Best VITAL VITAMINS FOR WOMEN OVER 60 By Dietitian Jyoti Chabria

Hi, I am Jyothi Chabria. In this segment we
will be talking about vital nutrients for women over 60. Most women by the time they
are reaching 60, they are almost into menopause and the commonly associated symptoms that
we see are joint pains and they have lot of nerve weakness, they are not able to see very
well. That’s all part of aging which is very natural phenomenon. But, in order to support
nutrition and help them feel better, we would definitely recommend anti-oxidants which give
them a basically cover to their heart also, heart issues. And there are lot of people
at that age who have lifestyle disorders like diabetes or heart problems, so, we would recommend
a low fat and a reasonably maybe a I would think 1500 calorie per day for a person who
is above 60. There are many times that people at 60 have, are using dentures or they lost
their teeth. So we just need to sustain the consistency of food as in giving them a semi
solid diet basically, but what we need to highlight here are things like calcium and
D3 because their bones are become brittle. So, things like again foxtail millet or milk.
We recommend about 3 glasses of milk per day for people at 60. We recommend them to have
nutritional food supplements which will include lots of things like drumstick leaves, carrots
and beans and a combination of lot of nuts also like walnut is very rich in vitamin E
and wheatgerm and wheat grass are rich in vitamin E. So they are good combination of
like aloe vera or wheat grass extract would really help them feel better because it supplies
anti oxidants that they need at that age. And the other thing is, they always feel tired
because obviously their energy levels are not too high, so we recommend them to have
probably a fix of dry fruits, as in powder form they could probably mix into milk and
have it. It increases the nutrition value of milk, per se.

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