Ethan daddy, whoa Hi, buddy Hi What are you guys doing bump it? Hey, what’s up, everyone? Say are you ready for your daily dose? maybe looking at The best part About it This is Ethan’s challenge day, so tell me what’s going on. Yeah Oh, what what’s that buddy? Where’s the ball? This little man loves to eat a snack with us before dinner Almost like a little appetizer and he’s pretty brave. He’ll try anything lately He’s been trying our sparkling water. It’s funny because the face he makes is hilarious This little man’s gonna try his first lemon whoo-hoo Do you want to try your first Try my first lemon today I bet he makes the craziest face What do you think half of it? What do you think? He’s out there? Uh I think he might like it but be confused why he likes it Hey buddy, you ready to go? Yeah I know you like lemons you ever tried them yet. You’ve only seen them in books What do you want to tell them They are gonna watch you You guys They are gonna watch you is everyone okay? Ethan wave hi Are you play doing the watching? Yeah side of the people hi say hi friends Ethan it’s time to go. Come on buddy. Well take my hand. Yeah, let’s go. Let’s go play Come on Let’s go this way Let’s go this way You wanna show him your car? Let’s go show him your car Let’s go show him your car Where’s your car hop in your car hop in Somehow it works beep the horn Beep the one beep the horn You want to come up that’s a camera It’s the rest of the friends and family you want say hi to them they’re watching You go. Tell them you want to show them how brave you are Mm-hmm Okay, we can do that you want to show them your car first We’ll meet our first You’ll put in your car go ahead put it in your car dad pack up here you go Shut the door shut that door Boom Alright so it’s time to get this little man a little lemon right now. He’s just taking in some water cleaning that pallet What sighs oh Here he goes so I say Do you like it go back for a second? He likes it man you want some more you have some right there Mama’s giving you some more You like it you crazy boy some more Dad a champ He likes it even make a face I was wrong easy Like it that’s my boy Nothing huh Ethan it’s nothing huh lemon Yeah, he does yeah what some more Nothing this is like it this is nothing this is all you have is this it look I’ll do it again nothing This little beast it’s nothing dad nothing mom what else You got any limes in there So we’re gonna try the lime my tried lime I mean he’s gonna try this it’s good that he’s getting this exposure to different foods and Let’s go for the lime. Yeah. It’s a new one. Let’s see what you do Getting all your citrus today Looks a little better It likes the lemon better. I want to try the lime again. You try lime. Again. That’s the lemon you like lemon Mm-hmm Ladies just trying to get it. What do you think? Get the peel That’s peel face it’s nothing like this. All right. Well he did it I mean that was pretty good I guess we can wash his hands or so. It isn’t rub his eyes Give Ethan the thumbs-up everybody come on. That was I was adorable Improve We’re gonna close this video out Little baby Ethan. Oh boy, he is Yeah, he is brave. He’s adventurous You like some all foods Yeah, you like all foods Say bye to the people. Why’d you take him corn now? Oh, yeah, he loves corn. Look at this Get some corn in front of this boy Eat it. Yeah If you like this video, of course give it a thumbs up and give Ethan a thumbs up if you thought it was brave Comment share all that good stuff and if you are new to the page hit that subscribe button and don’t forget to click on that that Notification so you don’t miss this little cute face Say bye say, bye bye. Say, bye. Bye wave. Bye. Bye, bye-bye. Yeah All right, bye y’all

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  1. Woooow!!! That's suuuper surprising!!! I would have thought he would make a face for sure! Even I am not super fond of both Lemon and Limes as an adult. He is totally braver than I am!!! Awesome, Ethan!!! 💜🙂👍

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