The egg is a wonderful food. But eating them excessively to gain weight
may not be the healthiest and most efficient thing to do. Why? Many people will consume 10 or more egg whites
daily when they are trying to increase their protein consumption to gain weight, but here’s
the downfall of that practice – the whites only contain protein, and none of the other
beneficial nutrients. The yolk contains those. For example, it is the yolk that contains
all those B vitamins, and choline which is beneficial for the brain. You aren’t an egg-head, are you? Also, egg whites are animal proteins. Your cat could likely eat 100 eggs a day and
be just fine. That’s because her intestinal tract is much
shorter than your own, and the acid-bath in which foods are bathed after she eats them
is much stronger than ours. Hers is acidic enough to break down bird bones,
and lizards. Yours was meant to break down plant based
proteins. Your 32-foot digestive tract that doesn’t
break down animal proteins will allow the undigested portion to sit in the body and
putrefy – causing digestive upset gas, bloating, leaky gut, chronic inflammation, and other
serious health concerns. Eggs are often also the product of hens who
have been given high doses of hormones (to plump them up) and antibiotics, which can
cause antibiotic resistance in our own bodies. Though eating lots of egg whites may sound
like a great idea if you are trying to gain weight, consider eating plant based proteins
and calorie-dense foods instead. If you liked this video, please share it with
your friends and family. You can also comment below and tell us a few
healthy habits you follow.

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11 thoughts on “Are you Eating EGG WHITES For Weight Gain? (YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW!)

  1. Eggs are great! The whites are better than the yolks….especially for bodybuilders!
    An egg a day keeps the doctor away! 👍😁👌😀💪

  2. Hormones chickens it's a myth tho, isn't effective because their short life time and cost too much for no economic response. Their big size come from selective breeding (At least where i live, Brazil).

  3. My height is only 152cm and my weight is 47kg. I want to gain another 3 kg seems like the most difficult thing to do. Anybody has any advice please share with me.

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