Bentonite Miracle Facial Clay Mask with Vitamin C and Glutathione (With English Subtitle)

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So for today guys I am back with another product review for you guys and for
today we are going to review a new skincare product that I’ve been trying
out and the product that I’m talking about is the bentonite miracle facial clay
mask with vitamin C and glutathione. (That’s what it looks like) So I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks already and I think that I am ready to share my thoughts about
this product with you guys if you guys If you wanted to know my thoughts on this product, then just keep on watching Okay so what is bentonite clay? Bentonite clay has been used for a couple of centuries or generations it’s a very
popular healing clay that also helps cleanses the body so if ever you guys are
wondering (where does bentonite clay came from,) it’s from volcanic ash
and it’s composed of minerals so that is according to the research that I did
prior to buying this product out and I’ve also found out that bentonite clay, in
general, has a lot of benefits by using it so the benefits of using bentonite clay
is first, It unclogs the pores and it shrinks it down
or helps in shrinking your large pores down It helps control overproduction of sebum or oiliness on your skin. It draws out toxins from
your skin which is really good. Forth, benefit is it also helps in making skin softer. Next is it gives you a definite glow on your face
it also helps exfoliate your skin (because) (it has sand or beads in it) Gently scrub it on your skin to remove the dead skin cells on your face. It also helps prevent the appearance of breakouts on your skin, which is really good because as I’ve said, I have very oily skin and I am prone to breakouts most especially (when our pores gets clogged which causes breakouts) It can also be used to regenerate your skin tissues so (if your skin has damage, it can help repair it) and what’s great about bentonite clay, in general, is it can be used by people with different skin types so this is what we are going to need.
bentonite miracle facial clay mask, a non-metallic bowl and
spoon to mix it or even spatula, and your mixing medium you which can be
a water or an apple cider vinegar you can use water (if you have sensitive skin type) and for oilier skin type you can use the apple cider vinegar but I
personally prefer to use water because (I can’t stand the smell of the apple cider vinegar) so that is what we are going to use as our mixing medium for today. Okay so what usually do is to get a tsp. of the bentonite clay mask By the way, this is what the product looks like. It’s just a powder. (And as you guys can see, I’ve already used a lot of the product because I really love it.) (When I bought this product it’s full and now, I’m almost out of it since I use it more often.) I’m going to show you guys how I mix it. (I’ll get a tbsp of the bentonite powder and put it on the non-metallic container And this is already good for the entire face. (I’m just going to put it inside the bowl then I’ll add the water. you just have to estimate the amount of water that you’ll mix with the powder. Just add a little bit of water first. Then if it’s not enough, then add some more. If you put a lot of water, add more until you achieve a creamy or paste consistency. Just mix it until it has a smooth consistency. That’s what it will look like. Then you can use your fingers in applying it or a synthetic brush. I just let you guys see what my skin looks like before we apply the mask on my face. As you guys can see, I do have a lot of skin imperfections Let’s apply the mask on my face. (What I do is I just apply it all over my face using a brush) But make sure that your face is already clean. Wash your face first before applying it. And you have to let it set on your skin for 15-20 minutes. When your using water as your mixing medium, it doesn’t have strong smell. but when I use the apple cider
vinegar (it really has a strong scent.) I also break out on the jaw area, I also apply the mask there. First, I make sure that I apply this product all over my face. And if I mixed more of the product than what I needed, I just layer it up on my face. As you guys can see, there’s some left over so I’ll just apply it on my face. Even though we only mixed a little amount of the product earlier, we still have leftovers. So I’m just going to apply it on the areas that has thinner layer. And (I don’t feel any strange feeling when I’m applying this product on my face.) And my face didn’t have redness when I first apply it on my face. I also have sensitive skin because I have skin asthma, but this product didn’t cause any allergic reaction on my skin Which is really good because I am also careful with the products that I apply on my skin. because sometimes it cause rashes to appear on my skin and it reacts on my skin But with this product, that didn’t happen. So I’ve used up all the products that we mixed earlier. And I am just going to wait for 20 minutes for it to dry up and it’s already 6 o’clock in the morning so at 6:20 I’ll be back to show you what it looks like once it’s completely set Okay guys, so it’s already 6:22.I totally forgot about the time because I am starting to clean the house already and I forgot that I have the mask on my face. (joke) So this is what it looks like when it completely set on your face. I can feel that it’s already tightened but I can still move my face as you guys can see I’ll just rinse this one off with water
and let me see what it looks like after you apply the product on your face. Okay, so I already rinse off the mask on my face and this is what it looks like so for my final thoughts about this
product if ever you guys are wondering if I am going recommend it or not
definitely I would recommend it because as I’ve said I’ve been using this
product for almost a month already and I’ve seen a lot of difference on my skin
it helps minimize the appearance of my pores. It makes my skin feels smoother
and softer it also helps lighten my skin on my
face because, you guys have seen my videos before and I do have an even
skin tone. My face is much darker than the rest of my body and I was looking
for a product that would help in lightening it up maybe (just to even it out with the rest of my body) I think that this part of is really
helping in doing that. Compared to Aztec this one has vitamin C and with
glutathione and I think that that is one of the thing that makes the two products
different from each other. Because I think Aztec it’s it’s just made of pure bentonite clay
but with this one it has vitamin C and glutathione in its ingredients
and its also going to help in lightning or brightening of
your skin on your face it also does help in controlling the oiliness of my skin I
noticed that after couple of weeks of using this one, my skin produces lesser oil And I can already use products like foundation that I didn’t like before because it makes my skin very oily.
Dermacol and that is what I am using on my face right now I’ve been wearing
this foundation for (maybe more or less than) three hours already and my skin is still looking okay it’s not very oily yet compared to when I am not using this product on my skin so I
think that it really helps in controlling the oiliness of my skin and it also
helps in preventing breakouts on my skin as you guys can see you my face looks clearer now compared to when I was not using this product so I
highly recommend for you guys to try this without because it’s really really
helping me out in clearing out my skin, in making it softer, in shrinking my pores,in
brightening my skin and this is not something that I just made up I have
been using this for a couple of weeks already
and it does wonders on my skin already how much more if I continuously use this
product maybe my skin will be clear and all and I will definitely give you guys
my update on that so yeah that is it for my review on the bentonite miracle
facial clay mask with Vitamin C and glutathione I hope that you guys find
this review helpful and if you did don’t forget to give this review a thumbs up
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to not miss out my uploading schedule yeah that is it for today guys thank you
so much very watching you guys know that I love you so much
don’t forget what I always say to you guys don’t let your dreams just be dreams
make your dreams possible and I will see you guys on my next video! Bye guys! Mwahh

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41 thoughts on “Bentonite Miracle Facial Clay Mask with Vitamin C and Glutathione (With English Subtitle)

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