BiPro 100% Whey Protein Isolate, 2lb, Unflavored, All Natural, Sugar-Free

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Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand trust, after sales & service, reusability,
familiarity and easy to operate. Regarded as one of the best whey isolates
on the market, BiPro’s 100% Whey Isolate is simple yet effective. Many powders, including
some isolates, do have a number of additives within, but not the BiPro product. This means
that the resulting powder is whey isolate in its purest form. As stated previously, taking whey isolate
has a number of benefits. As it is an isolate powder, the overall protein content is much
higher than many of its competitors; this will help promote muscle growth to an even
greater extent. Additionally, in the process of forming whey
isolate, lactose is filtered out which means that powders, such as the BiPro 100% Isolate,
are ideal for those who are lactose intolerant. Kindly See the Description for This Product
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