Arizona Online – Nutritional Sciences Program Overview

>>I really try to expose students to
as wide a variety of opportunities. My name is Ashlee Linares-Gaffer. I am an Assistant Professor
of Practice in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, and
I am a Registered Dietitian. A degree in nutritional sciences
offers students and degree holders so many career opportunities right after
they graduate and so many more opportunities if they want to continue their
education a step further. As an online instructor,
I’m challenged to make sure that my online class is always receiving the
same opportunities and equivalent experience. Students have a unique opportunity
online to really connect with faculty and give these innovative ideas for
improving and enhancing the course. Nutritional sciences provides this amazing
science foundation for our graduates. So I try to really show people what’s out there,
what they may aspire to do with additional time and work after they graduate but also things that hopefully they can get
excited about doing right away.

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