(upbeat music) – What’s up guys? Doctor Mike here. Today I’m going to talk about a subject I’m incredibly passionate about, and that’s vitamins. There’s a ton of misinformation out there, from people peddling cancer cures, heart disease prevention. I’m going to focus on
two major vitamins today that are causing a stir
in this conversation. Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. So what are vitamins? – What are vitamins? (laughs) She’s laughing. – They make you feel better and they, – Vitamins are things that
our body needs to thrive. – Supplements to, – Keep your body on track. – Sources of energy. – Vitamins are substances that
are found in every day foods, that allow your body to function properly, and ultimately grow. There are two type of vitamins. Fat soluble vitamins and
water soluble vitamins. The fat soluble vitamins Are vitamins D, E, K, A You water soluble vitamins are Vitamin B1 B2 B3 B5 B6
B7 B9 B12 and Vitamin C. (upbeat music) First let’s take B12. What’s B12? It’s Cobalamin, it’s a
supplement that a lot of doctor’s are recommending for things like fatigue, or increased weight loss. But what does the research say? Currently there is no
evidence that supports the claim that B12 supplement
improves your fatigue, or helps you lose weight. There are some patients who do need Vitamin B12 supplementation. But those patients are few and far between with only 1% of the population having a true Vitamin B12 deficiency. When you come to your doctor
with symptoms of fatigue, or weight gain, vitamin supplementation should not be the first
thing that’s talked about. Your doctor should do
a full physical exam, a thorough history, and order
the appropriate lab test, to figure out what’s the
source of the problem, before jumping right
away to supplementation. (upbeat music) (brakes screeching) Vitamin D. Is Vitamin D important? – Yes, very important. – Very. – I don’t know why it would
be, but I’m sure that it is. – I’m guessing for your
skin, I’m not sure. – Something helps bone. – Um, I feel like it makes me happier. – Is it for your bones
or something? (laughs) – It’s touted as a miracle
vitamin, the miracle pill. I’ve seen some crazy headlines of people claiming it cures cancer, cures depression, prevents
heart attacks, strokes, but what evidence is really out there to support all of these claims? Currently the good quality evidence shows that in an average healthy person, there is no benefit to
supplementing with Vitamin D. So why is everybody
talking about Vitamin D as if it’s a miracle pill? Well, there have been some smaller studies that have shown promise for Vitamin D, in prevention of some diseases, in decreased in respiratory
tract infections, improvements in treating depression. However, that promise has
not yet been replicated in good quality large studies. What evidence has shown is
that people who get more sick tend to have a lower Vitamin D level. What’s not clear is this
the cause of the illness, or the result of the illness. It’s really the story of the
chicken and the egg, guys. If you’re worried about
having a Vitamin D deficiency, you’d have to remember that
mild Vitamin D deficiency shows no symptoms at all. And severe Vitamin D deficiency
shows very vague symptoms, like bone pain and muscle weakness. (upbeat music) What do you do if you think
you’re Vitamin D deficient? Well, since we’ve seen that
there’s no clear evidence to supplementing Vitamin D, you can focus on getting
Vitamin D naturally through your diet. Tuna, salmon, great examples of fish that have high Vitamin D content. Also, dairy foods, cereals. Another great way to get Vitamin D, is to spend 30 minutes
outside twice a week, allowing the sun to hit your exposed skin. If after focusing on the sun and diet, you still feel like you
have a Vitamin D deficiency, or symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency, go see your doctor,
have that conversation, and see if a Vitamin D test is
exactly what they recommend. (upbeat music) Do you know how much Vitamin
D you should get in a day? – No. – 1000. – 1000? If you have low Vitamin
D how would you know? – Uh, how would I know? Um, if I went to the
doctor and found that out. – Is there such thing
as too much Vitamin D? – I think so, yeah. – What happens then? – Uh, you’ll just like feel sick. (laughs) – If vitamins have been touted
to promote general health, and to prevent chronic illnesses, but that’s simply untrue. However, there is some promise. Important to remember, while all these people are
talking about the benefits of vitamins, we have to remember that there
exists vitamin toxicities, which means that you’re
getting too much of a vitamin. Especially the fat soluble vitamins that we mentioned earlier D, E, K, A. Can build up in your system because they’re dissolved within your bodies own fat tissues. Those who have a nutritional deficiency, a vitamin deficiency, most certainly should take vitamins. But odds are, that’s not you. Hope I was able to cut
through the noise for you when it comes to vitamins. I know it’s a controversial subject. Leave your comments, leave your questions, and if you haven’t yet, hit subscribe.

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100 thoughts on “ARE VITAMINS FAKE NEWS? I Doctor Mike

  1. This is kind of off topic but while reading through the comments most people want you as their doctor just for looks (and well yes thats true😍), but while looking at your Instagram and everything, you do so much more for people that ordinary doctors don't do. You set up charity funds, donate to the less fortunate, travel and help people, and you do the smallest things such as posts videos on youtube to help pretty much anyone! You seriously go out of this world to help everyone in need and thank you so much for that! Now THIS is the change the world needs to see.

  2. So, do I have to stop taking vitamin D that recommended by my doctor?She found out that I have vitamin D deficiency through blood test.

  3. Dr Mike! Can you share your opinion about meal replacement drink like Nestle Boost or Ensure? Is it good for healthy people to drink it to replace meals?

  4. I agree with most of your video, however, the key phrase that catches me up is " an average healthy person". Can you define this or has it been defined what an average healthy person is? What if you are not an average healthy person? Does that change the data that applies to you? The United States is not typically touted as a healthy population in general. I agree if you are doing the things that you need to do to be healthier ie. eating an assortment of nutrient dense foods, moderate levels of activity etc., then most supplementation is probably not warranted. But, is there any studies on people who do not follow these guidelines and the effects of supplementation? Just curious.

  5. CORRECTION: You're not right about the vit. D Mike, people above the 45 equator have a proven deficiency on average, during winter and spring – with the exception of e.g. Norway, where they eat tons of fish
    plus, idk what kind of research you've been looking into, but it's already well known it's important for the immunity system

  6. Question Dr.!
    In the Philippines, Glutathione is a big thing here, injections, tablets, sublingual… They are all used for the side-effects of whitening, not for the cleansing. Personally, I don't appreciate the papery white appearance it gives them. What is your standing of glutathione health-wise?

  7. I'm kinda new to your channel and so disappointed by this video. You really need to do more research. You are spreading the idea that people do not need vitamins when in reality the majority will benefit from taking vitamins. How about you start with dr. Rhonda Patrick? Her research and videos are great

  8. Hello Dr Mike.

    Myself Dr Shubhi Katyal.

    I was wondering if you could make a video on depression among medical residents/students.n

    How they don't go over to addictions to cope with them.Healthier way to cope

    I have left this comment almost on all your videos. Would be glad if you could do it will be really helpful.



  9. I don't believe in vitamins supplements unless ur seriously deficient which u can only know through a lab test. Otherwise just try to eat food containing all the right elements ur body needs(it's that simple 🌚)
    But My sister had very low vitamin D and it has effected her body so bad she suffered extreme fatigue, mild depression, hair loss, so she took supplements (doctor's orders)cuz she NEEDED THEM and she was so much better.

  10. Hey Dr Mike, you touched a bit on people who actually need vitamin b12 supplementation. Could you do a video that elaborates on Pernicious Anemia, and other reasons someone might need b12 supplementation?

  11. Hi Doctor Mike! New to your channel. Me and my entire family is deficient in vitD and B12. We are vegetarian so the doctor prescribed capsule.

  12. My doctor told me multivitamins are just expensive urine 😂 so true, if you don’t need it chances are you pee it out

  13. Hi, Dr. Mike I'm a Crohn's patient, who's dairy free, and had about a foot of my small intestines removed a couple years ago. As you can imagine I take stupid high doses of vit d and b12 just to stay normal. Though it helps, I have found that there is no replacement for sunshine when it comes to vit d. My energy levels and quality of sleep are so much better when I'm not in the middle of a midwest winter and getting regular sunshine. Thanks for always mentioning that each person is unique in their health needs. I normally am the exception to a lot of rules. lol

  14. Hey dr.Mike. I gave birth 2 weeks ago. I am not sure what vitamins to take that wouldn't elevate the risk for the baby to become allergic to the stuff. Please let me know what, according to you, is the safest. I am kind of lost in a bunch of different opinions.

  15. After going vegan, about a year after, I got my blood tested to check my levels. My doctor, AFTER telling me I am in PERFECT health, NO deficiencies, STILL told me I should take vitamin D 🤦🏼‍♀️

  16. I have a Vitamin D deficiency and take supplements. I found this very helpful!! Should ask my parents if we can bring tuna and/or salmon to eat. Thanks Doctor Mike!

  17. A way I remember which vitamins can cause toxicity is arranging them as ADEK, when you sound it out it’s addict, addicts are likely to overdose, you can “overdose” on vitamins ADEK.

  18. Ok so I'm late to the game, but here's my question. If someones' diet is not good at all. Like barely eats much of anything, then it would probably be a safe bet that this person is vitamin deficient. A vitamin supplement would help this person no? They could change their diet but let's say for realitys sake they won't.

  19. It's interesting to hear that only 1% of people are B12 deficient. Most vegans like to throw around figures like 60% of people are deficient. I don't know whether it's to normalize their diet (which requires supplementation) or to downplay the importance of the vitamin (many vegans don't supplement). But it's interesting to hear that their figures are not reliable.

  20. Okay.. but you say that vitamins are naturally found in foods. Supplementing them isn't for disease prevention or cure, it's for when you know your diet doesn't have all the fruits and veggies you'd need to get your optimal nutrition. If supplementing is so dangerous, isn't eating veggies, which naturally have vitamins in them, also dangerous?

  21. I usually take Vitamin D supplements because my Vitamin D levels are around 30 which is the very low end of where they should be.

  22. I was diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency, vitamin b12 and iron deficiency. Not really fun tbh. Especially the four injection of the b12 and the IV for iron… i live in a Country which is quite expensive, especially food and especially meat and fish. And I couldn’t really afford to buy the things which would be good for my body. Fruits and vegetables are kinda expensive too, most of the time I cannot afford to buy it… the sad reality for lot of people is, we don’t have the money for healthy food, so we end up buying cheap mostly unhealthy food without the nutrition we actually need.

  23. In my country, almost every prescription on the clinic will get you vit b complex. And if you complain about fatigue, the first thing is vit b complex cause those are cheap. This is a clinic that is gov's backup (means you can use gov's insurance or pay a little to get treatment). If the b complex did nothing in 1-2 weeks, then you can complain more and the doc will give you reference to a hospital of your choice (free hospital care, but mind the queue). Got gouts? They will prescript allopurinol before touting blood test if you confirm it is gout. My first case of gout I argue with the doctor it can't be, cause it is not on the thumb and I am too young for gout. So they let me get blood test etc and yeah it is gout. But also high blood pressure.

  24. I had take a vitamin D supplement through high school because of a genetic disorder, I had to eat these nasty ass chocolate “candies” with vitamin D and just hang out in the sun when it was warm for a while every few days…idk if it helped…? But I didn’t mind my mom yelling at me to go relax in the sun lol

  25. 0:01 ahahahaha welp 😳…. … …😂🙂 sigh so cute and yay scrubs and glasses and overall all cuteness.

  26. I remember I had a vitamin K deficiency due to another medication. I had to be careful what foods I ate so I didn't get too much K with my vitamin pills.

  27. I take 2 or more gummy vitamins every day. The vitamins in the gummies include: vitamins A, C, D, E, B-6, and B-12. Not sure if this is a good way to get vitamins in our body, but I would love some tips!

  28. I eat probably and generally have no vitamin decency. However, what about extra calcium and krill oil?

  29. Hey Dr. Mike. I actually was diagnosed with B12 deficiency, and this was found out through a very long process and various blood tests (I had Cushing's Disease caused by a pituitary adenoma). I'm just wondering, is an actual B12 deficiency caused by the body itself or by a poor diet?

  30. IK I am late but in VT(where I am from) people have such a vitamin D deficiency that sometimes it doesn't even register. I believe why we have such a low vitamin D registry is because I swear its cloudy 99% of the time

  31. I do have a question for you Doctor Mike. If vitamin d supplement shows no major benefit than why are doctors and other parents recommending it for babies? I am unsure what to believe at this point.

  32. When it comes to vitamins, in my opinion, most deficiency issues can be resolved by balancing out your diet. Decrease junk food that can have very little to offer for your body other than an overload of things that will do nothing more than fill you up. And replace it with foods that contain what your body really needs. You're cravings come from your body wanting that food because it has something your body needs. What you should do is figure out what that need is and find a healthier alternative. I have done this and now my cravings have changed to healthier foods. For example; I no longer crave 7 layer dips and chips, I now go after wheat crackers and hummus.

  33. I have only recently started watching your videos and I know this one is old but I have a question; if you're working overnights and sleeping during the day, would it be beneficial to take a vitamin D supplement?

  34. I got fibromyalgia and have had it for 4 years now, I have worked through a lot of it but a year ago I started taking vitamins that work VERY well for me, I never actually believed in vitamins BUT I tried and ACTUALLY feel a difference! I was sooo happy that it helps

  35. 2017, ya need to revisit this topic mate, hopefully the last few years have helped to change yr view on vitamin d. If not i would checkout dr bergs take on vitamin d3 and esp how low exposure to sunlight in certain areas of the world have shown increase in health issues.

  36. Thank you for taking an active part in the war against misinformation! It the era of free and unlimited access to knowledge people still spread old women's tales and believe in "witchcraft."

  37. I went to the doctor a few day ago and asked him for something against my Polen allergy. Without checking me up he prescribed vitamin d3 for me, claming that it would boost my imune system, which I found kind of strange. 2 days later I went to donate blood plasma. I had to tell the doctor there which medications I take before the donation. When I told her about what the doctor prescribed for me she looked me in the eye and said please change your doctor

  38. I used to take vitamin D in drops beacuse it was way too low. I think my grandma takes vitamin B12 or something to treat her anemya.

  39. I'm vitimin D deficient. I didn't even know before I went to the doctor last year and they did a blood test. Now I was twitching in almost part of my body because of it so if your twitching regularly every day multiple times a day, that may be a sign.

  40. Just found your YT channel. I love all the content and research that backs u your claims. Thanks! Btw you’re toooo perfect Doc

  41. I don’t believe there is – or will ever be – a D shortage in Chelsea and on Fire Island. 🤔🧐🤓🤠

  42. Okay, now I'm sad because I hope my primary doctor was right. 😂 I've struggled with my weight basically all of my life. I've been on and off phentermine/attapex (is that how you spell it? 😮) since I was fourteen years old. I am currently seventeen. So, a few months ago I had a conversation with my doctor. I was falling asleep on this medicine. An energy pill. Wha?! 😂 Her first thought automatically went to my thyroid, which is understandable. So we took some blood tests, and she told me that my thyroid was perfectly fine. However, the tests showed I was Vitamin D deficient. So, supplements are okay??? 😮

  43. Vitamin are Co-enzymes that cling to apoenzyme & make a complete enzyme structure which serve various metabolisms in our body… Hope I could make all understand it correctly 😅

  44. Some of this is geography-dependent. I live in Canada, and because of how far North we are, parts of the country get so little sun that Health Canada (the federal government department responsible for… well, health) determined that it's safe to assume ALL Canadians are Vitamin D deficient and recommends a daily supplement even in the summer, since the angle of the sun's rays at certain latitudes doesn't actually allow for enough consistent Vitamin D absorption, even on sunny summer days.

    This is further compounded by Canada being an exceptionally diverse country, and lots of people (myself included) coming from much sunnier places where not only is Vitamin D deficiency less of a problem, but because we're used to more sun exposure, our optimal Vitamin D levels are higher than those of people who have been living in cold climates for generations. The differences can be so marked that different countries have different "normal" ranges for Vitamin D levels in blood tests – by Canadian standards I was only "mildly" deficient, but my doctor recommended that I take a very high dose of Vitamin D because by my body's standard (i.e. what it's been used to for most of its life) I was quite a bit more deficient.

    So saying "odds are, you don't have a Vitamin D deficiency" is a bit misleading. I'm surprised that a doctor practicing in a country as large and diverse as the US isn't taking this into account – sure, Californians may never have to worry about getting enough Vitamin D year-round, but Alaskans might…

  45. My doctor prescribed me vitamin d, but she doesn’t listen to me either so there’s that too. I don’t go to the doctor as I’ve had many bad experiences until I’ve hurt myself really badly. Smh

  46. Honestly, I think it's very hard to see your doctor about small things like being concerned about a vitamin deficiency. They are not into preventing illness, you're supposed to catch something first. Neither of us have the time. That's why everyone self medicates.

  47. I only take Vitamin D during the winter and spring when I know that I’m not getting enough naturally. I don’t take pills, I have a liquid dropper that I use because I was told that vitamin D pills don’t dissolve until it’s too late for your body to absorb it. Not all vitamins are bad, I suffer from really bad depression and anxiety and through taking vitamins I’ve been able to become a happier person. I also take probiotics and wonder what his opinion is on those. I’m a vegan so I try to get all the nutrients that I need through eating and supplementation.

  48. To answer what Vitamine D does… Isn't it one of the major health benefits in cod liver that helps prevent Rickets?

  49. No one:
    Like seriously NO ONE!:
    Like for real not even God himself:
    Not even my cat, dudes:
    Doctor Mike: Aggressively eats banana

  50. Sorry Dr Mike but bone pain doesn't seem trivial …. esp if low vitamin D and Calcium result in a hip fracture !
    Normally your vids make sense but disappointed by this one 😔

  51. This video was done awhile ago so my comment is late. I get that the vitamin market is huge and I understand they have been overused with a lot of unsubstantiated claims. However, may I suggest not to throw the baby out with the bath water. There have been ( you can look them up yourself) enough studies to show the benefits of vitamin D for people who suffer from lupus. Though we still need to understand the mechanics of it all, it is promising. People, like myself, who suffer from lupus cannot go in the sun regularly. When I do I feel ill and a flare ensues. Not fun at all. So, how about we educate people to get their blood work done, learn how to research properly on the internet for valid studies and carefully choose the brand of vitamin they can confidently stand by. Equipping people with the ability to find good information is important because the internet and vitamin industries are not going away. I love that you engage where most doctors won't, just consider teaching people how to navigate the information, questions to consider and red flags to watch for when searching. Thanks

  52. First, I would like to say that I enjoy your videos, you know a lot about medicine and for me as a future pharmacist it is fun to watch and learn new things. So about this video…I disagree with you on this one. Here in Switzerland a lot of people have a vitamin d deficiency, especially older people who live in nursing homes, children, people with darker skin tone and many more. It is just sometimes not possible to get enough Vitamin D in some regions during winter alone through eating the right food or spending enough time outside in the sun. Now you may say in summer it is possible, but not for all people, if you have very fair skin and need to use a lot of sunscreen there is less synthesis of Vit. D. Vitamin D is not that expensive and the toxic level is so high that you will probably not reach it if you don't swallow bottles after bottles. Testing everyone for the deficiency is much more expensive and why would you test people if the symptoms are so unspecific. I found out that I had Vit. D deficiency because I had hair loss (which, if you look at literature, could be a symptom for a lot of other deficiencies).

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