Best Mass Gainers On The Market?

Hey, guys, Sean Nalewanyj, of
here, with a muscle in minutes Q&A, where I answer your bodybuilding and fitness questions
in two minutes or less. Today’s question is on the topic of weight gainer. So basically,
what is the number one mass gainer or weight gainer that I would recommend people use?
As a general overarching rule, I don’t recommend the use of weight gain powders or mass gainer
powders. I did do a video on this a couple months ago, for the simple reason that most
of these shakes are really nothing more than a combination of whey protein, which is really
good as a protein source. But the carbohydrate source is almost entirely made up of one single
ingredient. And that is maltodextrin, which is nothing more than a basic simple sugar.
And most of these shakes contain quite a high amount as well, usually 60, 70, 80, 90grams
or more of maltodextrin per serving. Now, if this is being used once in a while. If
it’s a convenience thing, you’re on the go, you needed to get some calories in really
conveniently, that’s fine. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend the use of these sorts
of mass gainer shakes on a consistent basis for the simple reason that the maltodextrin
is not going to provide you with any real value in terms of fiber content or vitamin
and mineral content, which is very important when selecting carbohydrate sources for your
diet. So, the very simple way to go about this is if — is if you need a high calorie
shake, just make it yourself. Get a high quality whey protein powder and then mixing your own
carbs. There’s an endless number of different weight gain recipes you could use. I’ll link
you to a video that I did a couple months back, outlining a recipe that I really like,
which is whey protein as the protein source, the carb is coming from a banana and oatmeal,
and the healthy fat is coming from natural peanut butter. That’s just one example. There’s
a ton of different ways you can do this. But making your own mass gainer shakes at home
is going to provide you with much higher quality overall nutrition, more fiber, vitamins, minerals,
healthy fats. And if you do it properly, it’s going to talk a lot better as well. So again,
the commercial mass gainer powders can be used once in a while, if you just need to
get some quick calories in. But for the most part, if you want a higher calorie shake,
just make it at home. And if you do want to check out a very high quality whey protein
powder that you can use as part of those mass gainer shakes, you can check out our IsoM3
formula over on, which is a 100% micro-filtered, ultra-filtered whey
isolates. So, a very high quality formula there, and again, I’ll link that below if
you do want to check it out. So, that is that question answered. I hope you found this useful.
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24 thoughts on “Best Mass Gainers On The Market?

  1. No offense dude. But you are fooling yourself. Make your own as Sean mentions in this video.

    I used to buy alot of mass gainers. Boy do I regret it, such a waste of money.

  2. Dumbbell rows, pulldowns where there is a single attachment for each hand, machine rows with a single attachment for each hand.

  3. 1500 is extremely low. Go 15-20% below maintenance. Google "bodybuilding macronutrient calculator" and look for my page that shows up and follow that.

  4. Hey Sean. Can you please make a video about doing cardio while being in a calorie surplus? I'd really appreciate that. Thanks.

  5. I'll add it to my list. Cardio is just another tool to burn additional calories. If your calorie intake is nailed down then you technically don't need any cardio at all.

  6. It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when normal people are able to build strength easily with Mega Muscle Method (Google it).

  7. protein powder makes me breaak out and i dont eat enough as is. i was fine when i use to use a whey protein or a mass gainer as a meal replacement but now i feel weaker and loosing my gains since i stopped taking protein powders , any advice?

  8. Hey sean my question is if I don't eat six meals a day but I do eat 3 solid meals can I add a homemade mass gainer to substitude to intake of protein and calories a day…thanks.

  9. Is optimum nutrition gold standard 100% whey a good quality protien. If not can you recommend any other good well know brand I stay in south africa so we get mostly the big name supplement brands that you see everywhere

  10. what you do think of mixing some weight gainer mainly made of maltodextrine powder with some oat meal,barley, and quinoa to get a low GI ? will it work?

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