marketplace of of gummies except for the fact that they’ve taken advantage of our human weakness we all like sweet things and but it doesn’t mean that you know all of us were trying to eat less candy now we’re eating gummies and it’s it’s just the same sugar as you’d find in candy there’s your body can’t recognize the difference so I probably sound like a broken record and probably those of you who are watching this use my products and you don’t take gummies so you’re probably wondering while I’m railing about this but hopefully others will speak out further I think it’s a it’s a shame that the vitamin industry has has now decided to to become you know really purveyors of candy when I make my dark chocolate I’m very clear that it ain’t candy it’s not candy in the least and I say that all the time that it’s basically a dark chocolate it’s a dark standardized extract of the cocoa bean and that’s how we make our chocolate and the hardest part of the process wasn’t figuring out how to give it a creamy texture with that cholesterol-lowering ingredient the hardest part of the process was selecting a chocolate that when combined with that cholesterol-lowering ingredient I could use less sugar I could get away with literally less than half a gram of sugar in a typical square little 26 calorie piece that was the difficult process because the way I’ve eaten for decades now is I try to reduce my sugar intake it’s something we should all try to do we don’t need added sugar in our diet and least of all from dietary supplements where there’s an abundance of quality supplements on the market certainly we make a number of them that can deliver the nutrients that you seek without the sugar and that’s what I find regardless of the choice of ingredients in the gummy products what I find a pourraient is that in order to make them they’re making a candy and we all know that candy isn’t at our best interests supplements and the nutrients they contain are that’s their very definition but the sugar that’s accompanying them in gummies is not and all the other additives as well so sorry to go on at length about this it’s something that has bothered me for quite a while as I watch this industry just growing like crazy and a few I view it as unfortunate the only time you’ll ever see me making a gummy is if that gummy is made of some beneficial ingredient like it’s made out of marine collagen perhaps which we’ve actually looked at doing so then you’re getting a beneficial ingredient not some unnecessary additives and if we could give it the flavor that you’d enjoy without using sugar just as I’ve managed to do with my vitamin C drink which you’ll probably be seeing in four to six months somewhere in that neighborhood so nothing like that is comes easily it’s going to require that we do work that no one else has ever done but it’s something that we will hopefully accomplish in the future well we make a product like that not a compromise to your health but actually deliver additional health benefits when you use it well hopefully that wasn’t too long a dissertation on the problems associated or the frightening facts as I like to say about gummies but hopefully if you have a friend using them you could give them a little bit of a greater insight as to what they’re really doing thanks and have a great summer you

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5 thoughts on “Andrew Discusses Gummy Vitamins & Sugar – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

  1. I hate to sound like I disagree with the concept here, but I don't know of anyone on the planet who isn't
    ingesting SOME sugar in their diets, unless maybe they're eating in your kitchen with you and your wife.
    And following you around everywhere, and eat exactly what you eat.
    And some people would not take vitamins at all if not for the fact that they're grabbing a few gummies
    and by the way, are getting some basic nutrients. And if parents are leaving gummies around for their kids, they are just plain stupid…Yes, the illusion of it being candy is concerning. I have no reason to take any side. I take a whole LOT of your supplements but I take a gummy multi because all multi's make me feel nauseous and the gummies I'm taking do not. I buy the purest gummies I can find and this is the only sugar I ever ingest….And just saying, but your Hair, Skin and Nails contains FOLIC acid…Do I need this? When I have MTHFR issues? No I do not…and some of your supplements contain folate, which is the preferred form…So not everything you're doing is perfect. I see no reason to be opposed to kids taking any vitamin they can get down…and maybe even enjoy taking…These are kids who eat desserts, ice cream, cookies AND candy. This is how parents let most kids eat. Yes we could all eat less sugar. Yes your Choconuvo is yummy…Yes,you make great vitamins, but it's not your problem if other companies sell a lot of gummies nor is it my job to tell people not to buy gummies if they prefer them…..You sound bitter against vitamin companies that don't do what you do…aim for the ultimate perfect supplement rather
    than focus on profits…So if this is true, ditch the FOLIC acid…..I take many of your products, buy your chocolate, and I take a gummy vitamin for adults. Big deal!

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