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We’re talking best supplements for
Olympic weightlifters and powerlifters -we are hitting CNS fatigue HARD -I’ll
show you how to fix it, and we’re starting right NOW. What is going on my name is
David Barr [CSCS, CISSN, TSACF, NSCACPT, RSCC] if you’re looking to get bigger faster stronger, get leaner, go
longer, hit that Subscribe and then the little bell so you don’t miss the latest
tips and tricks. And today we’re talking CNS fatigue this one needs to be fixed
because so many people experience it we don’t really know what it is but there
is a prospective solution that we’re going to hit hard in this part of the
series we are talking CNS fatigue it is a problem for everybody we need to fix
it but some people are actually creating a new problem in trying to fix it so
we’ll fix the original problem of CNS fatigue and then we’ll fix the
perspective fix that’s actually causing more of a problem so there’s a lot of
fixes going on let’s get right to it at the end of this video I’ll show you what
I do with my clients and athletes will give you a 3-step checklist so you can
take full advantage of these tests so this one kicked off and I got private or
the Olympic Training Center did now-defunct Olympic weightlifting
facility very cool and I was told that each lifter had their own platform and
you could kind of get a sense of which lifter have which platform based on what
was sitting on it so there is an old pair of wraps on one old pair of shoes
on another and on a third there was actually a bottle of supplements that
was weird was that this was a regular bottle of supplements that anybody could
buy off the shelf now you have to think that these athletes some of the top
athletes on the planet have full athlete development programs around them so they
have you know strength coaches a sport coaches psychologists they have
everything nutritionist and they went around all of that and actually just
bought something off the shelf the problem with this one is that it had
high dose BCAAs and this is really where I started to get the idea that hey a lot
of weight lifters and power lifters seem to love their BCA’s and this is what
creates a problem now real quick before we get into the problem the whole
purpose of this series is to introduce neuroscience in terms of strength power
speed that kind of thing because right now we’re in the dark ages and we really
need to fix that there’s a lot of info out there so I want to give you a nice
gentle intro action to neuroscience not be
electrophysiology that we’re currently applying with the actual neural
chemistry that we can apply to improve performance want to be like a warm bath
nice and easy nice and gentle for you nothing too crazy now you’re actually
probably familiar with a little basic neuro chemistry that relates to this
problem because it comes back to the whole serotonin fatigue thing and you
probably know this based on the Thanksgiving dinner myth the idea that
turkey has a lot of the central amino acid tryptophan tryptophan gets
converted to the neurotransmitter serotonin that causes fatigue and that
somnolent effect that we get makes us feel sleepy sedated that kind of thing
well unfortunately that method just isn’t true because every complete
protein has tryptophan in it so if turkey were to do it pretty much every
type of complete protein would do this to us
so it’s not totally accurate but it does lay the foundation for basic
neuroscience that we can use and manipulate for our performance
enhancement I think a lot of weight lifters and power lifters are using VCAs
because it comes back to ways to mitigate CNS fatigue based on the whole
serotonin tryptophan thing and this actually comes from research but the
research is performed in endurance athletes not lifters very very different
but what the research showed was that we could potentially mitigate some fatigue
some performance fatigue by loading the body with BCAAs branched chain amino
acids and they would basically counter the effect of the tryptophan in the
serotonin so a lot of athletes are using VCS for this purpose there is a
fundamental problem with that is that the BCAAs and the tryptophan they’re
actually blocking access to our CNS our central nervous system they’re blocking
access of a key amino acid called a tyrosine and what tyrosine does is it
converts to a fantastic neurotransmitter the one you want called dopamine so if
we have the BCA’s and the tryptophan blocking the tyrosine from getting to
our brain out our spinal cord the CNS then we’re not going to have as much
dopamine that’s a problem for your performance because dopamine is not just
responsible for motivation and pleasure it’s also responsible for motor learning
motor skill acquisition and when you start to mess with motor stuff then
you’re going to have problems with performance you don’t want to decrease
that we want to potentially increase motor skill acquisition motor skill
learning but we don’t want to decrease it and that’s exactly what we’re doing
when we overload the body with BCAAs now real quick if you’re interested in BCAAs
and you probably should be I have a whole other video I cover that a lot of
people are using it wrong using it shooting themselves in the foot really
and I go into some of my research real quick give you three quick tips for how
to use BCA’s I don’t sell them no conflict of interest or anything like
that but be sure to check out the video in the top right and stay tuned for the
bonus tip that’s coming at the end of this video you don’t want to miss this
one it’s going to change a lot so the big solution here big shout out to the
late Charlie Francis track coach you’re interested in speed check out everything
he’s ever done fantastic resource but he introduced me to the idea of tyrosine
back in the day not personally but in some of his writing I had no idea what
this stuff was what it did and in my research with amino acids started to
realize a hey this idea has some legs to it so we need to start exploring this
further and especially with regard to neurotransmitters because again we are
in the dark ages when it comes to neurotransmitters neural manipulation we
could do this for a cognitive enhancement for intelligence for focus
all kinds of things but right now we’re talking strength power speed so we want
to optimize our dopamine through tyrosine and that’s going to give us
that performance boost or after mitigate that CNS fatigue and definitely get rid
of the whole BCAA shooting ourselves in the foot idea that needs to die now real
quick are using tyrosine BCAAs to midi 8 central fatigue I want to hear what
you’re using let me know in the comments below
so the actual fix the way I do it the way I use it for myself my clients my
athletes is to use tyrosine and be CAS in a one-to-one ratio about an hour
before my workout before my lifts and that way you could have a potential syn
genic effect this is a bonus if this isn’t
new idea came up with it’s going to change a lot it’s the idea of using
supplements in different doses combinations and times to create novel
effects it’s not just synergistic it’s not just a boosted performance effect
it’s going to be a complete interaction of the different ingredients to get a
bigger bang for our box something that we’re not expecting we don’t see it
coming but it just happens it’s a fantastic effect so I’ll talk about that
more in other videos but this is actually going to help out especially if
you’re using caffeine pre-workout stims that kind of thing so thus in genic
effect is going to be a combination of pre-workout stim like caffeine that
tyrosine the BCAAs so you’re blocking the tryptophan from getting across but
you’re not having that harmful decrease in dopamine we want that dopamine to
increase on motor learning and that’s the key so once we start combining these
ingredients we’re going to have these potentially novel effects that we’re not
expecting because remember caffeine is going to increase norepinephrine
epinephrine or catecholamines right including dopamine you may know them as
noir adrenaline adrenaline respectively but in north america talk about epi
norepi fight-or-flight response and this is key not only for acute performance
but also for baking in those gains really making sure that we’re going to
have maximum strength power speed but also having that motor learning
enhancement so for supplying not only the stimulant to increase those but
we’re supplying more of the raw material the actual ingredient from which those
hormones are made then we’re going to have a synergetic effect it’s going to
be very very powerful I’ll talk about that in future videos so the quick fix I
use tyrosine and be CAS in a one-to-one ratio right now this is strictly
extrapolated theory we don’t have a solid specific ratio I just want to
balance out the BCA’s and the tyrosine we might actually bump up the tyrosine
more all experimenting with that you let me know your findings are and then we’ll
talk about that in future videos and the key is you have to be protein fasted for
this to work because if you’re consuming protein throughout the day and then you
just dump more amino acids which a lot of people
do with VCAs and that’s part of the problem and that’s why they don’t work
they don’t actually stimulate muscle protein synthesis to a greater degree
they’re not going to have the performance-enhancing body complex that
we want because we have so many other amino acids competing for transport
competing for that access to the CNS the brain the spinal cord and the muscle so
it’s like the problem with tryptophan in Reverse so if you have all the amino
acids together it’s going to block the B CAS and the tyrosine whereas we’re
actually just trying to block the serotonin producing tryptophan that key
essential amino acid we want to block that from accessing our brain our spinal
cord as much as possible and that’s again why we’re going to use combination
of BCAAs and a tyrosine one-to-one ratio quick sidebar before we get to the next
three steps that you want to take before you optimize these performance-enhancing
tips now the idea of a pre-workout that you buy off the shelf that’s going to
have DCA’s maybe it does have a little tyrosine it’s probably not going to be
enough if you look at the dose you look at the grams of BCAAs you look at the
grams of tyrosine maybe you don’t even know cuz it’s a prop blend a proprietary
blend where they don’t actually have to list the doses tyrosine can be very
expensive so the dose is likely going to be very low now be careful the other
claims which is that oh it’s a special type of tyrosine so you don’t need as
much that is nonsense you just want regular l-tyrosine if you want to use
this and you don’t need any special blend again stick that one-to-one ratio
with the D CAS now here’s your three steps you could take to optimize these
tips firstly consider using DCA’s and tyrosine to be clear I am a dual
certified sports nutritionist I’m CSCS registered strength coach with the NSCA and
I do not make recommendations or prescriptions ok these are not
recommendations I am just telling you what I do with my clients and athletes
and it’s been very successful so this is all about consideration just starting to
think about using BCA’s tyrosine for you strength power speed actually if we’re
going to advance this conversation really take advantage of this series we
need to start thinking about neurotransmitters and how they’re going
to impact our performance not just our cognitive state not just our ability to
focus and that kind of thing but actually our performance as well and the
good news is neurotransmitters are really just like short-lived hormones
used by the nervous system we’re probably familiar with hormones
it’s a nice comfortable concept just extrapolate that to neurotransmitters
it’s very very similar these chemicals bind to receptor to
cause an effect it’s very very similar again it should be very very comfortable
we don’t have to go into great amount of detail in order to apply the concepts
and optimize performance because again we’re in the dark ages and we have a
huge opportunity for advancement and I think that’s going to be very very
exciting and very very impactful in your last step if you are serious about
improving strength power speed be sure to check out the other videos in this
series check out that BCAA video I talked about
earlier and definitely check out the eccentric training video it is going to
show us how to tap into two thirds of our strength that we don’t even touch we
leave that on the table all the time it’s going to be another paradigm shift
it’s going to change the way you think about training and I’m very excited
about this I think there’s a lot of potential that we have yet to optimize
because right now we’re using less than a third of our optimal force potential
and if I told you to train with only a third of your 1RM you think I was crazy
and rightly so so we need to think sets reps forces and really figure out how to
optimize that strength power speed because we are missing out not just on
neurotransmitters but the actual application of force how quickly we can
do it and overall the absolute magnitude of force the amount of force so we are
going to change that we are going to fix the other half of our training that we
don’t normally talk about I’ll link to that in the card in the top right be
sure to check that video out so this is very exciting you have your marching
orders my name is David Barr thanks for watching until next time Raise The Barr

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  2. Very very jealous you got to tour the Weightlifting Gym before they ended it – I was definitely sad that it was gone by the time I started interning then. Enjoyed the video, particularly the in depth look at BCAAS for strength/power sports – do you think tyrosines effect is potentially large enough to worth it for recreational athletes? That being said, anyting that makes caffeine more effect I'm fine with

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