Body Insecure

(instruments warming up) – [Instructor] Put your
knee track over your toe. Good job. (whirs) (pulsing music) (gulps) (heavy breathing) – John? – Hey Erica.
– Oh my god, hi! Oh I almost didn’t recognize you though, you look good. – I lost a little weight. – Okay, well it’s working
for you, you look good. – Thank you. – You know you just missed
the reunion last week, right? – How was it? – It was cool, I’m not going
back for another like 15 years. Everybody was either married
or engaged, or engaged to be engaged, and I figure
by the time I go back everybody will be on
their second marriages and divorces, they’ll lap me, you know, that’s when I make my move. (laughs) But oh shit, actually I’m running late for therapy but I was so
good running into you. – Yeah it was. – We should hang out, we should totally. – I’d love that. – Yeah, you know Anne Dasilva? – No. – She’s having a Halloween
party this Saturday and there’s gonna be a ton
of Polytech people there, you should come. – Oh I, I think I have
a friends thing but. – Oh, okay, alright. – But it was like, it was
awesome bumping into you. – Yeah, no, this was
great, you look great, this was great, enjoy your friend thing. – Yeah. – Bye. – Actually Erica, – Yeah? – I’d love to go to
your thing on Saturday. – Okay, well then I’ll hit you up. – Okay. (playful music) (jazzy music) (chatter) – I’m sure Derek’s happy
with this turn out. – Yeah, he loves a party. – Hi. – Oh hi. – Oh hi.
(laughs) hi. – Still don’t know who you are though. (laughs) – Hi. – Hi Anne. – We went to high school together. – Oh you came with the
little ninja costume alright, that’s very 90s. Guess my costume. – Kylo Ren? – Pussy power. – Pussy power. – Yeah it’s so easy.
– No one can tell. – You know what stop salting my game. Go find your man. Okay, come on, let’s go,
alright Anne we’ll see ya. – [John] See you. – Oh Lord she actually
thinks we’re best friends, but I told my mom I want to be supportive ’cause she just got divorced
and you know how things go. I mean are you’re parents together? – No, no. – Okay yeah, I mean it’s
just, I want to support her but I don’t wanna think of my mom fucking. Am I oversharing? – No no you’re not. You’re good. Do you know Lauren Boyle? – Oh kind of. – She’s a friend from way back. – Oh okay well you should
say hi to her then. – Yeah I guess. – Yeah, well I’m gonna go get a drink, do you want anything? – No I’m good, I don’t drink actually. – Okay responsible ninja, hey. (laughs) – Lauren Boyle. John Kuwal, we went to Polytech together. – Yeah. Yeah, hey man. – How you doing? – Uh good, how are you doing? – Great, great, do you
live in Los Angeles? – Yes, do you? – I do.
– Cool. – I do.
– Cool, cool, cool. – I haven’t seen you in like a decade. – Yeah it’s been a while. – It’s weird right? – Yeah. – Well it’s great bumping into you. – Yeah you too. Good to see ya. – Yeah. (heavy breathing) Hey Erica. – Hey? Why are you panting? – This doesn’t breath at all,
it’s like (mumbles) material. – I can imagine. – Yeah.
– come on. (rock music) – You know what, no one
ever comes back here. You’re so strong. I been waiting to take this off of you. – Hi. – Hey, Anne. What the fuck are you doing in here? – I just had to answer some emails. – Okay, well we just came
in here to talk sure, we’ll talk outside. – Whatever. – Goodnight Anne.
– Come on John. (kisses) – It’s a little, bright in here. – No no it’s fine, it’s fine. – I think we should the drapes. I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna, hold on. – Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. – Okay, okay sorry. – Just sit down. (moans) – Actually can I just leave my shirt on? – Is this okay, we don’t have to do this. – No it’s totally fine. – Are you sure. (laughs) (sexy music) – Ah, um, – It’s fine, it’s okay. – Yeah I just, I just need a minute. – No, it’s sure, take your time. No, it’s okay. – Yeah, no, okay. I’m sorry. – No that’s fine. – I’m sorry just give me a minute. (sighs) (rock music) (heavy breathing) Fuck. (claps) Hey uh, have you seen a
girl in a cat costume? No? Okay. (crunches) (soft music) Hi, – Hey. – You really don’t remember me do you? – I remember we went to
high school together. – Chode. – What? – John Chode. You used to call me Chode. – Oh yeah, I guess we
had pretty stupid names for friends in high school huh? – We weren’t friends. – Okay. It was high school, I don’t, I don’t know what you want from me. Like are you still hung up on this? – You put pictures of me on the internet. Fat bastard. – We didn’t make fun of
you because you were fat. Charlie Cummings was fat and he didn’t have an issue with it. He was like popular. He had a girlfriend. – Charlie Cummings was a drug dealer. – Just wanted to get a rise out of you. – How would you do that? – I don’t know because you
made it really easy dude, you let everybody get under your skin. You shouldn’t take it so hard. – I even missed a year of school because you were so fucking awful to me. – I’m pretty sure you
missed a year of school because you pulled a fire alarm during one of your melt downs. That’s not my fault. Look I had a lisp in middle
school and people made fun of me for that, guess what,
I don’t have a lisp anymore. And you look great, so maybe
all that teasing worked out. – You’re a bad person. – Okay, do you want my advice? Put it behind you because you look great. – Fuck you! (soft music) (siren wails) (vomits) (birds chirp) (clicks) (pulsing music) (phone buzzes) Hey what’s up Erica?

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100 thoughts on “Body Insecure

  1. he is not body insecure. Nothing but ungrateful person who have everything to eat & pay for gym so sad we All humans are like that

  2. I have a problem with this, she was a bully herself and blamed everything on the guy. That's not how it should be.

  3. hey one thing the guy in the video is in pretty good shape actually i mean just look at him he does not really look bad

  4. What about penis size insecurity, we are all pushed to having a big manly dick, or if not to feel embarrassed and not manly.

  5. The funniest thing is when i see ripped and buffed guys at the gym but then i look at their baby faces that can barely grow any facial hair or they are almost bald and laugh my ass off,i wonder where did all their testosterone went…

  6. it's always good to see a fellow hommie working on himself to anyone who wants to work out and get a better body I support you you can do it!

  7. The reason why I think this video is really important to everyone is because its one out of many representations of how men also struggle with body image, but its way harder for them to admit it because usually no one talks about men issues and how they are thaught to act like they dont care cause thats the "manly" thing to do. you know, feminism and body positivity (I do not mean female sexism nor fat acceptance) are important bcause it is for EVERYONE. They are about the same thing: equality. a thick person, a skinny person, men, women, everyone is insecure and human and deserve respect and love.

  8. More often than not, the most active, gym-obsessed, in shape people are the most insecure about their body image. Every time I try to open up to people about my body issues they always shout me down about how fit I am and whatever bullcrap but that's not what it's about

  9. You obviously realise that what this individual is doing is positive right? Or what? You want him to remain a feminine, overweight wimp his whole life?

    Btw his ED is most definitely porn induced 😉 Thanks high speed internet.

  10. I’ll be honest I never expected buzzfeed to post a male body positive video and not female I’m proud that ka for showing females the struggles men go through

  11. I don't know why but when he answers the phone to talk to Erika I get the feels. There will always be good and bad people you meet in your life, choosing to let people in even after being so hurt by messed up people is a really brave thing and the only way to keep enjoying life after feeling broken.

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